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Udaan 17th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sooraj and Chakor save the villagers from line bombs

Udaan 17th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sooraj walks cautiously over the footsteps towards the villagers. He convince Pradhan ji to move cautiously over the footsteps. One of the bombs explode killing a few. They still evacuate the rest of villagers. Sooraj was now headed towards an opposite side, Chakor was worried as there were no footsteps on this side. Sooraj assures nothing will go wrong. He cautiously steps towards the crowd. They had successfully walked back, evacuating everyone. Chakor looks around and asks about Rajo. Rajo calls from a room that she is here inside, but forbids them to try and save her. There is bomb all around her. Sooraj was determined to save her, she was a member of his family. Chakor asks him to be cautious. On his way, Sooraj steps over a line bomb which beeps.
The mangal sooter from Chakor’s neck breaks

at once.
Rajo cries that she had forbidden Sooraj come forward for her. Chakor was worried and tries to run out of panic. She tells Sooraj to use a wooden rod lying nearby. Sooraj push the line bomb with the rod while withdrawing his foot from over it. All at once there was a blast. Chakor cries for Sooraj. Sooraj lay on floor near the bomb spot.
Vikram taunts Chakor that her husband has gone a long way.
Soon, Sooraj begins to cough and gains strength to get up. He goes into the house and brings Rajo outside. Sooraj returns with Rajo. Chakor hugs him saying everything is resolved now. Sooraj says the girls of this country are now saved. He plans a vacation to Kashmir with Chakor. Chakor says Kashmir is too cold, they must go to Kerala. Sooraj says let’s celebrate half vacations in Kashmir, and the rest in Kerala.
All at once, a lady comes calling her son Bunty. Bunty calls back for help. Sooraj tells Bunty to stay where he has been, he will soon be there to save him. He spots Bunty and tells him not to move. All at once, Bunty runs over the land in directions of the bomb. Chakor holds Bunty in her arms but notices her foot had slipped over a line bomb. Sooraj forbids her to step up else there would be a there. He asks Chakor to give Bunty to him, he will get him back to his mother. Chakor assures Bunty that this uncle will save him, like he saved everyone today heroically. Sooraj calls Raju to carefully move ahead and take Bunty. Chakor says she won’t have any regrets even if she dies today, she has saved numerous lives today. She tells Sooraj there is no chance she is saved, he must go away from here and take care of Anjor. Sooraj instead steps towards Chakor. He holds her tightly and tells her to listen carefully and do what he tells her to. He tells her to withdraw her foot from the bomb, he will place his there. She resists, but Sooraj convince her after much struggle.

PRECAP: Chakor requests the bomb disposing squad and Vikram to save Sooraj. She was held back by the ladies. All at once the bomb explodes. There was chaos everywhere around. Chakor cries over the ashes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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