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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update : Teeka Tilu Malkha humiliate Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Angoori tells Amaji she did what was asked too, Amaji says i had a bet with Pandit Rampal, he said you won’t do, I said she is mine a loiness daughter, and i am so proud of you, and soon i will sew grandchild, Angoori sees Vobhu in balcony and apologize to him, Vibhu says i am an unemployed characterless man, who came to you for help, Angoori says i am already embarrassed and do a thing get your boss tomorrow i will praise you a lot, Vibhu says thank you so much.

Tiwari on call with supplier. Angoori walks to him, Tiwari says not to disturb him during calls, Angoori tells him that last time because of her Vibhus job was at risk and so she has called his boss again and will praise him, Vibhu and Charitravan walks on, Tiwari walks out and calls Angoori and talks as if it is Amaji and says i am litttle unwell anyways you have to insult people today as well, Angoori says okay.

Vibhu asks Angoori to speak, Angoori insults Vibhu again, Tiwari at door listening starts laughing, Angoori insults and leaves, Charitravan says do you have anyone else, Vibhu says 3 people. Saxena telling Masters horoscope, Saxena says a coconut will fall over you, Master starts laughing says nonsense, Boys walk to them, Master laughing tells him Saxena says a coconut will fall over me, Teeka says how is it possible, we dont have coconut tree anywhere nearby, A coconut falls over master and he faints.

Boys worship Saxena, Saxena asks Parrot what is boys future, Saxena picks card and says today you will have 2000 profit each, Tiwari walks to them abd hands 2000 each and ask them to insult Vibhu a lot, and leaves. Vibhu introduce boss to boys, Boys start insulting Vibhu and say he paid them to talk good, Charitravan leaves.

Vibhu with Helan and David, and asks Helan is he really her son, why did she insult and made him lose job, Helan says you thief why should i support you, Vibhu says i helped you realise how fraud he is and if i got that job i would buy many sich jhumkas for you, Helan says you are right, Helan saye do a thing call your boss and i will praise you a lot.

Angoori calls Amaji and asks her how is her health, Amaji says very fine, Angoori says you called in afternoon that you were unwell, Amaji says you have mistaken, Angoori says meaning you didn’t ask me to continue insulting, Amaji says no i didnt, Angoori says then its definitely Tiwari.

Angoori asks Tiwari to swear on her and tell her that it was him, Tiwari agrees, Angoori says why didn’t you think about Anu, poor lady keeps working hard, Tiwari says tells Vibhu to call his boss and i will praise him.

Charitravan walks in Mishra house, David and Helan praise him, David says he is so good that he didn’t touch his wife for a ear, Vibhu says okay, how about you ask my neighbour, and leave. Helan says this time its all good,

Charitravan and Vibhu walk in Tiwari house, Tiwari and Angoori praise Vibhu, Charitravan says you are so great, but i reject you, Vibhu asks why, boss says i am Charitravans twin brother charitrahin, he lost the case and i took over the company, and i want people like me l, he winks at Angoori and leaves.

Pre cap: Vibhu eve tease Angoori and says I was misbehaving how could you not undertake.Angoori gets very angry

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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