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Choti Sardarni 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab tries to talk to Manav

Choti Sardarni 17th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Robbie welcomes vikram’s family. Param says mama para are here. Harleen says here comes couple of the century. Manav says i change the tiara, Meher didn’t wear mine. Everyone wishes Meher and Sarab. Param says papa go on your knees. Sarab goes on knees to wish Mehere. Harleen says God keep you both always happy. Harleen looks at Aditi and says Sarab you said this tiara is one of its kind. But Aditi is wearing the same tiara. Where did you get it from? Vikram says Guddi you look so good. Both pieces of my heart are wearing same tiara.

Sarab recalls when they opened it was a green tiara. Sarab called and got it changed. Aditi says Vicky bouqet? He says forgot in car. Aditi says let me get them.

Sarab sits with aditi what is the reason? Why is vikram behaving like this? She says it feels like he loved me before the wedding and now he doesn’t know me. Aditi says I don’t understand what mistake did I do? Manav says what was my mistake? I can’t have or lose you? Meher says it’s neither yours not mine mistake. It’s fate. You have a separate life and so do I. You face your mom dad and aditi. I have sarab and kids. Do any of them have a mistake in all this? No. It’s better if yo understand this soon. This was destined. Will changing tiara change circumstances? This is our present and future. Aditi for you and Sarab for me. You were always mature one. Why do I have to make you understand? He says heart doesn’t understand circumstances. If I am not yours I’ll never be anyone’s, I can’t hide it from Aditi.

Aditi says I don’t know what is he hiding. He didn’t even call me. Didn’t say a word. Sarab says I’ll speak to Vikram. Manav says your smile is so fake. You still love me only. Meher says no. That’s a false hope. People have to move. There are lowest points in life where everything is shattered but then god gives us new hope and new life and we should respect that. You should be grateful for your new life. Please understand. Meher says ask your heart if I am right or wrong.

Sarab comes to Vikram. He says Mr Dewan take care of my sister. Vikram stands next to Aditi for a picture by reporters. Param says Aditi bua Meher mama someone is waiting. He takes them. Sarab gives a drink to Manav. He says it’s your favorite. I have to speak to you. Sarab says can’t you see what everyone is? He says people can’t see what I can. Sarab says you can’t understand when someone of your own goes away from you and comes back to you after years. Vikram says don’t tell me my story. Sarab says what?

Aditi plays with Karan. She says wanna meet Vikram uncle? she says Vikram doesn’t like kids but he loves Karan. Param let’s take him downstairs he will play with Karan uncle. Meher says he won’t go. His immunity is low. Aditi says oh yes. Meher says Sarab was telling me something is not right. I am your friend as well. Tell me what it is.

Sarab says I am talking about my sister Aditi. She wasn’t with us for years, we cannot see her upset now. If we have done any mistake I apologise. Please don’t avoid her. Aditi says I was so special for him but he’s avoiding me after wedding. I don’t know what mistake did I do. Meher says don’t blame yourself. In the beginning of marriage it happens. You have to stay strong. Vikram will understand.

Sarab says if there is any complaint you can share with me but it its from your side and my sister is hurt, I can do anything for my sister. Manav says are you threatening me? Sarab says not yet. But I hope you wont let that happen.

Scene 2
Kulwant comes and says many congratulations. Harleen says same to you. You look so good. Kulwant says less than you. She meets Sarab.

Kulwant says congratulations on your anniversary. Meher is lucky to have a husband like you and I am lucky to have a son like you. Sarab recalls Meher told him she murdered Manav along with Bitu and Rana.

Precap- Meher and Sarab dance on Bachna ae haseeno. Meher says I will keep falling intentionally. Sarab says I’ll keep holding you. Manav drinks looking at them

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