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@Maheshwari Industries

Laya “Ragini… It’s your first day at office. How much will you work? Come on yaar it’s time to go home.”

Ragini “It takes 5 minutes to complete my work Laya… Please…”

Laya “Okay your wish… Come fast… I’ll wait for you outside…”

Ragini smiled and said, “Okay thanks Laya…”

Laya “I forgot to say one thing, i will introduce my two besties who works here… I am 100% sure, you’ll love their company and haan please switch off all the lights after completing your work. Okay?”

Ragini “Okay wait! I’ll do all the remaining work tomorrow… Now we’ll go together…”

Laya laughed and said, “That’s like a good girl…”

Just then, Laya got call. So she went outside to receive the call.

Ragini stood up on stool and was about to switch off the lights.

Just then, Sanskar came out from the cabin. Ragini got fear listening to door sound and turned back to see him. She lost her balance. But he hold her on right time and saved her from falling down. Ragini opened her eyes slowly not feeling the ground. Both lost in each other eyes.

Sanskar “Are you okay?”

Ragini “Haan… I mean i am okay sir.”

Sanskar made Ragini stand on her legs.

Sanskar “What’s the need to do all these things? You can call watchman or some others to switch off the lights. I came on right time and saved you. I can’t be with you all the time to save you. So be careful.”

Ragini “Yes sir.”

Sanskar “What’s your problem? I mean why you always bend your head infront of me? Am i God to you? Just look at me for once Ragini.”

Ragini “You’re my problem. I myself don’t know why i can’t look into your eyes. Yes you’re my god. Because you gave me job.”

Sanskar shocked to the core listening to Ragini words.

Just then, Laya came there.

Laya “Ragini… Come on let’s go…”

Ragini “Hmmm…”

Sanskar left the place without turning back. Laya and Ragini came outside. Laya introduced her friends to Ragini.

Laya “Ragini… Meet my friends Karthik and Shreya…”

Ragini “Hi Karthik, Shreya…”

Karthik, Shreya “Hello…”

Karthik, Shreya “Glad to meet you Ragini…”

Ragini “Me too…”

Karthik “So you’re khadoos P.A?”

Ragini “Khadoos?”

Shreya “Sanskar Maheshwari’s nick name.”

Ragini laughed… Seeing her, Laya, karthik and Shreya also laughed…

Laya “Hey! Sanskar sir is coming in this way. You all please stop laughing. Other wise he’ll eat all of us with his looks tomorrow.”

All nodded their head and try to keep normal face.

Sanskar asked his driver to stop the car and he lowered his car glass and called Ragini.

Sanskar “Ragini.”

Ragini “Yes sir.”

Sanskar “Get into the car.”

Ragini “Sir i will go by auto.”

Sanskar “I don’t like to repeat myself.”

Ragini “Okay sir i am coming.”

Ragini bid bye to all her newly found friends and sat in the car.

Ragini told her address to driver.

Sanskar “What you’re doing there?”

Ragini “Nothing sir. I am just talking to them.”

Sanskar “Okay.”

Ragini “Driver uncle please stop the car here.”

Driver stopped the car infront of Ragini’s house.

Sanskar “Is this your house?”

Ragini “Yes sir. Do you have any problem?”

Sanskar “No… Not at all…”

Ragini “Sorry sir. I am just kidding. Please come inside…”

Sanskar “No Ragini… I mean i have some work. I’ll come next time definitely.”

Ragini “Okay sir… Thank you… Bye… Good night…”

Sanskar “It’s okay… Bye Ragini… Good night…”


@Gadodia House

Ragini’s TAT(Thought at that time) “A nice aroma is coming from kitchen area. I am sure my Sumi maa is cooking something delicious. Can’t wait… Won’t wait…”

Ragini kept her bag aside. There are many things to share with her Sumi maa today. She entered into kitchen area like a cat, without making any sound and back hugged her Sumi maa.
Sumitra “So my little kittaya(Little Krishna) came back from office.”

Ragini “Yes.”

Sumitra turned back and kissed Ragini on forehead.

Sumitra “So tell me, how’s your first day at office?”

Ragini kissed her on cheek and said,
“My first day at office went very well and there are many things to share with you.”

Ragini sat on kitchen slab. She picked up the carrot from vegetable basket and narrated whole story while eating the carrot.

Sumitra “Ammu i want to meet Sujatha ji once. What you say?”

Ammu “I say yes. She’s a very sweet person and her son also a nice man.”

Sumitra smiled and said, “You thanked them for everything naa.”

Ammu “Yes i personally called Sujatha aunty and thanked her for sending bread halwa and i also thanked Sanskar sir for accompanying me.”

Sumitra “Good beta. Now you go and freshen up.”

Ragini “Okay i’ll be back in 5 minutes.”

Sumitra nodded her head.

After few minutes, Ragini came outside from her room smiling. Sumitra and Ragini had their dinner together and went back to their respective rooms for sleeping.

🌜⭐Ragini Room

Ragini TAT(Thought at that time) I slept on bed after writing the diary. I don’t know, what had happened to me at that time. I said everything in flow. I myself don’t know, why i can’t look into his eyes. Whenever i sees him, my head automatically bends down and my heartbeat rises like it’ll comes out at any time. But i don’t know, how i’ll face him from tomorrow.

After some time, she slipped into deep slumber thinking about Sanskar.

@Maheshwari Mansion

🌜⭐Sanskar Room

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) Thank God! Maa went to Banglore to attend her best friend daughter’s wedding. Otherwise she’ll eat my brain asking different questions. I forgot one thing, today Ragini shocked me to the core. I didn’t expect such a bold reply from her. She’s not like other girls. She’s unique.

After some time, he slipped into deep slumber thinking about Ragini.

To be continued…

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