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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan realizes he loves Suman

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shravan recalling Suman’s words and smiling. He hears her talking on the call. He goes out to see her. Suman ends the call. She steps on the nail. She gets hurt. Shravan runs to her. She says I m Captain Suman, its not the first problem, get up and stand, problems will keep coming, I will face it, I will not break down, I will stand up, I will trust myself. She stands up and cries. She says I will not show my weakness to anyone, I m not weak, an army man just does his duty. She makes more calls to arrange money. He says I can’t see you like this in pain. Its morning, Suman does the aid to her wound. She says I just got a bit hurt, I m not scared by the wound, I m also a doctor. Veer says hear my story, your pain will go. She says not now, go and play. Shravan looks on. He goes to Suman. He asks what do you want to hear from me, that I can’t forget you, yes, I can’t forget you.

He does the aid to her wound. He says I always miss you, you don’t miss me, right. She stays lost in his words. He says you never think what would happen if we were together. She holds him in pain. He says someone told me that pain is felt less when attention is divided. She recalls her words. He says I told this false story to distract you, forgive me for this. He goes.

Suman gets surprised to meet Amira. Beena asks them to talk. She goes to make tea. Amira gives her money. Suman says you said you don’t have money. Amira says a payment got cleared so I got the money. Suman says thanks, I will return it soon. Amira says I will be glad to help. They have a talk. Amira goes to Shravan and says why didn’t you tell her and help. He says its a long story, I will tell some day, thank you so much. She goes. Beena says you arranged two lakhs soon. She hugs Suman and blesses. Suman says I will arrange the total amount. Beena says you don’t need to worry about it. Suman says don’t argue with Ramesh for money. Beena says you take his side, like he takes your side. Suman smiles. Shravan looks on.

He says my peace goes when she gets worried. Sophie takes him to show her dress for the wedding. She says I showed it to everyone, tell me, do I look good. He says you can wear anything, you have to attend a friend’s marriage. Avni says she wants to look pretty for your sake, you said you like girls in Indian dresses. Shravan recalls Suman. He says I have always seen my mum in Indian attire. Sophie says that’s so cute. He says fine, you wear this. She says I will get back. She goes.

Shravan also leaves. Avni goes after him. She asks why did you get angry, I was just joking, did you talk to Sakshi, did you meet her. He says why. She asks who is the girl about whom you messaged Sakshi. He asks how do you know, I had messaged her. She says it was my second number, I used it to know your answer. She asks who is that girl. He says Sophie, who else. She says you don’t have time for her, she was irritating you, do you still love Suman, you didn’t forget her, so you are staying in her home, you said you are helpless, you can do anything for her, you can’t deny your love. He says I don’t love her. She asks him to stop lying to himself and meet his own eyes. She goes. He recalls Suman. Ek duje….plays…. He thinks am I refusing to the truth, maybe Avni is right, I still love Suman.

Sophie asks any comments. Shravan sees Suman and says beautiful. Shravan and Suman hold a diya. Sophie says I thought we have a special vibe. Shravan says I realized I can’t love anyone else. She asks the reason. Suman looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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