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Bigg Boss 12 17th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv expeled

Bigg Boss 12 17th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. He says there were fights this week like Megha raising slipper on Deepak, Romil and Surbhi’s separation, then Shiv denying captain and Bigg Boss. Salman says Deepak, Sree, Dipika, Sristy, Shiv, Rohit, and Jasleen are nominated. Salman says we gave them a task to tell who is playing dirtiest.

In house, KV says Sree is playing dirty because he didnt pecify Shiv. Sree says I am not going. KV says this stubbornnes is wrong. Sree says ****. KV says I can curse too. Deepak says Sree is playing dirty, he makes relations to move ahead in game. Sree says I am not coming forward. Deepak says someone will take my name too. Sree says who are you? Sree says I am Sreesanth. Sree says I am not playing this bullshit. Jasleen says Sree gave pump

to Shiv yesterday, Sree did a mistake but I want to take Deepak’s name. Deepak says then take it directly, dont be a politician. Dipika takes Deepak’s name as he cant be trusted, he plays mind games. Deepak stands near a board, Dipika and Jasleen throws balls at him. Sristy takes Jasleen’s name as she wants to keep everyone happy. Surbhi says Jasleen support people who have majority. Surbhi throws ball at her. Romil takes Dipika’s name for being fake. Dipika says if I am acting for 9 days then I should get an oscar. Sree takes off his shirt, Surbhi says oh my God. KV throws ball at him. Deepak throws ball at his shoulder. Sree says I want to take my name so Shiv throw ball at me. Deepak says he is accepting himself.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman Khan greets the contestants in his signature style and decides to play a prank on them. Salman tells them that another demonetisation has taken place , where Rs 2,000 notes have become invalid. All inmates say that their money lost. Salman says Sree must have hidden money about which nobody knows. He adds that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas has gotten married. All inmates are surprised. Salman lies that colors is facing troubles, you must know that all tasks are money related, prize money is getting less, channel is not being able to support the show thats why we all have to compromise, my money got cut too, your money will get cut too. All inmates are surprised and shocked. Salman says to KV that Teejay have written a letter which says that I humiliate you, she thinks that Colors, Bigg Boss and I have problem against you. KV is confused. Salman says we didnt want to give importance but we know you from before. KV says Teejay wrote that? Salman says yes she wrote that KV has earned respect in industry but we have some animosity against you and I insult you especially on weekends. KV says I always like you joking. Surbhi says he always say you joke very nicely. Karanvir assures him that he always thinks good about the host and apologises on behalf of his wife. Salman says its not on you but if you think I should discontinue joking then I wont. KV says I apologize on Teejay’s behalf. Salman says all have lost weight except one. Jasleen raises her hand. Salman says how this happened? Puneet lost 30kgs and Jasleen gained weight? Jasleen reveals that she loves potatoes and parathas, and that is reason behind her weight gain. Salman says show that you will lose weight otherwise people will blame us, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that why you people think that what Deepak did for Somi was love and what Dipika did for Megha was fake? Salman questions Romil. Romil says she fakes a lot, Dipika and Megha doesnt have much interaction unlike Deepak and Somi. Salman says if someone is asking for it and she gave it then whats wrong? if you keep finding bad in good deed then its wrong, even if she did it for show then whats wrong? Dipika says even if I did it to get support then whats wrong? crucial time is coming ahead then whats wrong in getting support? If I did it to get great woman’s tag then what you did for Somi was for getting that tag too? Megha says they think we dont have repo, Dipika and I have good relation. Salman says they are like sisters, all laugh. Salman says Sristy and Jasleen couldnt reach a point, atleast understand whom audience want to see. Sristy pouts. Salman says to Sree that you said you would save anyone but not Dipika? Sreesanth reveals that he would not save Dipika from nominations as she already has a huge fan following, Dipika laughs. Salman says this is siblings game. All laugh. Salman says Sree’s logic is good, she is tough competition. Sree says I saved Surbhi for that reason. Salman says you think you are very strong than Surbhi, I have fans so they will save you. Sree says it happened at Anup’s time so I saved Surbhi. Salman says Anup is gone.. I mean he is in world but not in house anymore. Jasleen says he is with me? Salman says yes. Salman says why they always choose Sree for jail? Sreesanth reveals that he feels like everyone thinks of him as selfish, especially Karanvir. Salman says I am not confronting KV, I dont want to go there. KV is tensed. Sree says after KV, Deepak took my name and then I took my name too. Salman asks KV why you took Sree’s name for washing dishes? KV says I asked inmates and 4 voted for Sree and 2 voted for Romil, it was not personal. Salman says final decision was yours, Megha was telling you to not take Sree’s name, you ignored it. KV says I was confused between Romil and Sree. Megha says Romil’s close friends saved him. Somi says we didnt. Megha says Romil breaks most rules, he gets saved from all punishments. Salman asks Romil to teach him that. Surbhi says KV and Sree have cold war, we all know Romil deserved it, we didnt vote for Romil or Sree because of our relations but captain should have taken right decision. Sreesanth mentions that though he was initially angered by Karanvir’s decision, I was emotional too, it was so sweet of KV when he got to know the reason why I didnt want to wash dishes, he was one of the first housemates to hug him and say sorry so I am fine with it. Salman says what happened with you has happened with me many times, forget it, fight it as a man. Salman says we have to agree that Sree did the dish washing tasks very nicely. Salman asks Megha why she wanted to wash dishes? you should have gotten best supporting actress, you know the rules then why you did it? Megha says I was just helping Sree out. Sristy says Megha wanted to be shown in task so she did it. Megha says I know ways to be seen, Deepak was saying that I am buttering up, I dont need all that. Salman says Deepak has sling on for many days to get sympathy. All laugh. Salman asks Sree why he choose Romil to become contender? Sreesanth reveals that he wanted to deal with Romil because he thought that the latter may agree to him to make Shiv contender. Salman says to Dipika it looked like you gave up after you were murdered. Salman ends call.

In house, KV says to camera that why Teejay would do that? we have such nice relation with Salman’s family. He tears up while requesting for just a chance to talk to his wife.

On stage, Salman connects call and says its time for caller of the week. The caller of the week questions the stance of Surbhi relationship with Romil. He also asks her that even though she founded the Happy Club, she seems to be the unhappiest, Deepak and Somi doesnt care much, will you remain separate from them? Surbhi replies that nothing stays the same and she is an emotional human being, there are changes in relationships, problems happen, I am not faking here. Caller says you look weak infront of them, Surbhi says I will be above relations now. Caller says I want to tell something to Romil. Salman says we wont let you tell that. Surbhi says you dont praise me Salman. Salman says we called you devi, all laugh.
Salman says to Jasleen that you have many questions and its time for you to get answers, go to special room.

Jasleen comes to special room, Anup is there. Jasleen hugs him. Anup says you are playing very nicely. Jasleen says mom and dad are fine? Anup says they were angry but I have told them that we are just student and teacher. Salman connects call. Salman says there is one truth and one lie, lets clear that. Jasleen says nothing matters, we are together, she holds Anup’s hand. Salman says when you both came to show, you said you are in relationship with each other. Anup says yes, we were going as student and teacher but Jasleen said to go as partners. nup says that he never had feelings for her. She believes that they have a connect, I dont know if he is thinking about parents. Salman says Anup is saying all this because of a reason. Anup says you know my wife Megha, I cant give my heart to anyone after that, I have told her parents too that we have nothing else in house. Salman asks Jasleen to clear things outside house.
Jasleen goes in house and says we didnt talk about that topic on air.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says to Romil and Shiv that the way conference task started, it was wrong. KV says they were all jumping for remote, they broke the remote. Somi says we were all there. Jasleen says we didnt press any button. Salman says it was badly done, it had to be cancelled. Salman says you people break rules and tasks end like that. Salman says then jail task was badly done. Salman says to Shiv that why did you come here? Shiv says its an experience for me. Salman says did Bigg Boss call you or you came here? he says Sourabh called. Shiv says I am here for an experience. Salman says what example are you setting? why did you say no to go to jail? Shiv says some people have done more mistakes and they were ready to go. Shiv says I am sorry for inmates bearing for my mistake. Salman says you are late, we told you that all inmates would be in trouble, you didnt change your attitude. Shiv says I didnt think they would get nominated. Salman says you thought nobody can do anything against you, you did irresponsible act and following Sree’s steps but Sree knows where his limits are, he backs out on time, he denies but goes to jail in end. You did not take responsibility so you have to bear the punisment now. Salman says SHIV IS BEING EXPELED FROM SHOW. Salman says it has nothing to do with nominations, you lost the opportunity. Shiv says I am sorry and I take responsibility. Salman ends call.

In house, Shiv hugs everyone. Shiv says sorry for nominating inmates, he says lovely experience. Sree says to camera that I am in this show for Shiv, please dont do it. Rohit hugs Shiv and laughs with him. Shiv says that is done. Shiv hugs Sree on door. Jasleen cries for him. She kisses his cheek. Shiv says take care, he says I have been waiting to go out, he leaves. Sree cries. Sristy says I am happy for him, he is happy to go.

Sree cries. Dipika says its okay, you know Shiv would want you to be here till last week, you have to do it for your family and for Shiv, you know he was wrong yesterday.
Romil says to Somi that I took decision and it was right but now I believe that Shiv went because of me. Somi says he behaved like that and proved your decision was right.
Sree says to Sristy that Shiv didnt deserve to go, he was not bad in week. Dipika says he was going against Bigg Boss.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Shiv has been expeled. Salman says only three people were expeled like this before. Salman says whoever thinks that its good that Shiv, whoever is happy for Shiv, I want to tell that this is a disgraceful position, it is a bad way to go out and I hate to be in this position. Salman warns the housemates to follow the rules of the house. The contestants silently listen and agree. Salman says if you think captain is wrong then argue, become difficult for him but you cant go against contract, you all know the rules. Salman says when we were telling Shiv the rules, he was yawning, Salman ends call.

Farah Khan enters house. She hugs everyone. Farah say I hear Surbhi from my home when she shouts. Farah says to inmates that whenever Sreesanth gets angry, no one should stop him as she is curious about his next move. Farah calls Deepak and Somi, she asks them to enact Kajol and Shahrukh from Gerua. Deepak follows steps but Somi is reluctant.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Farah puts tape on Sree’s mouth for his anger. She pours
Romil and Sristy enacts Sree and Dipika in task. Romil asks if you like your husband or brother? Sristy acting like Dipika says husband is in my heart and brother is for money.
Later Dipika shouts at Romil how dare you bring my husband and compare it calling saiyan and bhaiyan? He is my husband and my life, who are you people to comment?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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