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Real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner and walking along the beach. In fact it is based on Respect, Compromise, Care and Trust.

after knowing about this biggest truth of his life kunj totally shattered down.Aditi and yuvi went.Kunj break all things of his room. Crying like anything standing in front of mirror blood coming from his hands.

Kunj:what I have done it babaji.that ammar is my baby but I didn’t recognize him even that time too how could I did this mistake.My baby was in front of my eyes everyday I meet with him.Whom I thought twinkle and vikram baby, but he is toh my own baby. All those words and moments running in kunj mind like anything which making him go mad he closed his ears and screamed loudly NOoooooo. Mera bacha how can Twinkle stop me to meet with him.Babaji I break her heart too she was innocent but whatever comes in my mind I told her. She wasn’t I’m a cheater to make the promise and break.When she needed me I’m not around her.She

carried my baby and what behavior I did with her Chii shame on myself.What type of father I’m.I let everyone abused my baby. He fell down on his knees.Kyu Kyu.

That most beautiful gift babaji give me, but I was unlucky didn’t get chance to enjoy that news with my wife I’m saying na I love twinkle no I didn’t love her If I love her than these would’ve done it.I spend night with her didn’t remember it.We all have regrets.We learn from our mistakes, and we might think back on them too.It only becomes a regret when you dwell on it and let it tear you apart.If I felt this much bad what about her haa each times I break down twinkle with my words.

Kal Meera Tadpi Kaanha Ko..

Sab Laaj Samaaj Ganvaayi Re..

Ab Prem Mein Tadpan Tarsan Ki

Hai Baari Kaanha Ki Aayi Re

Mori Jaan Gayi

Hoo Tora Khel Hua..

Mujhse Main Rootha

Mujh Mein Main Toota..

That night I didn’t stop anyone to abused her what type of husband I’m.even not a good husband and worse father.Why you didn’t trust her Kunj. In this all situations what that innocent soul did it.Just because of me twinkle and my baby suffered.I didn’t deserve her forgiveness too.Kunj take out twinkle and ammar photo frame and look at photos.He takes the alcohol and sit in side.Twinkle I’m sorry I didn’t respect you.

And I’m saying that I love ammar lot.if I love him than I’ll not do this all.He remembers Father’s Day.He takes the card and admire it tears falling on baby he was so sad because he doesn’t have fathered he had it’s me. 😭 I was ammar culprit till now whatever he bears just because of me he had father still live like without father what my baby feels only he knows it.Just because of my one stupidness I break twinkle heart and give her pain but more my baby who didn’t see till now his father but his father give him pain.Kunj cuddles ammar photo frame how I’ll face you ammar I don’t have guts to look into your eyes shame can’t face you my baby.He started hitting on his face crying so loudly.Me aisa keshe kar shakta hu apne hi pyaar or bache ke saath.

Hooo Mujhse Main Rootha

Mujh Mein Main Toota..

Mujhko Maine Ishq Wafa Mein

Khud Hi Hai Loota

Lut Lut Ke, Lut Lut Ke

Jeena Hai Marna Baanke Yaar Bina..

Saaiyaan Hudd Main Ki Karaan..

Saiyaan Jeena Ya Maraan..

Saaiyan Rab Mujhse Khafa


Saaiyaan Hudd Main Ki Karaan..

Saiyaan Jeena Ya Maraan..

Saaiyan Rab Mujhse Khafa

Sa aiyaan

Twinkle laying on bed and crying she clutches the bedsheet tightly.

Twinkle:never thought this truth will come out like this.Kunj will find out this how he think about this so suddenly.Now he got to know about ammar is only his own baby now he’ll not leave him.If he tries to snatch him from me no no I’ll not give my baby to anyone.I already lost my one baby

Now I can’t more Kunj today you are the one who is a responsible for this.You become blind behind your mother never try to think about me and open your eyes and see the truth.In front of you she abused your baby but you didn’t said anything to her why because he is not your baby that’s why. What my mistakes in this all haa my mistake is this I love you and ammar come in my life that’s it.He was the one reason which connecting us till now if not than there is no connection between us because dil ka rishta toh kab ka his tooth gaya ta humare beach me.Just this one relation that my baby father you are that’s it Kunj Sarna and I’ll never ever forgive you. For your sins you’ll bear whatever I bear it than you’ll know the pain you were saying na that I live happily and you living in pain now see real pain how’s it.Whole night their went in tears.

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Twinkle wake up and look at herself she composed herself.

Twinkle: twinkle be strong act like anything happened. She went downstairs and see ammar sitting with Leela and Rt. She went in kitchen make breakfast for him and bring sit beside him.Baby your breakfast.

Ammar:I don’t want. He get up about to go twinkle held his hand.

Twinkle:where are you going ammar.

Ammar:to my dost house.

Twinkle:no you’ll not go there get it if I saw you there than ammar.

Ammar:why. I love my dost and I’ll go to him no one can’t stop me and I’ll too see this he show his finger to twinkle.

Twinkle:ammar behave yourself haa this is the way to talk to your mother haa. Who teach you this that your dost he Itself toh mannerless making my son too.Sit here get it twinkle forcefully feed him breakfast give his medicines.

Kunj sleeping on floor sunlight coming on his face.He rubbed his eyes and look at here and there think what happened last night.Tears coming from his eyes he get up and went in balcony look at twinkle room balcony.Kunj sit on railing his back facing too twinkle balcony.She entered in room about to close the balcony door her eyes went on kunj.She went in balcony and look at him. Possibly he can falls down in what position he were sitting.Kunj wambling twinkle get scared.

Twinkle:see him in what position he was sitting if he falls down than.Kunj eyes were closed he oscillating about to falls aditi come there on time she hold kunj shirt. Kunjjj.

Aditi:BF.Kunj dizzying.She hugged kunj. You’ll fall down just now haa.Aditi eyes went on twinkle who standing and looking at them only.She take deep breath let’s go kunj. She take him inside the room.

Twinkle:Kunj you have Aditi now to save you she didn’t let you falls down and me no one I fall down and get up Itself.

Aditi make him sit.

Aditi:kunj what is this. Look at me. Kunj look at Aditi and tears escaping.Kunjj. She cuddles him. Don’t cry see me and yuvi with you na.You should be happy now. She sit in front of him on her knees.Why because you wanted ammar na see woh hi tumhara apna beta nikla kunj that’s so awesome without wishing anything you got most precious thing of this world. Yuvi come with breakfast joint them.

Yuvi:aditi was right kunj.You don’t know what you got it today.I know circumstances wasn’t good but see na ammar is your son.What else you wanted more.

Kunj:I didn’t deserve him Yuvi.I hurt them lot. How can I do this all.

Aditi:you are wrong in this all what you will do.

Kunj:I’ll do prayaschhit of my sins whatever I did with twinkle and my Ammar get their forgiveness till than I’ll not sit.

Yuvi:haa indeed. Kunj by the way how so suddenly you got to know about this all I mean. Reports and all’s

Kunj: Itself I didn’t Yuvi I went for meeting in hotel there I saw vikram with lady I went towards him and asked him about lady. He told me she is his wife than I what about twinkle he tell me that twinkle is not his wife and ammar not his son as well I was shocked what is this all.Than I come home and I check ammar name on Identity card there his name is ammar Sarna I was hell shocked and confused as well how can he is Sarna i check his school diary there I saw father name than I can’t explain you.Totally freeze down Kunj Sarna is his father.I was angry at twinkle.If ammar isn’t vikram son why she used my name.I wanted proof so before only I done our DNA test reports.That’s it after whatever happened you know. Yuvi what is this what I have done it.How I’ll survive Yuvi I thought she hurt me but no I hurt twinkle.

Yuvi mujhe ammar aur Twinkle chahiye at any cost back.

Yuvi:kunj it’s not easy you know go with flow kunj don’t worry first handle yourself this truth is very big kunj.You think about ammar when he come to know about this what will be his reaction haa.

Kunj:hmm I’ll do whatever Twinkle wanted.

Rectify it.Aditi wiped his tears Yuvi and Aditi feed him breakfast.After sometimes later kunj went somewhere he didn’t feel good.While ammar was crying for kunj he wanted to meet with him but twinkle stop him.Whole day went twinkle and Kunj just crying inside in their hearts.Kunj entered in Sarna Mansion.Usha and Anita keep talking about twinkle baby using bad words.Kunj stop and listen.

Kunj:what did you said MAA.

Usha:Arey kunj we see this show in this show the girl same like twinkle and baby too ganda khoon. Now don’t let that ammar entered here.

Kunj: why??

Usha:pata nahi kish ka ganda khoon hai woh bacha. Kunj closed his fist.

Kunj:maaaa in loud voice stop speak today don’t dare to next time.Usha and Bebe or Anita stand up.

Usha:why what wrong I said haa.He is bad.In his veins bad blood running it. Iss Gandi Naali ka bacha hai woh. Whose blood he is

Kunj:maa😡😡😡.. all get shocked Kunj went near to her. MAA whom you abusing he is son of someone and what did you said whose blood he is MAA he is my blood my blood running in his veins. All get confused.Haa MAA he is my son.Ammar mere beta hai. Woh mere khoon hai. Everyone get surprised and shocked as well.

Bebe: what kunj.

Kunj: myes Bebe ammar isn’t vikram son but of my son. Woh mera apna bacha hai mera aur twinkle ka hai.

Usha: kunj are you okay na you are drunk.

Hosh me toh hona.

Kunj:in crying voice yes MAA for the first time me hosh me hu MAA.Till now I’m drunk but not in alcohol effects but in JHOOT ME.Bebe she is innocent whatever we all think about her everything is falsehood.

Bebe: haa kunj she went towards kunj hold his hands it’s true ammar is your and twinkle son. Kunj nodded in yes.

Kunj:yes Bebe is our son.

Usha:how you got to know about this how can this happens your and twinkle baby. We all know about your relationship with her. There is nothing like this.

Kunj:MAA even I too think Same but MAA

He is my son.I’m his biological father MAA.

Woh mera beta hai.Usha and Anita hell shocked.

Usha:your son how??

Kunj:how I don’t know MAA bas I know I’m his father he is my son that’s it. Usha again abused ammar.

Usha: so ganda khoon Chii.

Kunj:MAAaaa still you abusing him if he is ganda khoon before him your son is MAA. My blood is bad before Ammar because my blood running in his body.First and last time I’m warning you MAA don’t dare to used single word for my son if I heard than no one is worse than me.

Usha:acha kunj. I’ll call him this only.

Kunj:what type of MAA you are he is your grand son. You should be happy but not you doing this MAA. You cant abuse him but I can’t let anyone if she is my mother or anyone else. I’ll not spare MAA. He said this and went In his room. Bebe get so happy.

Bebe:waha wahe guruji mere Kunj ka bacha❤️❤️.whole day kunj didn’t have anything.

Usha went in his room and sit she was shocked by this.

Usha:kunj ka bacha how??shit if he had son how I’ll survive haa now he had heir. No no here I’m thinking whatever kunj has it’s all mine. What this almighty wanted from me everything he did this.But I’m usha too years back what I wanted that I get it no matter what way I choose but whoever comes in my way everything finished when I didn’t think twice to do this now how???.I’m the head of kunj and his things too.

Kunj standing in balcony looking at moon.

Kunj:god please do something why son is in front of my eyes but I can’t see him. Whole day how I spend only I know.

Ammar finding his phone.

Ammar:I’ll talk to dost.. he find his phone and dial Kunj number. Kunj didn’t see phone first than his eyes went on screen ammar photo coming he immediately pick up his phone.Ammar went in side lobby sit behind couch so no one see him. DOSTTt.

Kunj:ammar as soon as kunj Listen his voice feel so good like someone put his heart beat in his heart which stopped.he closed his eyes.

Ammar:dost hows you.

Kunj:I’m fine how’s my baby.

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

Ammar:I’m fine dost how I’m your baby like mamma ale dost😛.Kunj smile painfully.Dost I’m missing you like anything please come to meet with me.

Kunj:ammar even I’m too missing you my boy. How I tell you I’m helpless without twinkle permission I can’t baby (in heart). And are you fine haa.

Ammar:I’m awesome bas sad you aren’t with me my mamma is a siyappa Queen kunj laugh out. Dost I need your help.

Kunj: what helps haa. Tell me.

Ammar:dost tomorrow race competition is in my school. In that every kids father participate so..

Kunj: so what??

Ammar:in sad voice dost even I too wanted to participate but I don’t have father Kunj closed his eyes tears escaping from his eyes. If my papa with me than he’ll too participate like my dost I’ll too win but I can’t participate in this race because I don’t have father never ever😭😭😭😭. So for me you become my papa and participate na please I wanted that medal.

Kunj:okay I’ll participate in this race and win too.

Ammar: paka promise na dost you’ll come na. Please don’t break my heart.

Kunj:never ever I can’t break my ammar heart.Leela and Rt searching ammar their eyes went on Mirror ammar reflecting on Mirror.They stop and see ammar talking to someone on phone and understand he was only kunj.Twinkle stop see Rt and Leela.Twinkle too see ammar. He was talking happily on phone.

Twinkle: this kunjj. Leela held her hand.

Leela:Twinkle please let him na.

Twinkle:no I can’t let him.The more he talk to kunj and meet with him Attached towards him more that I don’t wanted.She went towards Ammar.She immediately snatch the phone.

Ammar: mamma my phone😭😭.

Twinkle:I told you na ammar but you didn’t listen to me wait. I’ll break this phone only. Ammar get shocked.

Ammar:no no.Mamma please I beg you don’t do this dostttt.. Kunj listening everything. You are very bad mamma.

Twinkle:than tell your dost don’t call someone baby. She cut the call. Now don’t dare to take this phone. I’ll throw it in dustbin ammar crying for his phone lot he try to take from twinkle but can’t.

Leela:Twinkle give him phone haa why you making him cry.

Twinkle: Itself he cry MAA I didn’t do anything just dost dost what dost haa. She went in room.Kunj about to throw his phone in side but stop to see ammar photo.

Kunj:Twinkle you didn’t do this good.i deserve this anger not ammar.Kunj looking at moon just without blinking his eyes.I always share my everything with this moon.See I’m so idiot in these years I don’t know I have a baby boy too.Twinkle come in her room balcony.She sits in side and look at moon.Due to fast wind her duppta fly and falls on kunj face.Twinkle see kunj While kunj closer his eyes.And take out the duppta from his face and look at twinkle.Both looking at each other’s with painful eyes.Kunj roll her duppta throw at her back. Kunj call her she pick up.

Twinkle: what in rude voice?

Kunj:Twinkle why you doing this with ammar. I’m your culprit he isn’t.

Twinkle:when you know this than why you behind my son stop and leave him.He just chanting your name dost dost.He dont know his dost real face.And he is your son how can I forget it.End of the day went on you na. Don’t make my son like you.You Itself so obedient son mamma’s boy what you teach my son.

Kunj:why I’ll teach him haa. I never do this type of work.

Twinkle:Kunj now don’t you feel ashamed to talk with ashamed blood.

Kunj:shut up twinkle…why you doing this.

Twinkle:I’ll don’t this only. It just a starts wait and watch. I know this my baby will suffer but don’t worry I’ll handle him but wouldn’t leave you at any cost.

Kunj:I’m ready for your punishment happily.I know sorry words is very small in front of my mistake no forgiveness for me but don’t take ammar in this all. I’ll do whatever you wanted.

Twinkle:okay than leave ammar forget him that he is your son.Kunj get shocked.

I wanted this.

Kunj:this I cant do it twinkle you know how can I forget him haa.Really twinkle believes on me I love him unconditionally.

Twinkle:whatever Kunj Sarna. Don’t see ammar in your dreams he isn’t yours even in your dreams as well. He is my baby just.

Kunj:without me from where he come haa. Don’t forget it he is my blood.If you give him birth than he is my blood.

Twinkle:this only bas.he is last connection between us that’s it. Now this too will break down. Don’t think so much if your name behind ammar name.

Kunj:you think this.When my name can’t erase behind his name so how can you erase him from my life.He is my son that you don’t forget it.I’ll do whatever you wanted bas don’t hurt him by anything.

Twinkle:so selfish you are just one day has been passed way you got to know about him he is your son his happiness matters for you so much just in few hours.Why because he is your own son na.What about me even I’m too someone daughter today how you suffering for your son happiness even my parents too kunj.

Kunj:if you thinking you’ll take my revenge from ammar than you are wrong.I know you can’t hurt him just pretending in front of me.

Twinkle:it’s your mistake. Go and think about your aditi most maya you have so many peoples in your life Arey your so called mother if she come to know than what about her she’ll let you to forget it this all. And you’ll too after she your god. People doing pooja of god but Kunj Sarna of his mother.

Kunj:it’s none of your business.Speak whatever you wanted you are right.

Twinkle:last warning if I saw you with ammar than I’ll complain.she cut the call without listening to him.And shut the balcony door went room leave kunj cried.

Whole night ammar crying as well Twinkle or Kunj too.Twinkle checking ammar phone. She Listen their audio’s and laugh out. Ammar calling kunj lambu he in return back lambu hoga Tere baap.Absolutely right lambu is only your father.And see their all photos.I never try to see ammar and Kunj this much closed. Kunj sit on floor and take out photo frame and caress the photo frames.

Kunj:you both left me here alone.MAA wouldn’t understand me she can’t see my love for twinkle 😭😭.here papa he was helpless.Where I’ll go.Feeling like I’ll kill myself this guilt I can’t handle anymore kunj run towards wardrobe and take out poison bottle he take in his hand about to take kunj stop ammar pictures come in his mind how can I did this.My baby needed me even I too. I’ll not do this I’ll get her back with my baby let’s see what she’ll do and this god too. I’ll put my life in this to get you back Twinkle Kunj Sarna.This night too went.Next day kunj got call from police he went there.Ammar wake up and get ready for his school didn’t look at twinkle at all. He didn’t have his breakfast.

Leela:ammar have something please.

Ammar:no I don’t wanted.

Rt:ammar today toh race competition in your school na.


Leela: you go we’ll come to take you than we’ll go for outing.

Ammar:I’m participated in this race he said this and run outside before anyone Said something.

Twinkle:what he participated in race how?

Rt:let him na we’ll go to school.after

sometime later all kids parents come.Yuvi come with mahi and Romir.Romir went towards ammar meet with him.Leela and Rt or twinkle or Fuzail too come.Ammar thinking about kunj.

Hiya: today I’ll win.

Romir:I’ll my papa is best.Ammar look at them.He can’t Say this his papa will win.

That everyone can see it on his face. Aditi come there mahi make faces on her.

Teacher:in few minutes race will be starts.

Ammar:where is dost😭😭.

Twinkle:Ammar let’s go everyone father will participate in this.He didn’t look at twinkle. He’ll feel more bad if he stay here MAA.

Leela:let na. Kunj was stuck in traffic.

Kunj:uff I have to reached on time babaji my son is waiting for me.First time as father I’m doing my duty Itself he don’t know.Kunj see traffic level he leave his car and run from there.

Ammar:Yuvi uncle please call to dost.

Yuvi:hmm.he call kunj. Kunj pick up his call. But due to network problems voice didn’t coming.Teacher announced to all kids fathers come.Every father’s went and stand on lines. Ammar looking at school gate than medal.

Ammar:dost you didn’t come na you break your promise😭😭😭..

Aditi:don’t worry…he hugged her.Anita aur Bebe or Usha come for Romir Noor chinki. They all take their seats. Teacher come to ammar.

Teacher:ammar you take part where is your participant??

Ammar:teacher wait na please.Just 2 minutes left in race to starts.Dost if you not come today I’ll never ever talk to you.

Romir:Papa all the best Aditi show him thumb.All set for race tears dropping from ammar eyes.

Ammar: dost didn’t come.

Twinkle:ammar Don’t cry baby.This man break my son heart too. Stop thinking about him nobody will come ammar let’s go from there.

Teacher:last 10 seconds.Kunj reached school he run inside and see crowd.Kunj see timer race about to starts he forget everything just run.All families members see kunj and get shocked.Ammar see kunj and smile appears on his face.He started dancing.Kunj went and stand on tracks. Usha get up. And look at Kunj..

Yuvi:kunj you are here.


Yuvi:means you too participate in this race kunj you know you have problem how you can. You will short of breath when you run beloved your level.You have asthma


Kunj:for me I never take part in race due to this today my son wanted I can’t leave don’t care about myself if I’ll die than also.

My ammar happiness important for me. When all students father participating for their kids how can I not.Yuvi look at Kunj with smiling face.

Yuvi:kab itna pyaar hua kunj tujhe us pidhi show your long legs Power what did he said lambu😛😛..

Teacher:on your mark,kunj look at ammar to see his face smile giving him energy.
get set go.all fathers running Romir and ammar hooting Kunj and yuvi name even others too.Taneja’s shocked to see ammar more kunj at father place.

Romir:my papa will win.

Ammar:not in sense only my.twinkle and others listen this…

Usha:hoo this kunj running in race for this bad insect.Let’s see how he’ll win Itself he didn’t win in his school race competition how he’ll.While chinki get confused to see kunj here she didn’t getting anything.

Kunj running so fast beating everyone. Yuvi or kunj on same level.Sun sitting on head.

Ammar:dost dost dost..😁 he jumping in happiness.Twinkle see kunj she knows about his breathing problems.One by one out of the race.Kunj condition is so bad he was Shortness of breath.Drenched in sweat due to sun.Abeer to out.

Aditi:kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj. Hooting for him.Twinkle eyes just stuck on kunj.Yuvi too get tired he falls down. Give up and went to Romir.

Romir:Papa hhuh..

Yuvi:baby sorry I can’t today let’s see na your kunj Chachu is in competition still.

Now just kunj left and one man too.Kunj stop he can’t take breath properly. Falls down on his knees all get shocked but usha and someone get happy. Ammar shocked. Kunj turned his face and look at ammar closed his eyes remember his time what happened and today.Same situation he can’t run for himself but today someone hope with him.Kunj see ammar.

Kunj:kunj you have to get up and run for ammar kunjjj.With lots of difficulties he get up and see his competitor who was further to him.Kunj take out his tie and Throw it and run with full speed.Everyone get up now race become so serious.Kunj beat the competitor.He jumped and cross the finished line all get shocked.Everyone mouth got open at last he won the race. Ammar get shocked don’t know what to do.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes. Mehar and Aditi get so happy.

Romir:ammar you win aww🤩🤩.Kunj fells down on ground.Breathing heavily
Ammar run towards kunj in full speed.Kunj see him giving smile tears coming from his eyes.Heart beat become so fast.Kunj open his arms for ammar he come and hugged.Kunj hugged him back each and everyone see them best view father and son.
Kunj:think: I’ve failed at a lot of things,but I pray today I don’t fail as a father now.

They are in middle of ground.

Ammar:dost hum jeet gaya..

Kunj:hmm you win finally.

Ammar:thanks dost.Twinkle get emotional to see this.Kunj get up and hold ammar hand they walking together twinkle see them kunj reflecting in ammar totally Bebe click their photo.Chota kunj and bada Kunj seemed like this 😃. They went towards everyone while kunj went in side. Yuvi run towards him with water. Kunj didn’t show ammar he turned and taking breath.

Yuvi:kunjjjj are you okay na.

Kunj:yuviiii hold his hand.While Aditi searching Kunj asthma inhaler.

Aditi:I kept here only where is went.

Yuvi: kunj where is your inhaler haa.

Kunj:wo….hhh I don’t have don’t worry I’ll be fine he drink water but chocked so badly. Aditi and yuvi patting on his back.

Ammar:dost are you okay na.

Kunj:hmm.Kunj rest and feel good pour water on his face.Principal call winner and student.

Principal:so winner is what is his name.

Ammar:loudly Kunj Sarna.My buddy.

Principal:may I request come Kunj Sarna.
Kunj denying to go but ammar take him forcefully.All 1st and 2nd or 3rd position father’s kids standing on Their number of position ammar is 1st than 2nd is someone or 3rd is Romir Runner up.Kunj standing.Principal take medal about to put in kunj neck.He stop him principal get confused.what happened??

Kunj:wait.He take the medal and went towards ammar.Kunj show medal to
ammar he looking at medal that smile on
ammar which making everyone happy.
Kunj put medal in ammar neck ammar hold the medal and smiling like anything.

See I fulfilled my promise.

Ammar:yes.Ammar went to Rt and Leela.
Nanu and nani see finally I won this.My dost win this for me.

Abeer:congratulations ammar.


Hiya:Arey without Papa your win still hehe.

Everyone look at Kunj who looking down.

Usha:see here mere bête ki wajse jeet gaya.

Kunj:MAA please.Usha Makes face went from there.Ammar crying slightly.Kunj sit on his knees in front of ammar.You don’t listen her you wanted medal and wanted to win this see you win ammar you should be happy.Leave other things.He wiped his tears.

Ammar:i want one More thing.

Kunj:what tell me I’ll give you too.Ammar forward his hand kunj give his hand on his hand.

Ammar:aap mere papa banjao Na. Everyone get shocked whoever was present there twinkle look at Kunj who looking her only.Tears dropping from ammar eyes.What happened dost.Please aap karlo na Meri mamma se shadi.This is enough for twinkle and Kunj or others to left in shocked.Kunj was in shocked after listening ammar.Ammar look at twinkle who standing in side he went towards her and hold her hand and bring her near to kunj.I don’t have papa mamma please I wanted papa too.See here they all have Papa but I’m the one who don’t have papa.Mamma even I wanted papa see my dost is the best.aap banalo na mere dost ko Papa mere.Bolo na dost banjao na mere papa please.Twinkle and Kunj just numb don’t know what to say.She just hold ammar hand and take him from there.

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Twinkle:Ammar bas.If you again take his name.I’ll not Leave you.

Ammar:what problem in this haa.Haa I wanted Papa you get my papa if not my dost than where is my papa..

Twinkle:what papa Papa haa I told you many times that I’m your papa and

mamma both.she went in her room.While ammar went in room he look at twinkle but he didn’t talk to her just changed his clothes and playing with medal which he got today.After sometimes everyone sit for dinner ammar didn’t have anything.Other side kunj was too Same like these days were passing ammar just crying for kunj
everyday kunj situation too same.Both of them leave their meals Ammar become so weak and dull lost his charms.Twinkle sitting and working ammar went towards her.

Ammar:mamma.Please give me my phone.

Twinkle:go and study you’ll not get anything.Ammar went from there and

crying so badly.Fuzail see this And feel so bad.Later ammar went to fuzail.

Ammar:maamu please you help me I wanted to meet with my dost.Fuzail feel so bad to see ammar.

Fuzail:shh don’t cry I’ll take you.He check and see everyone went in their rooms. Abeer and Mehar too at Taneja Mansion only.Fuzail take ammar outside went near Sarna Mansion gate.Kunj was in his room balcony ammar waves to kunj.He see and down immediately.Ammar run in kunj Arms kunj cuddles him tightly feeling so good.
After a days see him.Twinkle entered in balcony and see this and get angry.She went downstairs goes outside. Ammar and Kunj hugging each other’s so tightly ammar crying in kunj Arms While kunj consoling him even he too. Fuzail see this.

Twinkle come there and see them.

Twinkle:kunjjjjj.. 😡😡😡..she went towards him. How dare you touched my son. She pulling ammar while ammar clutch kunj shirt tightly didn’t wanted to leave him.

Ammar:dostttt. 😭😭😭..

Twinkle:Kunj leave ammar.Kunj Itself Leave ammar But he didn’t.She pulled him and lift him taking him while ammar push twinkle he fall down kunj see this run towards them.They are in Taneja Mansion garden. Kunj check ammar he get hurt on his knees.Due to ammar crying sound everyone come out and see them.

Kunj:ammar.Yuvi and Mahi or Aditi come there see this all.Twinkle are you mad haa.

Are you okay na. Ammar short of breath kunj consoling him. He hugged kunj tightly.

Fuzail:di please.

Twinkle:why you take him here haa.

Abeer: Twinkle look at ammar first.

Twinkle:I’ll not.He didn’t listen to me just dost.See now too don’t what magic he had done on my son. Ammar sobbing horribly.

Yuvi: Twinkle can’t you see ammar and Kunj bond still doing this you didn’t let them meet with each other’s is it okay.

Twinkle:you don’t need to give me any advice look at yourself and wife. He is my son I’ll do whatever I wanted to do.

Kunj: acha in anger. You test me lot. If you don’t wanted I’ will meet with him okay fine I didn’t come but he is small baby. He didn’t understand you have problem with me not with him. He don’t know anything about us.That you can’t understand haa.

See twinkle I’ll beg in front of you.Please don’t do this I’ll do each and everything what sacrificed you.But at least don’t make him away from me.

Mujhse Main Rootha

Mujh Mein Main Toota..

Mujhko Maine Ishq Wafa Mein

Khud Hi Hai Loota

Lut Lut Ke, Lut Lut Ke

Jeena Hai Marna Baanke Yaar Bina..

Saaiyaan Hudd Main Ki Karaan..

Saiyaan Jeena Ya Maraan..

Saaiyan Rab Mujhse Khafa


Saaiyaan Hudd Main Ki Karaan..

Saiyaan Jeena Ya Maraan..

Saaiyan Rab Mujhse Khafa


Twinkle: I don’t care about this all things kunj get it you spare us talking about him in some days he’ll forget you. I know how to handle my son no need of your advice. She went near kunj. Ammar come to me please.

Ammar:no. Dost.. 😭😭I wanted dost. He was not ready to leave kunj.

Kunj:if you have guts take him I’ll to see today.Twinkle try to take ammar.

Twinkle: see ammar I’ll Do what you wanted haa. Tell me what you wanted.

Ammar:Papa I wanted. Sobbing in kunj Arms.

Twinkle:you don’t have papa get it. In loud voice.Come to me leave kunj. She pulls him.

Leela: Twinkle puttar let him na he’ll come back let him.

Twinkle: no maa I’ll not let stay my son with him.He just wanted to snatch him from me see he did it. My ammar wanted him more than me.

Kunj:you know what you just think this why I’ll snatch him from you. Don’t forget me.
Ammar you go I’ll come at morning. He place him down ammar hold his hand. Twinkle taking but ammar still don’t wanted to leave kunj hand.

Ammar:mamma please leave me I wanted to go to my dost. He hitting on twinkle stomach while try to free himself twinkle see kunj and than she slap ammar.All get shocked Leela and Rt went to twinkle.


Yuvi:kunj lets go from there.

Kunj:I’ll not he look at twinkle. She about to slap him again kunj held her hand and jerk it.Don’t dare to touch him twinkle. What a mother you are ek Meri MAA and second you both can’t see pain in Their sons eyes.

Twinkle: he is my son I’ll hit or whatever I wanted to do I’ll do it’s none of your business who the hell are you haa.

Kunj: don’t let me open my mouth in front of him you know very well who I m of his.

I don’t wanted get it.It’s my business.Put your hands in your pocket. Leela and Rt give ammar to Fuzail he take him inside.
Kunj pulled her towards. Kya baat karti hai badale ki na.You taking your revenge from ammar understand this what did you proving to do this haa. If he is my son than he is yours too understand this.

Twinkle:this all happening because of you Kunj Sarna get it because of you I raise my hand on him. Even Sarnas too come there.

Kunj:dekh I don’t wanted to do anything.

Just one thing I want my son that’s it. At least let him meet with me twinkle.He fold his hand in front of her.I’ll do each and everything.What you wanted tell me.

Twinkle: acha you wanted ammar can do anything to meet with him.

Kunj: yes.

Twinkle: think Kunj Sarna your ego is very big. And important too.

Kunj:nothing is big and important in front of ammar for me you just tell me what you wanted.

Twinkle:okay.Put your nose in front of Me.

I know you can’t do this your ego is important for you. If you love ammar than you can you don’t love him. Everyone get shocked.

Yuvi: kunj leave her.

Kunj:if this can proof I love ammar than I’ll do.

Aditi: no you’ll not.

Kunj: I’ll happily I’m not doing this for you but for my son understand twinkle.Tere neeche jhukne me I don’t have any problems. Kunj sit on hi knees in front of twinkle. He bending down twinkle Itself get shocked he doing it never thought.Kunj rubbed his nose in front of twinkle feet’s.

She take steps in backwards.He raise his face and look at her.

Ho Sapno Ke Sheeshe Toote

Dukh Ki Daraar Se

Chah Ke Bhi Nikle Na Man Majhdhaar Se

Koi Bhi Na Bole Aur Koi Bhi Bulaaye Na

Phir Bhi Aawazein Sune Baadlo Ke Paar Se

Rus-Rus Ke, Rus-Rus Ke

Man Se Man Jaana Khud Hi Yaar Bina..

Saaiyaan Hud Main Ki Karaan..

Saaiyaan Jeena Ya Maraan..

Saaiyaan Rab Mujhse Khafa


Saaiyaan Hudd Main Ki Karaan..

Saiyaan Jeena Ya Maraan..

Saaiyan Rab Mujhse Khafa

Saaiyaan.(background song)

What happened why are you shocked I know twinkle you know I love him you just testing me but you don’t know me.I’ll do anything for him.This is very less if you wanted something more than also I’ll do it happily.I’m ready to do this in front of whole world.I don’t wanted to snatch him from you with hate just wanted to love him that’s it.He fold his hand I’m sorry twinkle.I know you can’t forgive me it’s not easy as well my mistake was very big.All I can say one word I’m Shamed on self.Kunj went from there with tears.Twinkle run inside crying lot. Fuzail Put ammar sleep. In morning twinkle come to fuzu room and see ammar cheeks it’s become red her finger printed too.she caress his face and kissed on his cheeks I’m sorry ammar what to do I didn’t understand anything that time mamma sorry.Twinkle touched ammar forehead and get shocked to see ammar he was burning in fever like hell.Ammar she again

Check.his whole body burning.Twinkle call rt and Leela come and see ammar they all doctor immediately doctor come and examined ammar.

Doctor:he is very weak give him meal on time and this medicine as well. He get unconscious due to over fever. He prescribe medicines fuzu went with doctor to leave him till gate he get ammar medicine twinkle sit beside him with sad face and tears falling down.

Twinkle: why this all happening to me only always babaji please.

Leela: what’s the need to slap him haa you know how sensitive he is..

Twinkle: this all happening because of kunj only.

Rt: whatever is it twinkle I didn’t like it yesterday what you made him do.It’s not good he just wanted to meet with ammar more our ammar attracting towards him.
Ammar open his eyes and look at everyone twinkle touch him he jerked her hand and get up went to Leela she didn’t say anything just went from there.Twinkle went to office while Leela and Rt handling ammar he didn’t do anything just laying down.Twinkle went in her cabin and see abeer.

Abeer:what happened are you okay na.

Twinkle:hmm.She get busy in work but her mind stuck on ammar.Later Yuvi and Kunj come and they all sit and get busy in

meeting while kunj didn’t look at twinkle once…

Abeer:half of the project work done.

Twinkle:just wishing this project finished soon so I get ride with some peoples Kunj look at her understand she was talking about him only.he keep quiet.Meeting get end twinkle needed file she went to kunj cabin and finding file.Her eyes went on desk there she see photo frame she take in her hand and see kunj and ammar photo both looking so cute in photo.She caress the photo and remember what kunj did he really incline in front of her just because of ammar. Kunj entered in cabin and see twinkle.

Kunj:what he snatch the frame from her hand.Now you can’t say this frame I can’t take it.

Twinkle:did I said anything.


Twinkle: good you just see ammar in this photos real me toh you can’t.

Kunj:at least stand on your words you tell me do this and I do it still didn’t let me meet with him what you’ll get twinkle haa nothing.

Twinkle:Listen kunj I don’t have any issues with you please spare us.She said and went from there. Kunj pa come to him tell him about his meeting in London.

Pa:sir I booked your tickets.

twinkle asking about ammar to Leela how he is.But Leela tell her that he is okay.
Kunj leave the office and went to meet with Aditi. He went to her sit beside Aditi and rest his head on daee jaa lap.

Daee jaa: kunj baba don’t worry everything will be fine.

Kunj:don’t know daee jaa what happening here this twinkle didn’t let me meet with my own son.

Aditi:kunj give her time. Where are you going??

Kunj: London.

Aditi:when you’ll come back.

Kunj:in2 days back.


Twinkle reached Taneja Mansion and she bring so many things for ammar toys and chocolates.She went in room and see ammar who covered himself in blanket fully. She sit beside him and touch him while ammar didn’t look at her.

Twinkle:ammar please look at me have something you didn’t eat anything from last night see you have to take your medicine too see mamma bring so many things for you.But no use of this all no ammar.Everyone try to make ammar happy but he was fine and his fever increasing.Twinkle bring food for him at night he deny his face become red.This Make twinkle worried about him.She bring cold water and cloth and putting wet cloth on his forehead.ammar please I’m sorry if you not take your medicine how you’ll get fine.

Ammar:dost 😭😭😭😭..

Leela:Twinkle let him meet with kunjj look at his condition.Ammar starter shivering

His lips shaking like anything he crying

And just blabbering Kunj name.

Fuzu:di what you wanted more.Can’t you see his condition.He check ammar level temperature it’s more anger Leela and Rt or fuzu went from there while twinkle keep thinking and looking at ammar feeling so bad.

Ammar: mamma dost😭😭😭. Twinkle take deep breath when she see ammar fever increasing she take her phone and call kunj. Kunj who was sitting in airport.
Kunj see twinkle phone and get shocked to see her phone at this time.

Twinkle:okay me bula ti hu..

Kunj:why she calling me..

Twinkle:why he didn’t pick up my calls. Kunj pick up her call. Hello kunjjj..

Kunj:Twinkle haa bol..

Twinkle:Kunj where are you.

Kunj: why it’s none of your business.

Twinkle:shut up damn it.See kunj wherever you are please just come to Taneja Mansion.ammar isn’t well.

Kunj:with concerned voice what happened to him haa. He is fine..

Twinkle:in crying voice kunj he isn’t fine. You come please please. He wanted you

Kunj:okay I’m coming.Kunj end the phone he didn’t think once just leave from airport.

Twinkle:ammar look at me see dost is coming.Twinkle covered him with warm clothes.Soon kunj reaches Taneja Mansion.He run upstairs entered in twinkle room and see twinkle.

Kunj:ammar in low voice.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Twinkle:kunjj… he went towards bed and see ammar. Who can’t open his eyes fully dizzying.

Kunj:what happened to him haa.

Twinkle:Kunj he have fever now didn’t taking his medicine even food too. Ammar open his eyes and see kunj.

Kunj:dostt😭😭.Kunj sit beside him ammar cuddles kunj tightly.Kunj see ammar his body burning like anything he look at twinkle.Yeh fever hai kya twinkle haa.Are you mad

Twinkle:you tell him na. Kunj cupped ammar face.

Kunj:see I’m here ammar don’t cry he wiped his tears and kissed on his forehead.Why you didn’t have your food and medicine too.ammar shivering fully.

Twinkle give good plate to kunj.Kunj tore

The morsel ammar deny to have.

Ammar: dost you’ll not leave me na.

Kunj:haa I’ll not leave you.First have your food than I’ll talk to you.He open his mouth.Kunj feed him food twinkle see this. Leela and Rt looking this from window and give smile.

Ammar:bas dost..

Kunj:acha Okay me bhi bas I’m too going.

Ammar:no no kaha ta hu na..

Kunj:good.Kunj feeding him he happily having tears drop from twinkle eyes with smile.Ammar finished his food. Good boy.

Now where is medicine.

Ammar: no medicine see I’m fine he try to stand up but can’t.

Kunj:I know how much you are fine. He look at twinkle asked her about medicine.


Twinkle:yes I’ll bring twinkle bring ammar medicine Give to kunj.Ammar look at medicine and making faces.He turned his face to other side.Kunj keep the medicine in side.

Kunj:ammar let’s watch football match haa.

Ammar:yes he switch on the tv.Both watching football match.

Kunj:ammar take this his mind full on lost in match.He open his mouth kunj put medicine in his mouth and make him drink water while ammar don’t know.Twinkle get surprised to see this.How nicely he give him medicine without knowing.Last cough Syrup is left. Ammar at least take this syrup. Ammar look at Kunj.

Ammar:is it tasty.

Kunj:very much first take it 😜.

Ammar:okay.Kunj give him cough syrup he making faces because it’s so bitter.Ugh dost chiii..

Kunj:bas hogaya😛.Ammar sit on kunj lap resting his head on his chest. Twinkle went out of the room and see Leela and Rt.


Leela:so finally you call him.

Twinkle:what to do MAA he didn’t left any other option I have to call him.

Leela:good see he take his medicine and food too.Okay take care of ammar they both went from there.Twinkle went in room back.See ammar sitting peacefully in kunj embrace.She too sit beside them.Ammar didn’t look at twinkle. Kunj see ammar feeling cold.

Kunj:you sleep now okay.he place him on bed and covered him.Patting on him. Now sleep okay.

Ammar:you don’t go okay.He cuddles kunj tightly.Kunj keep patting on him soon ammar doze off.Kunj see him he slept he kissed on his forehead.

Kunj:okay I’m going.

Twinkle:hmm thanks.He try to get up but ammar didn’t leave him holding him tightly.Kunj try to free himself from his grip.

Ammar:ahah😭😭. Dost. Kunj closed his eyes. Are you going haa na..

Kunj:no no.You sleep I’ll not go anywhere okay promise.Kunj check ammar fever again fever come.

Twinkle:this fever is not going.

Kunj:hmm.Don’t know why?? Even give him medicine too.Again ammar shivering horribly.Blabbering want papa papa.. twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.
Kunj putting wet cloth on his forehead. They both didn’t sleep.Twinkle rubbing ammar feet’s.At this time even doctor will not come.

Twinkle:now what to do..

Kunj:you should call me before if not than take him to hospital.

Twinkle:he didn’t ready to take his medicine.

Kunj:wait I’ll do something. Kunj get up.

Twinkle:where are you going haa.Don’t go if he wake up than.

Kunj:But how I stay here.

Twinkle:I’m saying you this stay for tonight just because of ammar.He is very zidhi jo chahiye woh chahiye Iss ko. Kunj smile.

Kunj:I know very persistent he is.Kunj sit again he lay down on sitting position next to ammar while twinkle too she caressing his hairs.Twinkle and Kunj keep checking his fever ammar wake up he feeling nauseated.What happened are you okay.

Ammar:woh..he about to puke.

Twinkle:wait. Kunj lift him they take him in washroom. Ammar doing vomiting he crying as well. See what you have done with yourself.


Kunj:bas bas. He wiped his face. And went in room back kunj drink him water.

Ammar:thandi lag rahi hai.

Kunj:still.Kunj removed his shirt and cuddles him tightly.He give him body heat.

Twinkle hold ammar hand. After sometimes later kunj see ammar is in normal temperature he wear his shirt. Again lay down beside him. Ammar holding both Kunj and twinkle hand while their hand resting on Amman Hand and in this position they sleep.

Next day in morning. Leela and Rt come in room to see ammar.They entered in room and see the scenario.Surprised both parents sleeping peacefully with ammar. Leela give smile.

Leela:see ji this hows we humans try but

Happened that only what god wanted. Who thought this one day they come together.We’ll see them like this.Don’t know what babaji decided for them I mean.Just wanted their happiness.

Rt: Leela if we think about our twinkle than its very difficult to forgive kunj but now ammar?

Leela:same.They went from there after twinkle wake up and look at ammar and kunj.She give smile and kissed on ammar forehead now fever is less.she didn’t wake up them and went in washroom get freshen up.Kunj too wake up twinkle see him.

Kunj:now he is fine.

Twinkle:hmm thanks..

Kunj:no need of thanks it’s favour for you but I did because it’s my duty whether you wanted or not.Okay bye take care of him.

He went down Leela and Rt see kunj going. Kunj left. After sometimes later twinkle went in room with breakfast ammar wake up and she give him bath.

Twinkle:okay mamma sorry. And you can meet with your dost too.


Twinkle:yes paka.Now have your breakfast. Twinkle feed him breakfast ammar call kunj he pick up his call. Call was on speaker.

Kunj: hi my boy..

Ammar:haa mr lambu😝😂.. Kunj didn’t said anything Arey dost today you didn’t said lambu hoga Tere baap.. twinkle look at ammar.

Kunj: hmm right lambu hoga Tere baap. Did you have your breakfast and medicine too.

Ammar:just having.

Kunj: good and take your medicine too don’t do any drama.

Ammar:haa I’m not drama king😛😛like my mamma. Kunj giggles out.

Kunj:yup. They end the calls. Leela and Rt or twinkle sitting in living room.

Twinkle: MAA.

Leela: I know what you wanted to say. Twinkle you see last night it’s very difficult to make ammar away from kunj. I don’t know about this ammar can’t stay without kunj when their connection become so strong.

Twinkle: same MAA what to do.

Rt: leave everything on good if ammar wanted to meet with kunj than let him.

Twinkle:don’t know.. ammar come to twinkle to take permission.

Ammar: mamma I’m going to meet with Romir okay.

Twinkle: okay come soon.. ammar went to Sarna Mansion. He entered usha see him and stop ammar.

Usha:stop there only don’t dare to come here. She held ammar hand about to push him but there kunj and yuvi come.kunj hold ammar hand. Usha shocked to see kunj.

Kunj:what did you said haa. You go ammar I’m coming Romir come and take him in kunj room. Tell me MAA.

Usha: he isn’t your son kunj you have to understand this.

Kunj: it’s my work okay. Don’t dare to do this again MAA it’s my house too my son will come here.

Yuvi: yes. He is your grand son.

Usha: he isn’t my..

Kunj: it’s okay he isn’t yours but he is my son.He went from there. Kunj went in his room and see ammar and Romir playing with pillows. Kunj went towards him. How’s you now he cupped his face and kissed on his cheeks.

Ammar:I’m good.

Yuvi:he come there what my bacha party wanted.

Ammar: ice cream.

Kunj:no you have fever no ice cream first get fine than I’ll bring ice cream for my ammar.

Ammar:okay dost.

Yuvi:kunj I’m going with Aditi due to bail.

Kunj: leave this we will see this later now you tell me what I’ll do. I wanted ammar and twinkle.

Yuvi: it’s not easy to get back Twinkle.

Kunj:whatever is it we are still husband and wife I have right on her..

Yuvi:she send him here that’s good.He went while kunj went in balcony and sit there doing his office work in laptop. Romir went doe mahi call him.Ammar went to kunj and sit on his lap.Didn’t let kunj do work his work playing with his hairs nose.Twinkle and Mehar come in balcony both sit and having coffee and see ammar and Kunj.

Mehar: so finally you allowed him.

Twinkle: hmm he didn’t left any other option for me. Just some more days I’m thinking to shifts back to london. Let kunj spend sometime with him than toh he can’t na Mehar get shocked by this.

Mehar:Twinkle don’t separate them

See how much ammar is happy even he wanted his papa give him.

Twinkle:i can’t it’s impossible Mehar.

Ammar:dost let’s play game.Kunj leave his work ammar blindfold Kunj he catching ammar both playing.Ammar running and laughing.Twinkle see this get so happy.

Kunj:where are you. Kunj about to catch ammar but maya come there. He held my hand.

Maya:kunjj.Kunj removed blindfold. And see maya.

Kunj: you maya.

Maya:yes me.Kunj jerk her hand went in room.Maya and ammar too.Kunj get rid of maya he went in washroom.Maya went from there.While ammar see wardrobe door was open he went to closed while he about to closed but something falls down ammar take out and get shocked to see😱.


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