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Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 18

Hi sissy’s. M really very very happy that u all liked it so much. So I can’t stop myself from posting. M typing this in mobile and posting.
I hope this episode also u like…

They standing such that world has stopped for them. Both wanted time shud stop here itself. Ragini moves towards sanskar slowly. He was staring her lovingly.

San: did u like it?

Rag: more than anything. Thanku so much.

San: y thanku? I made this for myself.


San: I get happiness when u r happy. So to make myself happy I made u happy.

Ragini smiles.

San: stop there only.

Rag: wat happened?

San: see ur left side.

She sees. There was a board written ‘still not over’. She smiles and looks at sanskar. But he was not there. She again started searching him.

Rag: sanskar. Stop this hide and seek.

San: go there.

Ragini goes in that direction. A box has kept on table. She opened it and saw sandwitch.

San: do u remember that day when I burnt sandwitch.

She smiles thinking that day.

San: in my life after that day this is second time I’ve made it only for u. taste it and tell me hows it. I want u to taste food which I made first. (little laugh) its like my first rasoi after marriage.

She took it tastes.

Rag: its superb.

San: thanku my life.

She sees a door and moves towards that. As she opens she falls. For once she got scared and closed eyes. When she opened eyes she saw that she is on full of flower petals. Its like flower pool. She got up but again slipped due too so much flowers. Somehow she was managing to go.

San: hey wait.

Rag: now wat? M again searching u. I know.

San: but u dint see my surprise.

Ragini luks all around. Except flower pool nothing was there.

San: not like this. I want to see u lying on flowers.

Rag: ?? wats this?

San: do as I say?

Rag: she lays.

San: now see up.

She sees up and got surprised. It was decorated full of stars in the shape of ragini’s smiling face.

San: u know but I made mistake in this.

Rag: wat?

(this all conversation was through speakers only)

San: now a days u r angry on me. I shud have made angry face.

She shows fake anger and smiles.

She goes and opens other door. Inside it was very huge. There were many counters on both side. And at centre road of flowers. She got confused seeing that. Just then sanskar closed her eyes from back. She holds his hand and sees him with wide smile. He was feeling very happy by looking her this much happy.

Rag: now wats this?

San: when sanskar here. Y to fear.

Forwards his hand towards her. She holds it. He takes her to first counter. He tells her to press ON button. She does so. The counter opens. She sees many necklaces there.

San: select anyone.

Rag: she looks at him.

San: u know y I just kept only dress in cupboard not any jewelry? Coz I want to make u wear.

Ragini little teary eyed points at one necklace. He took it and made her wear. She was feeling something special whenever he’s touches her. They come to next counter, it full of earrings. She again points. He took that and made her wear. Next counter there were bangles. He made her wear her fav bangle set. Next counter was of anklets. He made her wear her fav anklets. Next counter is of maang tika. He makes her wear that. Next counter is of nailpaints.

Ragini laughs seeing that.

Rag: sanskar its lady’s. it doesn’t suit u.

San: I know. But I want u to make ready from all angle, without leaving anything. Now select.

She picks one and gives him. He made her sit on chair and apply on her fingers.

San: now u r looking like a princess of beauty who came from heaven.

he takes her infront of big mirror. She was also stuck luking at her image.

Rag: m I this sanskar? I never thought I wud be luking like this. From childhood I only wore simple clothes( got teary eyed) my baba used to bring them by saving money from his savings. And today u made me…(sanskar keeps his finger on her lips)

San: sshhh… that’s all past. Now think only abt our present and future.

She nods and smiles.

Rag: now over na?

San: wat? Over? Am sanskar. Wat u think abt me?

Rag was like ‘wat’.

Sanskar takes her to other side of counters.

Rag: wats in this?

San: u only see.

She pressed button. It opens. Its of different types of sweets.

San: let me guess. U like rasmalai na?

She nods in yes. He picks and feeds her with spoon. She took jamun from there and keeps full in his mouth and laugh.

Rag: tasty na?

San: how do u know I like jamun very much in sweet?

Rag: same way like u know that I like rasmalai.

They went to next counter. It’s of chats.

Rag: happily.. wow. My favourite. All r my fav. Which one shall I select.
She keeps her finger on cheeks.

San: all.

Rag: all?

San: ya. One bite from all.

Rag: nice idea. But I’ll take Pani Puri more. Do u remember we ate Pani Puri on that day.

San: of course. How can I forget time spent with u. Saying this he kept one Pani Puri in her mouth.

She tastes all. Then they moved to next. There they get ice-cream of all flavour.

Rag: my fav butterscotch. She opens her mouth waiting sanskar to feed her.

Sanskar took spoon full and takes it near her mouth and suddenly he eats it.

Rag: playfully hitting him. This is cheating. First I shud eat.

San: it’s my fav too.

Rag: ok. Then we both make eachother eat at once. They both feed spoonful to eachother. Ragini make dot on his nose with ice-cream.

San: ok. Then I’ll also. He makes both side of her cheeks.

Rag: I had enough ice-cream.

San: ok Princess, moving to next.

Rag: ok prince.

Both holds hand.

San: tell ur fav colour.

Rag: y? Don’t u know?

San: pink mixed light purple.

Ragini smiles. Both entered other house. It huge. A big heart shaped of ragini’s fav colour was in middle. He makes her stand in centre. Takes a packet in his hand.

San: Ragini as u already know how much I love. But still I want to keep on telling u daily.
Do u know Ragini how was earlier? I used to wake up at nun. ( He was telling this by walking around her by making her stand in center. She was standing at a place and just seeing him without moving)

I always spent money without thinking. I never valued money and not abt any other things. Everything thing my dad earned and left me alone. I don’t had to work also. But this challenge turned my life, I really thankful to God that he made me to meet u during this time. I never knew anything before meeting u. Not even any Idea abt feelings. But when I fell for u, in ur love I came to know everything.

Tere ishq me jana muskurana kise kehte hai.
Tere ishq me jana dosti kise kehte hai.
Tere ishq me jana tanhaiya kya Hoti hai.
Tere ishq me jana tadap kya Hoti hai
Jab se tum ayi ho Zindagi me,
Tere ishq me jana Zindagi kya Hoti hai.
Tere ishq me jana Zindagi jeete kaise hai.

( Hey friends, these lines were suiting in Hindi most according to situation and title so only this part in Hindi)

By saying this he came front of her. He took out chunari from that packet and put it on her head.

San: now u r complete. My princess. And u made me complete.

Tears flow from ragini’s eyes and and hugs him happily. He too hugs her. Flowers showered on them. They were lost in eachother arm. They were feeling like they’re most luckiest.

How’s this episode sissy’s? As usual waiting for ur views.

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