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“Anika sirf MERI biwi hai” TS by Moon – Shot 2

My eyes soon feel over the Magazine which had Shivaay’s photo… the book was wet and it was below a woman’s hand… I hid my face with a shawl, so that nobody could recognize me…. The bus was moving quite slowly and I could feel the cold and white fog everywhere around… it touched me and nourished me with iciness… it was only 10 km more to reach my destination, far from OM.. I again gazed that Magazine which had the current topic prevailing everywhere…  I was on top of the bus covering myself with the shawl, the only coverage I had…. I couldn’t pack my entire stuff as I saw Shivaay nearing the door before leaving… I somehow managed to get out from OM without getting captured by anyone…By now, everyone would have known that I’m not in room!… Shivaay will be searching for me..but, I can’t go back.. I cannot hurt him anymore…

I still remember how he relaxed me with love and care…  but nothing can change what happened.. I.. I cannot stop myself from crying!.. I’ve seen everyone crying either in their room or behind any pillar! Gauri and Om always tried to make me feel crowded but it goes in vain… I’ve seen love in Shivaay’s eyes but I don’t deserve it anymore… he doesn’t has to live with this cursed life of mine….


On the 10th knock over the door, Anika opened it with a cry-dried face.. a sudden shock crept over Omru who was standing there with her food but soon they wiped of their sorrows and managed to fix a smile over it…

“ hey bhabhi!.. why didn’t you come for dinner? So we brought here!.. come come come…… “ rudhr entered the room and sat over the bed as well Om did..

“waise bhabhi, you know what we’ve brought for you? Your favourite Aloo-puri!!…. have it na.. “ Om grabbed Anika’s hand and made her sit over the bed… Anika could never resist her devars… Omru were her best friends more than their relation…Omru had helped Anika to win Shivaay’s love and on her every hardships, they were there…Rudhr filled the puri and raised it to feed her but Anika didn’t wish to eat..

“eat na bhabhi… “ Rudhr made puppy faces for which Anika was melting… she opened her mouth and ate it giving merry to both… with the first bite itself, she understood that it was Shivaay’s recipe… tear filled in trio’s eyes..
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“now my turn.. “ Om said and grabbed the plate from Rudhr… before Om could feed her, she placed her hand over his and nodded a ‘NO’…

“ bhabhi please…. Don’t punish yourselves.. “ Om had a pitiful face while Rudhr started shedding tears..

“this is what I am.. and what I’m gonna be.. “


“ Anika, don’t do this to me please….. “ Shivaay moved forward with tear-filled eyes but Anika stepped back as always…

“ get away Shivaay…go! Please…. “ Anika lowered her voice stopping him from nearing her..

“Anika, I’m with you.. you don’t have to do this.. you’re not alone.. “ Shivaay pleaded her but Anika was not at all ready to give him ears..

“ leave me alone… I don’t deserve your love! I don’t want to deserve it.. “ she turned back and was about to go but Shivaay held her hand dropping the one last tear in his eyes..

“ please don’t punish me Anika… I can’t bear it… please…. “ he couldn’t hide his helplessness from her..

“ I’m..I’m done Shivaay!.. I’m done with everything… now I don’t want to be a burden for anyone, I..I just need to go! Leave me please…… “ she said still keeping her face opposite to him…

“I can’t let you go.. “ he hardened his voice..

“ why? Why can’t you? Who am I to you? “ she harshed the line.. Shivaay twisted her hand and made her turn back resulting to land over his chest.. her eyes clearly showed her will to leave but Shivaay’s clutch were too strong to be released..

“you know, who you are to me! “ Shivaay bolded his voice while Anika looked straight into his eyes.. Anika’s will slowly turned to emotions..

“ there was a time when I wanted to know who am I to you, your friend? Your wife? Your well wisher? Your supporter? I didn’t know! And you never answered! And now,  I don’t want to know.. I…I ca..can’t make myself fall… “ she looked into his eyes without a shut and finally broke into tears… Shivaay couldn’t handle her cry and loosed his grip… she sniffed hard and again looked into his deep oceanic eyes..

“ Let me go Shivaay…. You don’t have to live with me.. you’ve..you’ve a long life still vast out there… Go! And enjoy… you don’t have to waste your time for this….this inauspicious, illiterate, disheveled, middle class girl named Anika! “

Shivaay couldn’t hide his anger and pinned her over the wall behind fully enraged for which Anika was completely shocked!..

“ you have NO right to bad-mouth MY ANIKA…. Meri Anika kya hai, kaisa hai, aur kis tharah ki ladki hai yeh mai janthi hoon… kisi aur ki baathei sunne ki koi zaroorath nehi hai mujhe… “ Shivaay sharpened his voice just as a knife looking steep inside her eyes… he could witness fresh tears growing inside her eyes making blood to ooze out from his heart… he took his hands back with emotion filled eyes..

“ I..I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. I… I can’t let you go neither can I watch you drowning…. “ he looked down dropping tears down right from his blue eyes..

Anika could bear everything but not this…. Not tears in Her Shivaay’s eyes!..she slowly raised her hands to hold him but she couldn’t.. she never wanted to touch him after THAT!.. he held her hand and could feel the weakness of it.. her hands were slim and weak due to weariness and skeleton..

“ Anika please….please come back… for me please…. I can’t see you dying before me.. just can’t.. “ he looked straight into her eyes and said with equal love and care he HAD..

“ Shivaay…. I will do anything for you.. anything.. but… I will NOT.. I can’t spoil your life… you’ll loose your life Shivaay.. your passion, your business, your fame, your dignity, Oberoi Khandhan ki izzad.. sab kuch barbaad ho jayega.. puri duniyaa aap par hasega.. wherever you go, people will mock you.. just becoz that I’m your….

“ wife… “ he completed..

“ I don’t care Anika… I really don’t care about anything.. I don’t care what the world talks about me and what they have to say but what counts for me is you… you balance me Anika…. You are for whom I am living.. “


Those lines echoed inside her ears and make hot drops to fall from her dried eyes..

“ bitiya thum ro rahe ho ka? “ asked an old lady witness tears falling over her hand…. Anika soon wiped her tears…

“n..nehi dadi ji… “ Anika hid her face from everyone pulling over her duppatta.. she slowly took that magazine and hugged it tight as ever…

“kiska bhoto hai bitiya? “ lady pulled out that magazine and saw Shivaay’s picture pasted subtitled with the hottest news that prevailed everywhere..

“ Achha yeh tho Sivaay Singh Aberai hai.. “ said another lady..

“ hhha.. inka tho ek dum masth kahani hai.. pehle inhone ek ladki se shaadi ki aur puri duniya se kehthi rahi ki voh shaadi ka koi matlab nehi hai… aur ab jab us ladki ka koi haadhsa hua, tho yeh us ladki ko chhod hi nehi rahi hai….. Arrey abhi tho ek achha mouka hai us ladki se chutkara pane ka… yeh bandha paagal hai warna kaun ek biwi ko apna paas rakhega jo……………………………. “

A sudden break made Anika’s duppatta to fall back just to make others see how much red her eyes have become… Tars were dripping down her cheeks continuously and her lips got twitched..

“ Arrey yehi tho voh ladki hai jisse…….

“ MAINE SHAADI KIYA HAI…. “ Shivaay voice made Anika shock to the core.. she saw him getting down the car with dark redded eyes…

“ Shi….vaaa…yy “ her throat cracked…


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So, WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY Anika is going away from Shivaay?

What happened btn them? What’s the mater? How Shivaay will react to Anika’s disappearance?

Will he comes back to his SSO mode?

Stay tuned to know more….

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