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Taken For Granted (Rumya FF) – Part 11

Priyanka’s POV

I look at Ranveer who is looking angrily with me while I am trying to hold back my laughter.

Ranveer (angry) – I have to go to work…

Saumya di (trying to hold back her laughter) – Bhai… you have to take Priyanka to meet Sahil…

Ranveer (angry) – No… Saumya… I have work

Me (pretending to be upset) – Please Ranveer… come na… we have to catch up as well and you will get to meet my Sahil…

Gauri bhabhi (shocked) – M…my Sahil?

Me (winking at bhabhi) – Yes bhabhi… mine

Ranveer’s POV

Who is this Sahil? I will have to teach him a lesson for trying to steal my Prinku… Oh god, what am I saying… my Prinku? I am going to turn mad if I stay here any second… I need to leave.

I turn towards the door to leave but Prinku holds my hand.

Prinku (upset) – Won’t you take me to see Sahil?

I look at Prinku who is about to have tears in her eyes, I can’t see the tears in her eyes.

Me (pretending to smile) – Let’s go

Prinku (smiling) – Yes!!!

Prinku comes running up to me and hugs me, while I hug her back.

We stay in this position for who knows how long until Gauri bhabhi does a fake cough

We stay in this position for who knows how long until Gauri bhabhi does a fake cough.

Priyanka (embarrassed and letting go of the hug) – Let’s go meet Sahil

Ughh, who is this Sahil? I will hit this guy once I meet him. How dare he still Prinku from me?

Me (angry) – Let’s go

Saumya’s POV

This is the first time I am seeing bhai being angry and Priyanka being so bold. I guess that bhai brings out the bold Priyanka, while Priyanka brings out my angry bhai. Bhai waves goodbye to me and then leaves with Priyanka.

Gauri di (approaching me) – Can we talk? You have changed…

I guess Gauri di deserves to know the reason why I have changed, even though it’s quite obvious. I take Gauri di into the living room, where I look at her who is all tensed.

Me (curious) – Why are you tensed di?

Gauri di (upset) – How are we going to look after bhojai? She needs all the care and attention… but we don’t want to rely on you… we want to work… me, Bhojai and Priyanka want to be independent… but I am worried about Bhojai… the doctors told us she needs a lot of rest… how are we going to do that?

Me (masking my worry) – You guys can work for me… don’t get me wrong but the business needs new employees anyway and I know your skills and qualification… I think it’s best if you guys join me.

Gauri di (smiling) – Really Saumya? (she immediately hugs me) Thank you…Saumya… why did you change?

Me (worrying) – Gauri di… if the people that you consider family… betray you… then what would you do?

Gauri di (upset) – I don’t know…I am so sorry… I…

Me (covering up my hurt feeling) – It’s fine di… you should see Anika di

Gauri di then immediately goes towards the room where Anika di is, while I get into my thinking mode. How will Anika di work? If I make her work then it will cause her a lot of stress.

Precap – 1-year leap

Do you guys want more Priveer scenes?

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