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Naagin Season 3 17th November Written Episode Update: Bela killed her sister Juhi’s lover

The episode starts with Kuhu taunting Yuvi and Vish for their marriage. Mahir jokes with Bela. Bultu and Adi joke too. Sumitra asks Kuhu to take shagun money from her brother. Kuhu says I’m not interested and want to sleep. Andy says he changed the bride and hasn’t run this time. Adi and Mahir wish Yuvi good night. Vish wishes Mahir. Andy says I’m going and leaves. Yuvi and Vish get in to the their room. In their room, RJ and Kuhu have their nok jhok. Sumitra expresses her happiness that Bela and Mahir are together again but Yuvi and Vishakha got married. Andy jokes that Vish was his investor and now his bahu.

Vikrant and Vish come in their half snake forms. Vikrant says you betrayed me and hits Vish. Andy and Sumitra hear the glass breaking sounds. They misunderstand the situation and sleep. Vish and

Vikrant fight on their bed. Bultu and Adi hear those sounds. They taunt Yuvi’s nature and laugh. Bultu says that he is feeling depressed. They drink and feel better. Vish and Vikrant are still fighting with each other. RJ enjoys the sounds from his room. Kuhu asks him what he is doing. He gives a silly reason.

Bela thinks about the vultures. Vikrant tells Vish that she didn’t do right by being with Bela. Vish says even I didn’t know that Bela wasn’t hypnotized. She tells him that what she did with him is not betrayal, but what he did with her is a cheat, she did that for her happiness. Vikrant says I loved only Ruhi. Vish says you love me and I love you. She later tells that still they could make their moves against Bela and asks him to stop blaming his wife like a common man. Someone knocks on their door. Vikrant opens it and sees a vulture. He becomes a snake. Bela hears the sound and walks out of her room. Vish passes by and tells her that she heard the sound too and Vikrant went after it. Vikrant and the vulture fight in the haveli. Bela and Vish come there and become Naagins. Bela asks it to come in its real form. Vulture asks Naagrani Bela to reminisce what she did with Kesha. It leaves from there later.

At home, Mahir hugs Bela after she comes back. He supports her and asks her if she likes to have ice-cream. They romance while Bela smiles. Vikrant sits by a pillar. Vish sees the vulture’s scratch on his neck and worries. They behave inebriated later. Vish says I want to come closer to you. They behave mad. In hall, Bela is walking. Vyom holds her neck from behind and tells something. Mahir gets ice-cream for her after Vyom leaves. He says I know what you want and lifts Bela. They dance on Kya Hua… Andy and Sumitra get romantic too. Vikrant and Vish are also dancing together in their room.

Later, Bela feels the guests are weird and finds a feather. She walks to the terrace. Vyom, Anita, Amit and his sister come to the terrace. Amit asks Vyom what happened as he stood unmoved. Bela comes there. They have their conversation. Vyom tells that they are not Naagins, but they have a special boon with which they became Sehgal’s guests. He asks if he should call her Ruhi or Bela. He then says Bela is fine, if she remembers her sister. FB shows the sweet moments of Bela with her younger sister Juhi. Juhi tells Ruhi/Bela about her lover Kesha who is a human. Juhi says that she would marry him in city. Bela sees Kesha and feels weird. She questions him his identity. Juhi gives a reason and leaves with him so that they could catch the train early. FB ends. Bela and Kesha’s family argue on the terrace.

Precap: Bela warns Rinki to stay away from Mahir. They both get into their real avatars.

Update Credits: Critic

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