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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani meets the accident victim

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Rani says everyone’s hearts will melt when they see the gifts. Pinku says where did you get the money from? She says I had savings. I will earn it back. Rani sees the phone in trash. She picks it and cleans in. Rani is shocked. Veer says what the hell? Rani says someone by mistake threw th phone in trash. Veer says delibrately. Why don’t you understand what is a mistake and what is real? Rani says I brought with all my heart. They could return. Dadi had been using three years old phone. I could give it to her. I got it for 2.5k and it was trashed in 2 minutes. Veer says please control. I know it hurts when you do something with heart but it doesn’t get to their heart. Doesn’t mean that person is bad. Didn’t you bring anything for me? Rani says I did but you will also trash it. Veer says I promise I won’t. Rani takes out his gift. It’s a cheap perfume. Rani says I broke your perfume. So here it is. Not that expensive. Rani says you can also trash it if you don’t like it. Veer says I like it. Rani says it’s rose. She sprays it on herself.

Veer gets a call from Kabir. He tells Veer the accident victim is conscious now. He says inform Vijay. Rani overhears. Rani says his statement can prove babu ji’s innocece. He must have seen who was driving.

Scene 2
Rani comes to the hospital. Ward boy stops her. She says it’s my uncle. Rani goes to his room. Rani sees a woman. SHe asks do you know the person who met an accident at Johri market? She says he’s my husband. Rani says is he better now? My dad is accused of that accident. The woman shoves her and says get out of here. Your dad ruined our lives. He is a sinner. rani says I understand your anger. Let me just speak to him once. She’s about to slap Rani. Ver holds her hand. Veer says control yourself. This is a hospital, not your house. He says to Rani what are you doing here? The guy says first her babu ji hit my brother and now she’s here. Veer says he’s accused. Did any of you see him driving? Court is there to decide. Leave from here. It’s ICU. I have to examine the patient.

The patient asks Rani to come inside. Rani comes in. He tries to say something. Rani says did you see who was driving? Do you wanna tell me anything? He nods. Rani says will you recognize him? Who was it? He points at TV. There’s a wedding function being broadcasted. Rani is confused. Veer comes in. The patient’s pulse goes low. Veer calls in nurses. Veer says don’t you understand? I am trying to save that patient. Rani says my dad.. He says this is a hospital. We treat people here don’t interrogate. I want you to leave now. Rani sa wants you at home. Rani sees the same shawl person there. Rani sees that person to the ward boy. He says no one should know that night’s secret. He takes off the shawl. Rani sees his side face. It’s Jai. Rani is shocked.

Scene 2
Rani gets diwali preps done. rani says what is happening? How do I connect the dots? She recalls the patient pointing at the TV. Rani says was he pointing at Jai in the TV? Did Jai threaten him as well. This means Jai was also there that night. Jai says was.. I am. Rani is shocked. He’s standing behind Rani. Rani says what do you mean? He says I guess you were talking about me and I am here. Near you. Rani says I also have a question. When did you come to Jaipur? Jai says why? Rani says I felt like I saw you somewhere. You said you were abroad since three months. Where did I see you? He says I have a call. Rani says I will release my dad.

Rani collides with Veer. The flowers fall in Rani and Veer. Veer says how did I forget you can’t do anything without falling. But this must be my mistake as well. She says you accepted this time. Rajeshwari comes and says disgusting. I told clearly I want lilies, carnations only. Who did this decoration with marigolds? Pandit ji says this looks beautiful. Laxmi ji will come to this house with this flower’s blessings. Rajeshwari says our Laxmi is coming to this house. Veer is leaving. Rajeshwari says where you going? Kiara is also coming. He says the accident patient is serious. Rajeshwari says junior doctors handle. And you Ms. Baliya, everything should be perfect. Rani says it will be.

Rani wonders in kitchen what happened that night? All servants report her. Vijay comes as well. Rani says you also have work? He says I got maa Diwali gift. Rani says where is Shanti? I didn’t see her. Vijay says let me see her. Rani says I have to tell you something. She tells him what happened at the hospital. Vijay says you’re right. Ramo didn’t do this accident.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jai runs in his car. Rajeshwari also leaves. rani follows him in the rickshaw. Rani comes to a dark place. She asys what is Rani sa doing here at this dark palce?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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