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Barister Babu 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita meets Gandhi ji

Barister Babu 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Batuk getting Bondita to the principal. He says I got someone from my family. Bondita bends down to get the almonds fallen on the ground. Principal says I m waiting to meet your family member, where is he. Batuk says she is here. Bondita says I m here….. Batuk asks her to get up. He asks who are you, young lady. She says I m Bondita, Batuk’s baudi, I had picked some almonds. He says I told Batuk to get an elder family member. Bondita tries to look tall. She says I m short in height, but I m elder in relation, I manage the entire haveli, I cook the food in kitchen. Batuk asks who eats the rasgullas. She says I do. He laughs.

She says I can say entire Varnmala, you can hear it. Principal says stop, I understood, I got fed up hearing you, be quiet for some time. She says I don’t talk much. He says I know you are elder in relation, but I want to meet his dad or elder brother, some man of the house, please go. Batuk asks her to come. She asks why can’t you meet a woman, Vidya’s Devi is Saraswati Mata, a woman, who makes food in the house, who manages your house. Principal says my wife. She says yes, a woman can manage a house, why can’t she come here. He says man takes the decisions of the house. She pulls Batuk’s ear and says I can also punish Batuk, he listens to me. She asks him to do sit ups. Principal asks Batuk to stop the drama. He says I will beat you. She asks will he get educated after a beating, its wrong, I will explain him, forgive him, Anirudh can come to explain you. He says enough, understood, I have forgiven him, if he does anything next time, I will come to your house, you don’t come here. She says yes, I will make something for you. He asks Batuk to go to his class. He asks her to go home, he has work, there is a function in the school. She goes. Anirudh recalls Bondita’s words. He tries and sings like she taught. He sells the clothes. He says Bondita taught me to sell clothes. Bondita sees the school.

She sees some people and says which language is that, I never heard it. She goes to them. Saurab says everyone is liking the clothes a lot. Anirudh says yes, where are the women who made these clothes. Saurabh says they have come. Anirudh says good work always get praised, the clothes are getting sold. A man says the clothes you bought is made by hira mandi girls. The man says its sin to touch these clothes. He returns the clothes. The ladies ask for money back. They also return the clothes. Anirudh worries. Bondita stops the boy and asks what language are you talking. The boy says Tamil. She says who taught this to you. He says I have come from Madras, my language is Tamil, you are from Bengal and speak in Bengali. She says yes, my husband also talks in Bengali, which place is Madras. He shows Madras on the map. He says Madras is far from Bengal. She asks for more places. He tells her. She says it means we have many languages in our country. He says yes, our country is very big. He goes for the class. She says now I know its India’s map, I will tell Anirudh about it.

The girl scolds the man for returning clothes. Anirudh stops her. The men throw stones at the girls. Anirudh shouts who threw the stone. The man asks can you stop us. The people get angry and call the girls sinners. Anirudh also gets hurt. He asks them to listen. He says they want to live with respect, so they are working hard, did we ask him about your old profession, why can’t we forget their past, its decided, the shop will stay here. The man says we will move this shop. Bondita sees the classroom. She recalls Anirudh’s words. She writes A on the board. She recalls Anirudh teaching her to write A right. She claps. She plays there and laughs. She hears the school bell. She goes out and sees the boys going. She follows them. She sees the principal announcing the elocution competition. He explains the rules.

He says we welcome Gandhi ji here, Mohandas karamchand Gandhi. Everyone sings Raghupati raghav…. Bondita recalls Gandhi ji’s fav song and sings. Principal says now we will welcome the great man who had shown the world the path of peace and non violence. She gets shocked seeing Gandhi ji.

Gandhi ji gives a subject to Bondita. He asks her to tell about women. Bondita says I feel scared. He says I find you brave, else how would you come here in between the boys. Bondita says Gandhi ji is great, he explained big things, I have a right on the school. Anirudh smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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