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Bigg Boss 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita gets physically violent with Eijaz

Bigg Boss 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Captaincy Day
Day 46
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dil toh pagal hai. Rubina kisses Abhi’s cheek. They all dance.

8:30 AM
Jasmin tells Abhi that Kavita is not a bad person, she is very sweet but her anger is her issue. She has mental instability.
Kavita tells Nikki that they don’t play the game like a game. Nikki says they go ahead too much in playing the game.
Pavitra tells Jaan that they both are supporting each other as they don’t have anyone.
Kavita tells Nikki that Pavitra is making her equation with everyone as she is smart.
Jasmin tells Abhi that Kavita doesn’t like everyone praising Eijaz and people hating her. She needs to get over it. Abhi says she is good for the show. We are all predictable but she is not.

11 AM
The inmates see garden curtain raising and see two stages set up. Jasmin says there will be a good or bad side. Nikki says these kinds of tasks happened in earlier seasons only.

12:30 PM
Kavita says the person who made breakfast didn’t clean this slab. She asks Jasmin to give her some space to make food. Jasmin says I have been making food for 8 weeks and only you have a problem. You have to have coordination with me. I am cooking too. Kavita says I am just asking for some space. Jasmin says don’t be so negative. Kavita says you are being negative, till yesterday you were playing with dolls but you have changed. Jasmin says I came to you when you were sad. Kavita says you want to look good for the camera. Give me some space. Jasmin says I am not moving. Kavita says you are very ill-mannered. Aly says this is Kavita. Kavita says to Jasmin that you brought this goon here, you were playing with dolls and now you are the villain. Aly says who are you? Kavita says you used to praise my career. Who are you? You are a coward. Aly says you are so cheap, I haven’t seen such a cheap woman. You act like a goon. Kavita says I don’t talk to goons like you, I keep goons to keep myself away from crocodiles like you. I make food for you all and you do all this.
Pavitra tells Rubina that only Kavita is shouting. She doesn’t have any standard against me.
Aly says Kavita is a fraud. Kavita says I came here otherwise I don’t even look at guys like you. You are running behind me all the time. Aly says wow such a big personality is here. Kavita says then throw me out. Jasmin says I respected you Kavita. Kavita says go and handle your lion. Jasmin says don’t disrespect me. Kavita says go and sit on your lion’s shoulders. Jasmin says I can sit anywhere I want. Kavita says sit on the stove. Jasmin says don’t fight with me for no reason. Aly says who are you Kavita? Kavita says Jasmin is just a cry baby. Aly says Eijaz is not giving her attention so she is trying to fight with anyone she wants to. She targeted Jasmin as she couldn’t find anyone else. Kavita says I don’t like to see your faces. I don’t talk to anyone here, I just talk to Nikki. Jasmin says for the last 2-3 days. Aly says I respected you so much. I liked her but she is a fox. Jasmin says I always respected you. Kavita says you didn’t bring me here. Please go to your lion Mona, don’t try to mess with me, you are a liar. Jasmin says I am not a liar. Rahul asks Kavita to calm down, leave it. Kavita says I don’t talk to them, they curse me too much. Rahul says they will jump on me. Jaan says she was calling this a hell-house. Kavita says I ran my show for 9 years, I don’t cry on reality shows to get work. You people have made this a mad-house. Aly says we respected you when you were running your show. Kavita says get lost cheapster. Aly says I can easily curse you more. Kavita says this is you Aly, I did a mistake to not recognize you. What I didn’t learn in the industry in 20 years, I learned here in some days. Aly says keep talking. Kavita says why you are scared? Aly says I am not scared of anyone’s father. Aly says you talk about giving food to someone on the camera? Kavita says keep talking about Eijaz. Aly says you are a *******, I don’t want you to make food for us. Kavita says you came here to rescue Mona (Jasmin). Aly says you could have brought someone too. Kavita says I don’t need anyone, I don’t need goons with me. Aly says she is so cheap. Rahul asks Aly to calm down. Aly says she is very cheap. Jasmin asks Aly to calm down. Kavita leaves.

Kavita comes to the washroom and says this is not my competition. These goons are not my competition. She tells Abhi that I just asked Jasmin to give me some space in the kitchen to make food for people like these. I will not offer a helping hand to anyone now.
Aly says to Eijaz that I respected her so much. Eijaz says I feel pity for her.

1:45 PM
Eijaz comes in the kitchen to make eggs but Kavita is cleaning the slab. He asks if she is done? I am hungry. Kavita says this is my duty, I have made food so you can eat that. Eijaz says I want to make eggs. Jasmin tells Kavita that she can clean the counter when everyone is done eating. Kavita says this is not your house, I will not follow you. It’s my duty to clean the slab. Eijaz says we are setting rules here as we are eating food here, you can stop now. Kavita says my duty is done so make eggs. Eijaz says keep some respect at least, you have lost it once. Kavita says read between lines. She leaves. Jasmin says she doesn’t follow the procedures. Nikki says you know she won’t listen so leave it. Eijaz says who is she? She has to follow the discipline. Nikki says I am not talking to you. Kavita says they don’t clean the counter as they keep making eggs. Eijaz says we will make eggs as much as we want. He asks her to go and cry. Kavita says you are a crocodile, eat eggs and become an egg. Eijaz says we don’t taunt others over food. He comes near her so Kavita says don’t come near me. She pushes him back. Eijaz shouts at her to not touch him. Nikki pulls Kavita back and asks her to calm down. Kavita says he is spitting on my face. I will push him away. Aly tells Kavita to not push him. Eijaz shouts at her to cry in the washroom. Kavita says I will push you if you come near me. Eijaz says I am trying to respect you. Kavita says you look like a desperate person and you will respect me? Eijaz says you look like a madwoman, you will leave soon. Kavita says I have come to show your real. Eijaz says try to touch me. He comes near her so she pushes him away. Nikki asks Kavita to not touch him. Eijaz asks Kavita to stay within her limits. Kavita says you are still alone because you are fake, I pray that you get the trophy otherwise you will go crazy. You are already half-mad. I won’t get peace if I get this trophy as you will go crazy. Eijaz says never touch me. Aly tells Kavita to not touch him, say as much as you want. Abhi asks Kavita to not raise her hand.

2 PM
Jasmin asks Eijaz to not bring fights in the kitchen. Eijaz says I didn’t bring any fight here, Jasmin says I was telling her to follow the procedure. Eijaz says make her learn that. Jasmin says all should speak up that we have a discipline here. Eijaz tells Aly that she can’t touch me again. She has pushed me 4 times. Aly says I stopped her, you can go and talk in the confession room. Jasmin says Eijaz going near her face too. Aly says Jasmin don’t be rubbish, she was charging at him too. Jasmin says she can say that Eijaz was provoking her. Eijaz says nobody can raise a hand on me. He tells the camera that she can’t push me.

Kavita tells Nikki that he did the same with Jasmin. If he coming near you then move away, I don’t want you to leave the house. They will throw you out of the house. Abhi tells Kavita that you are breaking the rules, don’t let him provoke you. Don’t touch him, keep fighting with words.

Eijaz says I will not let her breathe now.

Kavita tells Nikki that they are making me look bad. I don’t want to stay here. They won’t show how they are torturing me. When I talk to Salman, he doesn’t seem interested. Salman always say that Eijaz is right then where will I put my point? I am staying here with people who I won’t even look at in the real world. Eijaz comes there. Kavita says I can’t do more than anything. Eijaz says look at your face in the mirror. Kavita dances in front of him and says he wants more footage. Eijaz says yes you are raising me, you are giving me food, giving me money. Kavita says I wish that you win the trophy. Abhi says get angry on each other, talk to each other but don’t get violent. Eijaz says she pushed me earlier also. Kavita says I wanted to punch you.

2:15 PM
Nikki tells Eijaz to not touch her. I have talked to her also. Eijaz says I will go out of the house with her. I will not spare her. She is very wrong. She called me a snake. She keeps saying that she is giving us food. I was trying to respect her but she kept taunting about food.

Kavita tells Rubina that I am working in the kitchen and they are shouting at me for that? I don’t want to look negative. I will leave the house. I don’t want to be here. Salman doesn’t watch the full day, he sees the snippets. What he says shows what they are showing outside. When I try to defend myself, Salman doesn’t seem interested.

Pavitra tells everyone that we should ask Bigg Boss to throw her out, she doesn’t need a trophy. She was wrong to push Eijaz. Jasmin says we have asked Eijaz to talk to Bigg Boss, it’s not allowed. Eijaz throws away his mic.

2:45 PM
Pavitra tells Kavita that if you don’t need a trophy and this is a hell-house then why are you here? Kavita leaves from there. Pavitra says I owe answers from Bigg Boss. She doesn’t respect this house so how can Bigg Boss hear that?
Kavita tells Rubina that they provoke me like this, now Pavitra wants her footage from me.

3:30 PM
Jasmin tells Rubina and Abhi that I felt bad when Kavita said all that to me. I didn’t cry because Aly would go crazy. I can’t take a risk. Kavita’s lines broke my heart because I genuinely cared for her. Rubina says it’s okay. Abhi says she is angry and she thinks everyone is against her. She will calm down on some days. Jasmin says I will not talk to her again. She can fight with me but she was doubting my intentions.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you all know everyone has freedom of speech in this house and people provoke with words here. But you have to control yourself and don’t get physically violent with them. If it’s a case like that then we have to investigate that case. If an inmate has pushed another inmate then we have to find out if the intention was to push the person away from them or to hurt them. After watching the footage, it doesn’t look like Kavita wanted to hurt Eijaz. It was just a reaction because of Eijaz’s actions. She just wanted him to be away from her. He says you all were passing some comments on that. You all have seen that scene so as a captain Aly can decide that if he thinks someone is responsible for that situation, he can punish them. You can punish them by not allowing them to be a part of the captaincy task or you can just warn them to not do it again. Aly can talk to Eijaz and Kavita to take a decision. Eijaz says no one will touch me. Kavita tells Aly that you have seen everything, whatever is your decision will be accepted by me as you are a captain. You can tell me. Aly says whatever I saw is irrelevant. Bigg Boss has seen the footage and has cleared your name. I just want to warn you that if he coming close to you then don’t push him. Just move back. He has shoulder pain too. Kavita says I understand. Eijaz says don’t be sarcastic. Kavita says I can’t take out my attitude. Eijaz says stop with your dialogues. Kavita says they are famous as your crocodile tears. Eijaz says enough. Kavita says you were spitting on my face. Eijaz says you could have moved away. Kavita says don’t come close to me.

4:15 PM
Eijaz says I want her to show more reality. Kavita says just protect your shoulder. You are a victim, I just touched you and you started crying like an injured man. I was just doing my duty unlike you. Eijaz says wow. Kavita says I am a wow person. Eijaz says what kind of person is she? Kavita says live with it, I am not scared of your shallow threats. Eijaz says shut up, you will go out easily. Kavita says you tried to take me out today so what happened? Eijaz says you will cry to leave from here. Kavita says you tried to play a victim again, be a man sometimes. Eijaz says what are you? Kavita says I am playing alone against this crowd. Eijaz says you cry to people at the night. Kavita says I don’t go to anyone, you go to people and ask them to fight on your behalf. You need people, I don’t. I am not a victim like you. Eijaz says the world is seeing everything you are doing. Kavita says to call the world to save you. Eijaz says what kind of character is this? Kavita says I am self-made, I don’t need followers behind me. I don’t cry to people. I am not a brat like you. Eijaz says get lost. Kavita says you are not my competition, I am still praying that you win. Eijaz says you are losing every day because of yourself only. Kavita says look at your face, you looked like a hero before but see what you are in reality. Eijaz says I pity you, what are you saying? Kavita says you can’t hear the truth. Eijaz dances and says what are you doing? What kind of character is this? Kavita says what a performance, be careful about your shoulder. Eijaz asks Nikki to give her tea. Nikki says don’t bring me in this. Kavita says he just needs support every time. Rahul mimics Nikki and all laugh. Eijaz says she is a poor actress.

4:45 PM
Rubina starts reading the captaincy task. Pavitra says I am not coming, I will not do the task as they don’t respect the show. Rubina comes to her and says listen to it, you can decide if you don’t want to do it. Pavitra says I am not coming out of the bedroom. Bigg Boss says it’s our order for everyone to sit in the living area and hear the task. Pavitra says I am going. They all sit in the living area.
Rubina reads that it’s time for the captaincy task. The house has been changed to a castle. The queen of red hearts will be Rubina and the king of black hearts will be Rahul. The king wants to see black hearts but the queen wants to be surrounded by red hearts. Rahul and Rubina will be against each other. All others will be workers, these workers will work for the reign which gives them more money. There are white hearts present in the garden. Rahul and Rubina will convince them to turn them into black or red hearts. They will give salaries to workers. Rahul and Rubina will get 1 lac BB currency each to give it to the workers. On the buzzer, they will get the ink and pens to make hearts. After all the rounds, whoever has more hearts will win the task between Rahul and Rubina and become a contender. The worker who has most of the BB currency will become the contender for the captaincy.

5 PM
Aly tells Rahul that make a team and ask them to make hearts for you. You give me the currency. I will protect your hearts He leaves. Eijaz tells Rahul that I can snatch and tear their hearts. We will not do it in the first round.
Aly tells Jaan that make a deal with Rahul, you make hearts for him and I will guard his hearts. Jaan says I will also make hearts for Rubina but I will be slow so that Rahul wins.

Rahul asks Nikki to support him and make him the captain.
Aly and Eijaz hide something in the washroom.
Jaan tells Nikki if she is talking to Rubina? She says yes. Rahul says you have to support me as a friend. Nikki says will you make me the captain in this task? Will you give me currency. Rahul says I don’t know about that. I have 1 lac but I think I want to be the captain. Nikki says you are thinking about yourself so let me think about myself.

Pavitra tells Rubina that I am ready to support you. Rubina says why not Rahul? Pavitra says I have supported him a lot so why not you? He has a lot of support already. Rubina says you will support me against Rahul? She says yes. Rubina says I want that.

Jaan tells Nikki that you have to stop Rubina’s work. Rahul says you can also get money from Rubina. You take more money from her and make fewer hearts.

Jaan tells Eijaz that I am playing for Rahul. Eijaz says I can’t support Rubina too. Pavitra is not even talking to me.

Abhi tells Pavitra that I want you or Rubina to be the captain. I will give you my money to support you. Pavitra says done.

Nikki tells Rahul that you have to support me, don’t hurt my heart. I will support you. Rahul says okay.

Rubina tells Jaan that if you support me then I will give you the currency. Jaan says I can purposely sabotage Rahul’s hearts for you.

The buzzer plays for discussions, Rahul and Rubina sit on their thrones. Rahul asks Jaan to go into the storeroom. Jaan says I will not go with Kavita.
Rubina tells Jasmin that you make hearts for Rahul but make them defective. I will give you money if you make defective hearts for him. Rubina calls Nikki and says you just make defective hearts for Rahul and I will give you money.
Abhi tells Pavitra that Jaan is playing from both sides, I will give you all the money.
Eijaz tells Rubina that if you say that you will save me from the nominations then I will play for you. If you say that you will not put Jasmin on priority in your captaincy and save me from the nominations then I am with you. Rubina says okay.

Nikki asks Rahul to give her 2K for 10 hearts. She leaves. She says but I want money before. Rahul says I will give you a promise.

Eijaz tells Abhi that I just want to be saved from the nominations. I don’t care about the captaincy. I will give my money to you. Abhi says deal.

6:30 PM
The buzzer plays, Rubina Pavitra and I are going to get the things first. Rahul says Jaan and Nikki are going from my side. They all go to collect the items. Pavitra and Rubina put their items on their table. Jaan and Nikki give the items to Rahul’s team. Rahul asks Jasmin to go and take hearts from them. Jasmin takes the heart and runs to Rahul’s team. Aly is helping Rahul too. Jasmin says I am a thief today. Rubina says this task is about not robbery. Kavita makes hearts for Rahul and asks for money. He gives her money. Jasmin tries to help Kavita but she doesn’t let her help. Kavita says I don’t have glue to give it to her. Jasmin says to hell with it.
Kavita comes to Abhi and tries to get some items from him. She takes the black sheets from him.
Rahul asks Jasmin if she can tear their hearts? Jasmin says that is difficult.
Jasmin runs to Rubina’s side and tries to snatch the hearts. Rubina stops her and says I can punish you for robbing. You don’t have to rob. Pavitra goes and tears Rahul’s sheets. Rahul says Pavitra is wrong. Abhi tries to snatch from Nikki;. Nikki throws Rubina’s heart in the pool. Aly comes to Rubina’s side but Abhi protects the box which has heart hearts. Pavitra is sitting inside the box protecting Rubina’s hearts. Aly hides the blank stencils. Rubina gives currency to Eijaz and Pavitra.
Rahul tells Nikki that I want to tear their hearts in the next round. The buzzer plays and the round ends.

7 PM
Rubina checks Rahul’s hearts and rejects his hearts because of defects. She rejects 4 hearts. Abhi says his direction of hearts is wrong. Rahul says you don’t have to talk Abhi. Abhi says why not? I can talk anytime I want. Rahul says you don’t have to bark at me. Abhi says have some respect. Eijaz tells Rubina to not reject. Rubina says I reject 7 hearts so you have a total of 13 hearts. Rahul rejects the 16 hearts of Rubina.

Kavita says to the camera that I have given my currency to Nikki because I want her to be the captain.

Rahul counts Rubina’s hearts and says all your hearts are in bad shape. I will accept one heart of yours. Rubina claps and says we will have to look at your hearts again. Abhi says look at Rahul’s perfect hearts. Rahul asks Rubina to tell her follower to not bark. Abhi comes near him and says you bark. Pavitra says we are not followers, we are workers. Rahul says Abhi is a useless (nalla) man. Abhi says he has a black heart. People will laugh at you. Eijaz says this is how Rahul will win. Abhi says he is asking me to bark and calling me nalla. Rahul says I brought these words for you. Abhi says you are a pappu. Rubina asks Rahul to stay away from her throne. Rahul lies on her throne and I will sit here. He says so you are no queen for me. Rubina says you are sitting in my feet right now. Rahul says unfortunately you think highly of yourself. Abhi says he doesn’t have anything to say. Eijaz says queen is winning. Rubina says Rahul has rejected my hearts so I will re-assess his hearts on the same points.
Aly tells Eijaz that I will give my money to Jaan. Eijaz laughs and says don’t do it. Aly says he really wants to. Eijaz laughs and says I want to see him as a captain.
Rubina tells Rahul that I reject all your hearts. You accepted one of my heart so I won. Rahul says I rejected that as well.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss Rahul and Rubina who won this round? Rahul says I have a big heart but her hearts were worst. Rubina says we have to mutually decide. Rahul says let me talk first. Abhi says he is just nalla. Rahul says her lawyer is talking again. Rahul says I accept zero of hearts. Rubina says Rahul accepted one of my hearts and I rejected all of his Hearts. Rahul says then I rejected it. Bigg Boss says tell us the final decision mutually. Rahul says I don’t accept any of her hearts. Bigg Boss says so this round was a draw. Put all the items in the godown. Abhi says Rahul is just nalla and pappu. Rahul says you need words from me to insult me? Abhi says you just a gutter, I am waiting for you to spit more bad words. Rahul says you are trash. Abhi says your mouth is trash. Rahul tells Aly that we have to break the hearts.

Eijaz tells Rubina that we have to break the hearts. If Aly starts smashing then we have to do it too.
Aly tells Jaan to come with him, we will break all the items. He tells Jaan that if Rahul wins then I will make you win, if Rahul loses then you give me all the money. Jaan says to take money from others too. Aly says yes.

7:45 PM
Rahul asks Nikki what she will take to break all the items? She says 20K. Rahul says that’s a lot. You will lose a friend. Nikki says I am telling you my amount. I am an expensive worker. Rahul says done, I am giving you money as a friend. Nikki says play as a competitor, I am already nominated. Rahul says I always think of you as a friend. Nikki says so you will give me the trophy? Tell me if you will give me money? He says no, I won’t. Rahul says she is asking for more money than the worker of Taj Mahal.

8:15 PM
The buzzer for second round plays. Rubina says Abhi is going from my side. Rahul says Aly and Jaan are going from my side. They enter the den and take the items. Abhi snatches the items from Jaan. Aly takes all the red sheets from Abhi. He tries to get it from Kavita.
Jasmin tries to tear Rubina’s heart. Pavitra tries to stop her. Jaan and Nikki tears all of Rubina’s hearts. Abhi, Eijaz and Pavitra stop Jaan and Nikki.

Jasmin says I am loyal to no one. Aly tears Rubina’s red hearts. Rubina tells Abhi to use force if they are using force.
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