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Choti Sardarni 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Robbie shakes hand with Pathak

Choti Sardarni 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kulwant says I will tell the entire Atari what did I gift my DILs. Kulwant says Ginni come here. She gives her a gold necklace. She gives the bucket to Jeeto. Jeeto says who gives the bucket? Kulwant says people who give pans. Bitu says to Amrita bhabhi your turn. Kulwant says I will give to you later. Video memory is full. Amrita says I know you very well. You didn’t give me a gift because no one sent you anything from my house.

Meher hugs Karan and cries. Meher says I won’t let my Karan go anywhere. Sarab comes and sits with her. Meher says when I look at Aditi I feel so guilty. Meher says how long can we hide such a big truth from Aditi? My past is creating problems in her life. Sarab says don’t say that. It’s neither your, nor Vikram’s fault. We three have to handle this situation maturely. It was fate. Meher says but you saw how he reacted today? How will we make him understand? You handled it today. Sarab says we have to handle it maturely. Our actions affect Aditi adn Karan’s life. We can’t make a mistake. Relax.

Kulwant says to Amrita you look weak. Did you lose weight? 5KG? Which reminds me where is your chain? Why did you wear it? Amrita says my chain.. When I went to market someone snatched it. Kulwant shouts how dare someone snatch my DIL’s chain? When did this happen? Meher says last Friday. Kulwant says why didn’t you tell me? She says I forgot. Kulwant says why didn’t you wear the other one? Why are you wearing artificial? Amrita says let me check gas. Kulwant says Jeeto will check. Where is your other chain? Amrita says that also got snatched. Kulwant says so twice your chain got snatched and you didn’t tell anyone? Amrita leaves. Kulwant says you can’t fool me.

Scene 2
Aditi takes Seema to the kitchen. Manav is cooking for her. Seema says when did you learn to cook? He says 15 years at dhaba. Seema is shocked. Manav says joking. Learned from Youtube. I am cooking for you. I hurt you a lot. You had tears in your eyes. Sorry, mom. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Seema says I slapped you for the first time. But all Indian moms want to slap their sons. He says it was full of love. You can slap me twice after every meal. Manav hugs her. He says I am sorry mom. Seema says never say what you said again. Always respect Aditi. She’s our Laxmi. Harleen and Sarab come. Harleen says where is Robbie jeju?

Robbie is playing cards and drinking with his friends. Pathak comes. Robbie says happy Diwali, come sit. Pathak says I heard there was an attack at Gill mansion. Robbie says no one was seriously injured. Robbie says come play with us. They drink and play. Pathak’s man is sitting behind them. Robbie keeps drinking.

Scene 3
Harleen coughs. Sarab gives her water. He says Harleen doesn’t eat spicy. Sarab says it’s very tasty. Manav says have to cook for the family now. I will make milk for Karan as well. Lukewarm and will check as well. Meher says he already had milk and slept. Manav says he was sleeping in the evening as well. Don’t you have a schedule for him? Sarab says all kids have schedules. Parents observe their habits and set it. Meher and I have set timetables for Karan and Param. Param listens to Meher’s lullaby and Karan to mine. Manav says I also love kids. Harleen says Guddi? Girl or guy? Seema says just a healthy baby. I hope I will become dadi soon. Manav says keep praying. Mata Rani will listen to you and your grandchild will be in your lap soon.

Robbie drinks more. He says had to celebrate Diwali. I lost 50 lacs. Now I don’t have money. Pathak says the owner of this place is very dangerous. If he finds out you’re not gonna give 50 lacs, he will break your bones. Robbie says I don’t have money please save me. Pathak says I am a politician. I don’t move a finger without benefit. Robbie says I will do what you ask. Please save me.

Sarab says to Manav.. Listen. Manav says just because of my mom’s slap don’t think it’s over. I will talk to my mom and convince her one day. I begged you, people, for my child and I didn’t. I will fight for my right now. I will go to the court and ask for Karan’s custody. Sarab says what if you don’t get the custody? Manav says I will get the DNA test done. That way the truth you have been hiding will come in frnot of everyone. Everyone will know your wife had a boyfriend before marriage and it was me. Your political career would be ruined and she will be defamed everywhere.

Sarab says you’re talking about defaming the person you gave your life for? Is this your anger or is your mind so disgusting? I wanted to resolve this matter maturely but you have crossed all the limits. What do you think? You can blackmail us and take Karan from us? There are many lives tied to you and me. We have many responsibilties. They are done maturely. Manav says if you think my right is my anger, I will take it. I will take my Karan. Sarab says I know your pain but the way you have behaved it doesn’t suit you. Manav says what suits you? Taking someone’s child. Sarab says this is no one’s mistake. Neither yours, nor Meher’s, nor yours. These are circumstances and fate. Manav says you always talk about fate. I don’t care about whose mistake is it. I only want my child Karan. I will create such a big drama. Sarab says you can do whatever you want. But I don’t care. My Meher and my kids are my life. I will stand with them in any trouble. Do whatever you want.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher says what was Vikram doing?? Did he threaten agin? sarab says take this tension off your head. Seema asks Manav why do you want to leave Adiit? Because of whom? Why did you say in front of Sarab that you want to divorce Aditi? Aditi hears it. SHe’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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