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Bigg Boss – A Fan Fiction (Episode 1 Part 1)

This is purely a fictional FF where the concept is inspired from Bigg Boss. Hopefully you all will like it 😊.

Here is 1st part of the 1st Episode!


The bigg boss Take off ceremony starts. The Bigg Boss stage is shown.


The dancers enter the Bigg Boss stage.

Bigg Boss BGM plays and the audience keep shouting, whistling and clapping.

Then Ranveer Singh gives dashing entry. Audience Keep shouting Ranveer’s name.

Audience: (shouts) Ranveeeeeeer…… Ranveer! Ranveeeeeeer…… Ranveer! Ranveeeeeeer…… Ranveer! Ranveeeeeeer…… Ranveer!

Ranveer starts Dancing with the Other dancers.

After his dance everyone whistle and clap for him.

Ranveer singh: (bows down)

Audience: (claps , whistle and Shout Ranveer’s name)

Ranveer Singh:  Good evening ladies and gentle men….

Audience: (shouts) Whooooooop!

Ranveer: (smiles) good evening to you all….. I’m your host Ranveer Singh….And  Welcome to India’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss India!

The audience whistle and clap.

Ranveer singh: So ….. I just want so say few words about This season. Well it’s the general rules…. Audience who would’ve watched the previous season(s) hosted by Sallu bhai would know the rules well…..But this time there’re some changes. Of course there’re many changes… Even the Anchor is also changed now.

Audience: (laughs a bit)

Ranveer Singh: (smiles) I know it was a bad one. But yeah… I know I can never take Salman Bhai’s place but I will try my best to make the show hit! For this I need your support! Are you ready to support us?

Audience cheers loudly.

Ranveer: Thank you. Thank you. Hope you will give our contestants equal love too.

Audience: (whistle,claps and shouts)

Ranveer: Well coming to the rules, this season along with the host the rule is changed too. No, no I didn’t do anything.

Audience laughs.

Ranveer: Okay, coming to the rules, Bigg Boss can be more or less strict this time. Last time…..

Bigg Boss: (cuts ranveer in between) Ranveer, Ab Sirf Hindi Ranveer Ka Prayog Ki Jiye.

Ranveer: Hmm… Sorry Bigg Boss, Dhyaan Main Rakhunga.

Bigg Boss: Mazak Kar Raha Hoon. Now you can speak English in Bigg Boss now.

All gets surprised hearing Bigg Boss speaking in English.

Audience: (surprised) (claps,whistles and shouts after hearing Bigg Boss speaking in English)

Bigg Boss: This season contestants can speak in both Hindi and English. But they cannot speak in any other languages besides these two.

All cheers for Bigg Boss after hearing his English. Ranveer is confused.

Ranveer: Acha Bigg Boss Ko English Nahi Aata Tha Kya?

All laughs.

Ranveer: Anyways, coming to the rules now Bigg Boss has also permitted to speak in English. Another rule is this season contestants can cook and get only vegeterian food. They won’t be getting egg too. Some rules like waking up and dancing when a song plays in the morning and sleeping when lights are off are still the same. And yeah ….. The 18 contestants , who’re going to take part in this Bigg Boss don’t know each other … I mean it’s not like they haven’t met each other at all… but it’s like they won’t know who’s going to come to the Bigg Boss and stay with them in the House for 100 Days. Yeah…. 100 days. These 18 contestants will be staying in the Bigg Boss house for 100 days under the same room which’ll have 36 cameras to monitor their actions in the Bigg Boss house. Well….. before introduction of the contestants…. Let’s take a look at the Bigg Boss house. Shall we audience ?

Audience: (claps , whistle and Shouts) Yes!

Ranveer Singh: Great then. I’ll go inside the house and show you how it looks and yeah… you audience can see it for the screen (Points towards their left).

Bigg Boss BGM plays again. Everyone shout, clap and whistle.

Ranveer goes inside the Bigg Boss house.

Ranveer enter and sees the Bigg Boss house.

Ranveer: (Smiles) Waah….. Beautiful! So this is our Bigg Boss house. And this the the place where our 18 contestants are going to stay. So this is the garden area.

Ranveer singh: Nice…. (sees the swimming pool) Oh wow there’s also a swimming pool. Wow nice 😁. Seems like the contestants are going to have fun 😏😏. Hmm…. so let’s go to other places and see.

Ranveer goes to the kitchen.

Ranveer: So that’s the kitchen…… (sees the dining table) And yeah Dining table… (sits on one of the chair) this is the place where People discuss their point of views and most of the Fights take place in the Bigg Boss house … Not only in Bigg Boss house but in our houses too.

Ranveer gets up from the chair and then goes towards the bedroom.

Ranveer: Hmm….. so this is the place where our contestants will be living. hmm… fine. (Sees a door) and what’s that?

He opens the door and goes inside the confession room and sees.

After seeing it Ranveer comes out of the Bigg Boss house and comes back to the Stage again. Bigg Boss BGM plays again.

Ranveer: So audience…….. I hope you all liked the Bigg Boss house where our contestants are going to stay. And Coming to the theme of this season, This season’s theme is international. This means we would be having both desi and international contestants too.

Audience cheers.

Ranveer: Some of these contestants are NRI, and some are foreigners. Now I am going to introduce you to our first set of contestants and they are purely Desi.

Ranveer goes away and a dance performance is shown.

A couple in their middle ages are shown romancing. They dance on Yeh Hain Mohabbatein title song. They are none other than Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman(Karan Patel).

Audience cheers for them and Ishita and Raman continues their romantic dance.

After their dance, another younger couple is shown dancing. They dance on O Jaaana. They are Shivaay(Nakul Mehta) and Anika(Surbhi Chandna) from Ishqbaaaz.

Audience cheers for them too.

After the dance,

Ishita, Raman, Shivaay and Anika comes on stage to speak with Ranveer.

Ranveer: Audience you must be knowing them very well. This is Ishita and Raman from Yeh Hain Mohabbatein and this is Shivaay and Anika from Ishqbaaz. And they are our first set of contestants.

Shivaay: Ranveer, there is some misunderstanding.

Ranveer: What is it?

Ishita: We are not the contestants.

Ranveer: Kya! Kya! Kyaaaaaaaa! (repeated 3 times dramatic effect)

Audience are surprised too.

Ishita: You must be wondering where are the contestants?

Ranveer: (nods yes) yeah.

Raman: We have came to introduce the contestant. She is that person responsible for making Ishita and Raman known by all household of India.

Anika: Another contestant, she is the one who has made Shivaay and Anika won hearts of all the youth.

Ranveer: Who are they?

Shivaay: Look behind!

Ranveer looks.

Two ladies are shown. They are dancing with full josh.

They are Ekta Kapoor and Gul Khan.

1. Ekta Kapoor (Tv and movie producer, Balaji Telefilms )(Celebrity)

She is known to be the diva and queen of Indian TV. Famous for shows like Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kausauti Zindagi Ki, Bade Ache Lagte Hain and many shows. She has produced good bollywood movies like Ragini MMS and Ek Villain.

2.Gul Khan (Tv producer, 4 lions)(Celebrity)

A young, promising Tv producer who went out to create youth shows winning hearts of many youth. Her most famous show is Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Qubool Hai, Ishqbaaz and many other shows.

Meanwhile, Ekta is the queen of romance for couples in Hindi daily soaps, Gul is the queen of  nok jhoks for couples in Hindi Daily Soap.

Ishra and Shivika introduce Ekta and Gul. Audience is quiet.

Ranveer: Well whose show is better? Ekta or Gul?

Ekta: Well, everyone knows who is the diva of Indian Televison.

Ishita and Raman cheers for Ekta.

Gul: Well, you maybe the diva of Indian Television, I am the diva of World Television. My couples are loved worldiwde. And don’t forget this season theme is International.

Shivaay and Anika cheers for Gul.

Ranveer: Well who is better that will be seen once you both are in the house. I won’t hold you for long. You can go inside the house.

Ranveer shows the way. Ekta and Gul enters the show.

Ekta and Gul enters the house.

Ranveer: So we have got our first two contestants Ekta Kapoor and Gul Khan. Let’s see how they react after entering the house.

Inside the house,

Gul: Oh we are the first ones to be here.

Ekta: It’s a different feeling to be here from what I have seen on TV. Vikas told me a lot about it.

Ranveer: Well, now we will…

Just then Kapil Sharma comes in.

Ranveer: Hey Kapil!

Kapil: Ranveer, Kya Aap iss season ke host hai?

(Translation- Kapil: Ranveer, are you the host of this season ?)

Ranveer: Yes?

Kapil: Salman Khan kahaan hai? (Where is Salman Khan?)

Ranveer: The thing is…

Kapil: Oh okay. Mujhe pata hai ki Salman Khan is season ki hosting kyun nahin kar rahe hain.

(Translation-Kapil: I know why Salman Khan is not hosting this season.)

Ranveer: Why?

Kapil: Hume suna tha ki iss baar big boss international hone wala hai. Aur eh bhai suna tha ki Vedeshi log ajeeb si kapde pehente hain. Channel walon ne salman bhai Ko ajeeb ajeeb kapde pehenney ke liye bola tha. Aur Iski vajhey sey salman bhai ne iss baar show host Karne ke liye Manaa kardiya. Aur channel walon Ko Ek aisi Shakz ki Zaroorat thi jo ajeeb ajeeb kapde pehne. Aur unko keval ek insaan Ka khyal aya. That is you Ranveer Singh.

(Translation – Kapil: I heard that This time Bigg Boss is going to go international. And I even know that Foreign people wear weird costumes. The channel head wanted salman bhai to wear such clothes. After learning this Sallu Bhai stepped down from hosting This season. After salman bhai refused ,the channel head Had another person who can host the show as well as wear weird clothes and only one guy can do so. That is you Ranveer Singh.)

Ranveer: (rolls his eyes)

Audience laugh and start clapping.

Kapil: Ranveer, aap itane bade show ka host ban Gaye hain! ab toh Teek takh kapade pehen lijiye!

(Translation- Kapil: Ranveer, you have become the host of such a big show! Now wear proper clothes!)

All laughs.

Ranveer: Kapil, can you let me introduce the next contestant?

Kapil: Of course!

Ranveer: Next contestant is a commoner. And he is an international contestant. He is from Japan.

Kapil: Kabse Sumo wrestlers Bigg Boss me aane lagge hain?

(Translation- Kapil: From when Sumo wrestlers have come to Bigg Boss?)

Ranveer: Kapil, not all Japanese are Sumo wrestlers.  And our next contestant is half Indian and half Japanese.

Kapil claps his hand.

Kapil: Acha Dangal!

All laughs.

Ranveer: Our next contestant is Giaan Gajra Singh.

Kapil looks at Ranveer surprised.

Kapil: Kya bola Aapne?

(Translation- Kapil: What did you say?

Ranveer: Giaan Gajra Singh.

Kapil: Kaun Hai Voh Kachra Singh?

(Translation- Kapil: Who is that Garbage Singh?)

Ranveer: (rolls his eyes) Nevermind, Now we welcome Giaan Gajra Singh.

3. Giaan Gajra Singh(Singer)(Commoner)
Giaan Gajra Singh is an Half Indian and Half Japanese commoner. He aspires to be a playback singer.

Kapil: Naam Toh aise kehe rahe tey ki jaise voh Dara Singh ho! Issey toh Kachra singh hi suit kartha hai!

(Translation- Kapil: You were saying as if its Dara Singh! Beta  Garbage Singh name suits you!)

Giaan Gajra Singh enters the stage and laughs.

Ranveer: Hai, he looks so cute laughing.  Giaan say something about yourself?

Giaan: Here is my video.

Giaan’s video is shown. Some kids and teenagers are shown. Giaan enters angrily. All runs.

Giaan: I am a bully. I am strong and I am good by heart.

Giaan sings playing the harmonium.

Giaan: Sa Re Ga Ma… Do Re Mi Fa…

Giaan: My dream is to be a playback singer be it Japanese or Indian.

Giaan: I live with my parents and my younger Sister Jayashree.

Giaan: My mom is Japanese and My father is Indian.

Giaan: I love my mother a lot.

Giaan hugs his mother.

Giaan: I will shut everyone up in the house.

The video ends.

Kapil: You seemed quite naive from the video.

Giaan laughs.

Ranveer: Giaan say something about yourself.

Giaan: I love singing.

Ranveer: Really? Sing.

Giaan closes his eyes and sings Ek Hasina Thi. Kapil and Ranveer covers their ears as its pathetic.

Ranveer: Okay okay enough.

Kapil: (to ranveer)(whispers) Yeh Gaa raha tha ya kisi chunaav keliya vote maangraha that? Vote karo Vote karo!

(Translation- Kapil: (to ranveer)(whispers)  This was singing or some chants going for election. Vote for me. Vote for me.)

Giaan: Did you say something Kapil Kun?

Kapil: Ah no?

Giaan: I request audience to give me a lot of votes. I will provide entertainment for free.

Kapil gives that seriously and who are you look to Giaan.

Ranveer: Well our next contetant is…

As Ranveer reads the card he is surprised.

Ranveer: Kapil you!!

Kapil: (smiles widely) Eeeee…. How was the surprise!

Ranveer: Audience our 4th contestant is Kapil Sharma and I am not joking this time. Really!

Kapil: Now should I show my suitcases also?

Audience laughs.

Kapil: Ab Se Mujhe Bigg Boss Ke Baath Suna Padega.

Ranveer: Kapil is our 4th contestant. Giaan and Kapil you both can go inside the house now.

4. Kapil Sharma (Comedian)(Celebrity)

Kapil Sharma is an Indian Comedian. His famous shows are Comedy Cirus, Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show. He has also done Bollywood movies- Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karo and Firangi.

Kapil: Let’s go.

Kapil and Giaan goes.
In the house,
Ekta and Gul hears the noise of the door opening.

Gul: Someone has come in.

Ekta: That is Kapil!

Ekta and Gul comes to Kapil and Giaan.

Kapil hugs Ekta and Gul.

Kapil: This is Giaan. Another contestant. He is from Japan.

Ekta and Gul handshakes with Giaan.

Ekta: Ekta Kapoor. Tv producer

Giaan: Giaan Gajra Singh. Singer

Gul: Gul Khan. Tv producer

Giaan: Giaan Gajra Singh. Singer.

Ekta: Oh really? You sing also?

Giaan: Yes

Ekta: Do you know Hindi?

Giaan: My dad is an Indian.

Gul: Interesting.

Kapil: Giaan Paji is Yoyo Honey Singh your relative?

Giaan: Yes.

Gul: Oh really?
Ranveer: Four contestants are already in the house. Let us add more inside the house. Now we would be having a romantic performance here of two contestants. Enjoy.

Ranveer gets away. The stage is changed into a romantic atmosphere.

A guy and  a lady is dancing on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

5. Avni Mehta (Tv actress) (Celebrity)
Avni is an Indian Tv actress and she is a celebrity. She has rose to fame with Naamkaran and became a household name.

6. Neil Khanna (Tv actor) (Celebrity)
Neil is a Indian Tv actor and he is a calebrity. He has rose to fame with Tashan-E-Ishq and Naamkaran.

He has been paired with Avni in their previous show.

As Neil is about to come closer to Avni, a guy stops them.

Guy: Ruk jaao!! Kuch Toh Garbad Hai Daya!

That guy is ACP Pradyuman.

ACP dances with Neil and Avni as the music changes to Dabaang.  Neil follows ACP’s stepThe performance ends. All claps.

Ranveer: What a hot performance with an interference. Well you must be wondering who he is.

Ranveer: He is our 7th contestant, ACP Pradyuman. He is a commoner.

7. ACP Pradyuman (CID officer) (Commoner)

ACP Pradyuman is the head of CID. And he has been solving over 1000 of cases in the last 22 years with 100% sucess rate. He is an Indian commoner.

Ranveer: Lets see ACP’s video.

A police force is shown, CID music plays. ACP is standing infront with his team.

ACP: I am ACP Pradyuman and this is my team. My two most trusted assistants, Inspector Abhijeet and Inspector Daya.

ACP: We have solved over 1000 of cases in 22 years.

All claps and salutes to ACP.

ACP: If I doubt something, it turns to be right because I doubt. No criminal can escape from me. I will show the place of the right and wrong.

The video ends.

Ranveer: ACP sir first of all salute to you for solving so many cases.

All cheers for ACP.

Ranveer: What strategy do you have in this house?

ACP: Play fair. And if I have doubt on anyone, I will make sure they get punishment.

Neil: Well by the way, when I was in Iran I was a police officer.

Ranveer: Is it?

Neil: It is not easy to even solve a case but ACP sir I salute you for solving many cases.

Avni: Neil you never told me that you were a police officer?

Ranveer: Oh no Neil, what have you done?

All laughs.

ACP: I like this boy. He seems to have strong opinions.

Neil: Thank you.

Ranveer: Avni and Neil I heard a lot about your chemistry. But you need to prove it to me.

Ranveer: We will have a task. ACP will say dialogues and Avni and Neil will romance on it.

All laughs including Avni and Neil.

Ranveer: Begin.

Avni and Neil romances.

ACP: Avni…

Neil holds Avni’s hand.

ACP: Kuch Toh Garbar Hai.

Neil and Avni looks at ACP surprised. All laughs.

Ranveer: Okay again!

They do the same.

ACP: Neil..

Avni holds Neil’s hand.

ACP: Give Phasi to my criminal.

Avneil continue romancing

ACP: Don’t worry Avni, Aap Tumhe Phaasi Hoga.

Ranveer starts lauging. Avni hits Neil.

Ranveer: Well Avni and Neil you two have a good chemistry. But..(starts laughing)

Ranveer: ACP Se Dhur Rehna.

All laughs.

Ranveer: Anyways it’s time for you three to enter the house.

Avni, Neil and ACP enters the house.
Inside the house,

Gul comes and hugs Neil.

Gul: My Mohit!

Neil smiles.

ACP: Mohit? Isn’t he Neil?

Avni: His character in his previous show was Mohit. Gul Mam was the producer of this show.

ACP: Oh!

Giaan comes to Avni and ACP  and handshakes with him.

Giaan: Giaan Gajra Singh.

Avni: Avni Mehta.

ACP: ACP Pradyuman

Giaan: Giaan Gajra Singh, Singer.

Ekta taps Avni.

Ekta: Weren’t you the one who quit one of my shows?

Avni is silent.

Kapil comes there.

Kapil: ACP I heard a lot about you.

Kapil takes blessings from ACP.

ACP: It’s okay. Don’t do that you are such a big celebrity.

Kapil: What you are doing sir, you are a bigger celebrity! Salute to you!


Ranveer: Now we can see love and love from all our contestants. Well things seem to start heating up from Ekta and Avni’s conversation. Now we should add more contestants.

Ranveer: Next contestant is…

A video is shown.

Raaes music plays. A tall good looking guy is shown. He shows his face.

Guy: Hello, I am Shravan Malhotra and I am a lawyer by profession.

Shravan walks.

Shravan: My height is 6 foot 4 inch and Sasti Cheeze Ka Shaukh Nahi Mujhe.

Shravan: I don’t like fake people and I don’t like to show off. I am coming to this show to prove a point. If not I hate these reality shows.

Ranveer: Let’s welcome our 8th contestant, Shravan Malhotra.

Shravan comes to the stage.

8. Shravan Malhotra (Lawyer) (Commoner)

Shravan is a lawyer by profession and his height is 6 foot 4 inch. He is an Indian commoner and he states that he doesnt like fake people and is in the show to prove a point.

Ranveer: Vakil Babu!

Shravan smiles.

Ranveer: Just now an ACP officer entered the house, now a lawyer entered the house.

Shravan: I heard there are some fake contestants every season.

Ranveer: Well…

Shravan: My job will be to expose all these fake contestants. I can easily expose people.

Ranveer: Then you are going to get along with ACP?

Shravan: He seems to be interesting from what you say.

Ranveer: What strategy are you going to adapt in the house? Have you thought of anything?

Shravan: Right now, none. I have to see how the contestants are.

Ranveer: Well, let’s fulfill your wish then. Let’s call our next contestant.Here he is.

A guy starts dancing on Mere Hai Jalwa. He is Parth Samthaan.

9. Parth Samthaan (TV Actor) (Celebrity)

Parth is a young Indian Tv actor and his famous shows are Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan among the youths and Kausautii Zindagi Kii.

Parth comes to the stage.

Ranveer: Welcome to the show Parth.

Parth: Thanks.

Ranveer: Well, have you thought of anything?

Parth: My friend and Tv producer of my show Ekta is there.

Ranveer: Oh yes she already went inside the house!

Parth: Really?

Ranveer: No, no I am joking.

All laughs.

Parth: She is already inside.

Ranveer: Well Parth you are not going inside the house alone. You are going with another contestant. Shravan come back to the stage.

Shravan comes back to the stage.

Ranveer: He is a commoner and he is lawyer. Take good care of him.

All laughs. Shravan and Parth also laughs.

Parth: Hi. I am Parth.

Shravan: Shravan Malhotra here.

They handshake with each other.

Ranveer: Parth, Shravan say he doesnt like fake people and Isse Saasti Cheeze ka Shaukh Nahi Hai.

Parth: Well, I also prefer brands. All my clothes are branded.

All laughs. Shravan silently laughs.

Parth: I like him. (Pointing to Shravan)

Ranveer: Areh wah! Shravan?

Shravan: It’s too early to say. (Laughing a bit) He seems to be polite. That’s good.

Ranveer: Okay Parth and Shravan its time for you to enter the house. You both can go in now.

Parth and Shravan enters the house.

Kapil: Someone is here.

Everyone gathers. As Parth and Shravan comes in Ekta hugs Parth. Giaan introduces himself.

Giaan: Myself Giaan Gajra Singh.

Parth: Parth Samthaan.

Shravan: Shravan Malhotra. I am a lawyer.

Giaan: Giaan Gajra Singh.  I am a singer.

Gul comes to Shravan.

Gul: I have seen you somewhere.

Shravan: Really?

Gul: Your name is Adil right!

Shravan: My name is Shravan Malhotra

Gul: Oh okay. My name is Gul Khan…

Kapil: And I am not a terrorist.

Gul and Shravan laughs.

Ekta: Gul.. are you mocking me?

Gul: What do you mean?

Ekta: Just because I asked Avni I know her, don’t force people to know you.

Gul: It’s my wish what I want to say. What’s your problem with that?

Avni: Miss Ekta, even you hugged Parth right. So you meant by mocking Gul Jii.

Ekta: I am not talking to you Avni so don’t bother.

Avni: I am not interested to talk to you either.

Shravan: I heard there is an ACP. Where is he?

ACP: Here I am.

Shravan: I heard a lot about you from Ranveer sir!

ACP: Really? What do you do Shravan?

Shravan: I am a lawyer.

ACP: That’s good.

Shravan: Ranveer was saying we will get along.

Neil is talking to Giaan and Kapil.

Neil: Yeh Wakil Babu Jo Aaya Hai? Voh Thoda Alag Nahi Lag Raha?

Kapil: Alag? Kaise?

Neil: He looks like that that thing with a sharp nose.

Giaan: What is it?

Neil: Yes a fox!

Giaan: No, no Neil Kun. he doesn’t look like a fox. My friend Suneo looks like a fox.

Neil: But he does look like Fox Gajra Singh bhai.

Kapil: Giaan Jii he meant that fox has in cunning. Shravan is very cunning. This is what Neil is trying to say.

Shravan overhears this.

ACP: Shravan Kuch Samjha?

Shravan: Kya?

ACP: Iska Matlaab Neil Tumhe Chalak Keh Raha Hai?

Shravan: Isme Fark Kya Hai?

Avni walks there.

Shravan: Excuse me?

Avni: Yes?

Shravan: You look familar to me?

Avni: Me?

Shravan: Yeah! You look like my Sister in law.

Avni: Are you trying to mock me for that Ekta and Gul Jii Incident?

Shravan: What?

Kapil: Avni Jii why are you getting mad at him? He just came here.

Avni: So..

Avni goes away.

Giaan: UmHmm…..She seems to have some attitude.

Back to stage,

Ranveer: Its just half of the contestants in the house, and things have really heated up in the house. Yes this is just half of them. Let me introduce to the other half. But before that let’s take a short commercial break on Nippon paints presents “Bigg Boss”.

Ranveer goes in, Audience shout as usual. Bigg Boss BGM plays.

*****part 1 ends*****

Authors’ note: Hey all! It’s me Ayesha (A.k.a Sai) and Jo. We’re writing this FF together. We hope you all enjoyed reading the episode. And yeah we’ll be updating the next episode in 2 to 3 weeks. And please do vote and leave your comments and feedbacks in the comment section.

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