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Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 4

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Recap: Adithya-swastika marriage, Avantika leaves the kingdom, Ram-Sita exchange letters, Karn mom’s wickedness.

Desire to the Throne – A Saga: Episode 4

Scene 1

The family waits at the shore. Nakshatra is seen crying. Sita and her sisters are seen praying.

Just then a boat comes. The elders are happy to spot Arjun but also gets confused seeing Panchali.

Panchali’s dad feels happy to see his daughter.

Arjun and Panchali comes to the shore. Everyone is confused seeing garlands on them.

Nakshatra goes and cries hugging Arjun.

Bhoomika also hugs him.

Sunaina: Arjun, we were so worried about you. Thank god, you returned safely.

Arjun: If I am alive today, then you have to thank Panchali. She saved me from the cyclone.

Panchali goes to her dad and hugs him.

King Surya: Beta, why are you wearing garland?

Arjun stands speechless. He looks at Panchali.

Nakshatra: Why are you both wearing garlands?

Arjun: Ma, we both got married and started our life.

Hearing this everyone is startled.

King Surya: You cannot do like this. You are our crown prince. How can you marry a low caste girl?

But Nakshatra goes to Panchali and bless her which shocks others.

She blesses both Arjun and Panchali.

Bhoomika also bless them.

Nakshatra: Surya, we have to accept them as it is their life. They are going to live. Forcing marriage decisions will cause a wreck in the kingdom and family. Already because of me, someone was served injustice earlier. I won’t let it happen now.

Bhoomika consoles her.

Sunaina: Jiji, what are you speaking about? For whome, you caused injustice?

King Surya gets worried.

Surya: Sunaina, leave about the old things. I like Arjun more than you people. I won’t be a hinderance in his happiness. I will accept them both as his mamaji but not as the King.

Just then, Adithya and Swastika come there. All see them.

Adithya introduces Swastika to everyone. Everyone gets happy. Panchali and Swastika see each other.

Bhoomika: How did you come here directly?

Adithya: Ma, while coming few soldiers told us the happenings. So, we came here.

Bhoomika: That’s good.

Adithya and Arjun hug each other.

Arjun introduces Panchali to Adithya and Swastika.

Adithya: Greetings Bhabiji.

Panchali nods her head.

Swastika and Panchali hug each other.

King: Ok, now I’m going to make a decision. I accept Arjun and Panchali but I’m removing Arjun from crown prince and giving it to Adithya.

This shocks Arjun and Nakshatra. Bhoomika feels happy. Adithya feels helpless.

Adithya: No maharaj, people love Arjun a lot. This is wrong.

Sunaina: Even people love you Adithya. A low caste girl can never sit on the throne.

Panchali: Sorry for interrupting. I married Arjun only because of love and not wished for any status and richness.

Arjun: Maharaja, you make Adithya the crown prince. I’m happy for my brother.

King: It’s final now. Let’s go to palace. We have two new couples coming to our family. Arrange a grand fest.

He orders his servants to arrange a grand fest and also send a letter to other kingdom regarding war.

The princesses take swastika and Panchali with them. Nakshatra feels bad of the decision but doesn’t show it off.

They reach the kingdom. Sunaina takes arthi to both couples followed by Nakshatra and Bhoomika.

Guruji comes.

Bhoomika: Guruji, please give us good muhurth for all the post wedding rituals.

Guruji looks at Panchali and Swastika.

Guruji: Your both daughters-in-law will bring immense prosperity to the kingdom. Today itself good muhurth only. Let the rituals begin.

After sometime, Panchali and Swastika enter the palace by soaking their feet in Kumkum. They hit the kalash together and lit the lamp. Some yagnas are done.

Arjun and Panchali are happy.

Swastika looks at Adithya but he doesn’t look her and seems to be lost. He was lost in Avantika’s memories. He thinks as if he is doing all these rituals with her.

The time for wedding night is told. Bhoomika is then thinks of pandit’s words about Adithya’s first marriage. She thinks.

Nakshatra goes to Guruji.

Guruji: Do you need something from me?

Nakshtra: Yes guruji. Arjun is the first son. So snatching his crown is wrong according to me.

Guruji: What you sow, you reap now.

Nakshatra gets shocked and thinks of a girl coming to her claiming that she gave birth to the King’s son and Nakshatra scolds her to go away from the kingdom.

She then come to senses.

Nakshatra: I made a mistake on that night. I’m repenting for it now. Is there any remedy for making Arjun as a prince again?

Guruji: Yes. If Arjun marries a princess and he has to give that first wife and high priority status to her. Then, he can become a prince.

Nakshatra is taken aback hearing this. She then thinks of Subhadra.

Subhadra is seen running behind a deer. She then catches it and talks to it.

Subhadra: Keerthi (Deer’s name), you know what… Every day I dream of arjun. Nakshatra mami has promised me during my childhood that she will make me as her daughter-in-law. I love Arjun a lot. But now, no one has come to see me yet.

Keerthi nods its head as it does not understand anything. She then goes with Keerthi deer to the palace.

Scene 2

Avantika goes to Ayodhya.

Lakshman sees her.

Lakshman: Avantika, you here?

Shatrugnan: That too in this attire?

Ram: Avantika, what happened?

Avantika: Ram bhai, Lakshman bhai, Shatrugnan bhai and bharat bhai, greetings.

Bharat: Avantika, why are you like this? Does swastika’s wedding over?

Avantika: I will tell you everything. Please take me to some place without knowing to Sumithra badimaa.

They bring her to a cave.

Ram: Tell us, what happened?

Avantika breaks down and tells them everything starting from her first meet with Adithya till the last night.

Lakshman: How can this happen?

Ram: But Avantika, your parents will look for you. They will be scared. This is not good. Please return to the kingdom.

Avantika: No bhai, if I return then my sister’s life will be spoiled. So please let me stay in your kingdom.

(Sumithra and Avantika’s mom are sisters)

Bharat: Bhai, let her stay in our guest palace. Our moms will not go there. So no one will see her.

Ram: Ok fine. Then leave her there.

Other brothers take her from there. Ram sits thinking!!!

Scene 3

Panchali and Swastika are sent to their respective husband’s rooms.

Both brides go in with shy.

Panchali goes to Arjun.

Arjun: Will you look at me atleast for once or will you stare the ground?

Panchali lifts her head and looks at him.

Arjun: I didn’t see this shyness at the boat and our first hut but here you are looking different with shyness.

Panchali: I told them that I won’t wear these clothes but Sita and others insisted to wear these.

Arjun: You are beautiful in these clothes. You are mine and I’m yours. No one can separate me from you.

Panchali hugs him. They consummate!!!

Swastika goes to Adithya’s room with full of dreams but is taken aback seeing him drinking.

Adithya looks at her.

Adithya: Why did you come here? Only because of you, I lost my love. She went away for you. I won’t become yours. I will remain only hers.

Swastika is shocked to hear this.

She cries and goes to Bhoomika. She tells everything. Bhoomika is taken aback.

Bhoomika:  Swastika, listen to me. Whatever may happen, but this wedding night should happen correctly. Please come along with me.

She forces her to come with her. She then sends her inside Adithya’s room again.

Now Adithya is drunken to the core and see Swastika. But for him, she appears as Avantika.

Adithya: You came now, Come near me. I was waiting for you.

Swastika is surprised.

Adithya drags her towards him. He then lifts her and put her on bed. He removes her jewellery and kisses her. Then he kisses her back and neck. She too kisses him and they have a passionate consummation.

Meanwhile, Avantika sees the rain and thinks that this night would be Swastika’s wedding night with Adithya and cries.

Scene 4

Servants bring Arjun’s portrait to Subhadra’s room. She looks at it lovingly.

Subhadra: My prince, when will you come and take me from here?

She dreams of Arjun and her in romantic poses.

She feels shy.

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: Karn-Urvi wedding presided by Surya and Sunaina. Adithya slaps Avantika. Nakshatra tells Panchali about Subhadra which shocks her. Wedding proposals for sita from Ayodhya.









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