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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya goes against Satya to support Samar

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya says she can’t ignore that Samar spent a night with some other woman. She wants proof. Samar says what kind of proof? He’s saying it himself. Satya asks whether that girl will say the same? He says of course. She asks him to bring her then. He says he doesn’t know her house. He doesn’t even know her name. She says he doesn’t know name and still he spent a night with her? Just now she said she doesn’t feel need to protect Jaya, but maybe she was wrong. She came to celebrate festival, but regretfully she will have to take Jaya back now. She takes Jaya’s hand and walks towards the door. Rama tells Satya that if she takes Jaya, then this time, no one will come to take her back. Before this too, Jaya has went to her maayka but today it’s

different. Today it’s question about Samar’s character. Just like Satya, she also trusts her children. Satya asks it’s not about trust and love, it’s about proofs. Does she have proof of his innocence? Rama says this is not court. For her, his son’s words is biggest proof. Satya says she never saw this side of Rama’s before. Rama says had she stayed quiet today, it would be her mistake. She wanted to be Jaya’s mother, so she ignored small things. It’s Samar’s values that he didn’t say anything back. But she needs to stand up for her son today. She further says, if Jaya goes today, then Samar won’t come to get her back. Satya says even if he comes, she won’t let him come inside until he doesn’t prove that he has no relationship with that girl. Doubt is not good for any relationship. She takes Jaya’s hand and starts walking again.

Jaya stops at the house exit and pulls her hand back. Satya is shocked. Jaya tells Satya that she won’t go with her. She walked using her finger, held her hand to move forward in life. With same hand, she gave her hand in Samar’s hand. She can’t let that faith break. She listened and did everything that she asked her despite Samar and his family feeling bad about it. Everyone must be thinking she’s so educated and listen to everything that her mother says. She listens to her because there is no logic bigger in front of her mother. She asks her to let her listen to her heart today. Samar, who ignored all her mistakes and gave her another chance, can’t betray her. She will get proof for Samar if she wants. Satya says it’s been 30 years, no one could challenge her. Today her own daughter is challenging her. She won’t stop her and gives 3 days to prove Samar right. Or else Samar can drop Jaya to her house.

Jaya goes back and stands with Samar. Rama is happy seeing that. Samar gets emotional and hugs Jaya. Satya leaves.

Samar is sitting tensed. Jaya tells him not to worry. They don’t know girl’s name, but they can check by going to location where he dropped her. He asks she trusts him so much that she went against her mother whom she loves the most? She says when they met first, she didn’t even believe in marriage. After that she learned about him, married him, and learned so much in his house that now she strongly believe in marriages.

Later, they come to location where Samar dropped the girl. They go to nearby residential area, but are unable to find anything helpful.

Precap: Satya asks Samar in front of his family why he withdrew 15 lakh rupees from bank? To give it to that girl?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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