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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 19

Hai friends I’m back with another episode. Thank you so much for supporting through comments please keep supporting.

The Episode starts and Natasha is sitting in the cafe with wet tears. Neil who comes by that way from Bose house ( after attending Devakshi marriage) stops as he sees Natasha sitting there. He gets inside and goes to her.

Neil: Natasha…is everything fine?

Natasha sees him and wipes her tears in a reflex

Natasha: Neil…tum yahan

Neil: Woh..I came back after attending my boss’s wedding…such a grand event.

Natasha: Acha what are you here now?

Neil: I came here to ask the same…it’s pretty late what are you doing here..I guess you are upset

Natasha: Woh…I actually ..can I share something with you..no one else seems to be that close to me or even bothers to understand me…but you are different and you care for me from our very first meeting.

Neil sits in a chair opposite to her and orders coffees

Neil: I’m all ears to you…tell me whatever you feel like

Natasha: I hope I’m not disturbing you

Neil: Of course not..if sharing something will make you feel light then I will be very happy to hear it

Natasha smiles and tells him everything from loving Dev…to relieving from the deal

Neil: So you are Natasha Gujral…daughter of Gujrals…and was this the reason for crying when I saw you for first time

Natasha nods

Natasha: Dad never bothers about what I feel…when I was trying to overcome the feeling he…

Neil: Can I tell something ?

Natasha: Sure

Neil: Why are you running away from love…it’s a beautiful feel and not business that if one doesn’t love me back I will unlove them and run away…what I feel is the more you try to forget..the more you will remember the past..just consider it as a phase of life and not a failure and move on

Natasha: Neil…thank you so much…sharing all these with you made me light…I didn’t tell anyone except Dev about this..when dad sued Dev I felt very bad..I argues with him but hiding my love was like I was suffocating without oxygen but you came like an angel and saved me

Neil: Natasha you can consider me as a good friend..I’m a decent guy..you know..I don’t bother whether you are Gujral or not…I’ll be there for you at any situation..next time when you are upset don’t sit like this…I guess you noted my number …do call me I’ll be there for you..and now will you please smile..

Natasha doesn’t respond

Neil: Pleaaassseee..please…

Natasha smiles and  Neil smiles broader..the scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Dixit house..it’s next morning…Sona and Dev are in their bed…Dev slowly wakes up and sees Sona sleeping peacefully close to him. Sona is holding his hand in sleep. He slowly takes his hand away from hers and starts to gaze at her face.

Dev in mind: Sonakshi…I’m so lucky to have you in my life…to wake up to you every morning…I’ll give you all the love in this world

Dev gets up and goes to change.

After sometime Sonakshi wakes up and is upset to not find Dev near her

Sona (wiping her eyes): Where is Dev…

Just then the washroom door opens and Dev comes out shirtless with a towel in his hand.

Sona gets shy and shocked so she turns away

Sona: Dev…kya hai ye

Dev: Kya.. I just took a bath…and shirt is in the cupboard so…by the way did you sleep well

Sona: Aapp…aapp..pehle apni shirt pehniye

Dev: Kyu tumhe Sharam Aa rahi hai kya

Sona: Dev..please

Dev goes near her…and turns her towards him…Sonakshi closes her face with her hands

Dev: Arrey…why are you getting shy..
Sona: I…I don’t see men shirtless and drool over them like Elena

Dev: But..mujhe dhek sakthi ho tum..I’m your husband na

Sona pushes Dev and runs inside the washroom. Dev laughs.


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