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Qayamat Ki Raat 17th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj kill Savitri

Qayamat Ki Raat 17th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj opens his eyes. Prithvi says how did all this happen? He says I don’t know some thugs attacked me. I don’t remember anything else. Menakshi asks Gauri what did you see? She recalls. She says Raj went to hit the thugs. He was fainted when we found him. Prithvi says let him rest here.

Uma opens her locker and says it isn’t there. That means that woman is back. The woman calls Uma and says remember my voice? And my face? How are you? Old now? Remember who I am? Uma says savitri? She is dazed.
Gauri looks at Raj and is worried. Raj holds her hand. He says always be with me. Don’t ever leave me. Gauri wonders if he remembers what happened. SHe says I am with you all the time.

Savitri says yes I am back. This isn’t good for you. I

am here to end the game you played with me. You are kalasur’s sister. No one in that family knows your truth. I will expose you. Your secret will be out. Uma says what do you want from me? Savitra says you will get your lesson. I will unveil your face tonight. I will tell everyone who you are. You know what I took from your locker. Uma is worried. She says this savitri will ruin my game. I can’t let her mess with my efforts of 30 years. No savitri.

Savitri calls Gauri and says I am that woman who is around your family all these days. I want to tell you something. A very old secret. You will know how kalasur did all this. Meet me in temple tonight. Don’t tell anyone in that house. Raj says who is it? She says my friend’s mom. he says what? She says you should rest.
Gauri leaves for temple. Uma goes after her to stop her but Prithvi stops her. Gauri leaves.

Scene 2
Raj opens the closet. He sees Gauri’s bridal dress.
Uma comes to her room and says I wont let you expose me. You played one game and I will play one. Raj sits on the bed and holds his head. He turns into Kaal again.

Gauri comes Savitri. SHe says don’t play any game I will shoot you. Savitri says I am not your enemy. Gauri says you are with kalasur right. Tell me who you are or I will shoot you. Raj comes there in a car. Gauri shoves Savitri. Raj comes out of the car. He is being controlled by uma. Gauri says raj why do you wanna kill her? Do you know her? Raj shoves Gauri. Savitri is in tears. Gauri wonders what is her relationship with Raj. Gauri runs from there with Savitri. Raj looks for them. Raj finds them. He throttles Savtri. Gauri binds a thread in his hand. Garu throws it way and shoves Gauri. Raj goes after Savitri. He takes the proof from her. Savtir says Gauri please stop him. That is the only proof I have against that person who is your enemy. Rja leaves. Gauri says how do I stop her. Savitra is fainted. Raj picks her up. Gauri is crying.

Gauri goes after Raj to save Savitri. She sees his car. Raj takes Savitri to uma and says I did what you asked me for. this woman is here. Uma says she is here but there is one thing left. Kill her so that she doesn’t ever come back.
Precap-Dharam says who did this to Raj. Gauri says tantrik. he is back and he is in Raj. He burned some proofs that could help us just this is left. It is photo of savitri with a kid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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