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Patiala Babes 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Outbursts On Khurana Family

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Patiala Babes 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Khatri taunts Minnie that everyone know that she is missing her original papa when her mummy is bringing duplicate papa, but she her timing of playing her papa and mummy’s wedding video is wrong. Minnie tells Babita that she did not know how that CD got exchanged. Khatri continues commenting that Babita’s first husband Ashok is looking very handsome in video and even she is looking very beautiful.. Babita runs from there to her room and HS follows her. She cries in her room that she wanted to forget that she was married before and wanted to start afresh with HS, but her ill fate always haunts her, she doesn’t know how that video came out of her cupboard. HS reminisces Minnie taking Babita’s cupboard items out in boxes, her confronting him many times when he tries to

correct her, etc. Minnie walks in asking Babes not to cry as she doesn’t know how all this… HS asks how did it all happen and CD came out of Babita’s cupboard and reached mantap. Minnie says she doesn’t know. Babita asks how he think like this and doubt Minnie, she can never hurt her. Dadaji, Biji, Lovely, and Sukhi walk in. HS says Minnie cannot hurt her mother, but can hurt him. He says Minnie never wanted this relationship to happen, she cried even before as she doesn’t want her mother to go away from her; he asked her many times that her happiness matters to him first. Minnie requests to listen to her once. HS says she used to tell something earlier; if she had asked, he would have been Babita’s friend and not even that; he had promised not to bring tears in her mother’s eyes, she had hugged and told he is her hero. Babita asks what is he telling. HS says he was mad to think of becoming Minnie’s father. Babita pleads her not to speak wrong, what is happening in his mind.

Lovely comments that step fathers speak same and there is nothing new in it, she is worried about Minnie, she is seeing a mother thinking of herself first and not about her mother. Minnie warns Lovely it is none of her business and their family matter, so she shouldn’t interfere. Lovely yells she has gone dumb and blind in mother’s love. Babita warns Lovely to stop her rubbish. Biji yells Babita is speaking wrong now. Babit asks how she she speak then. Lovely yells bhabhi doesn’t love them at all and thinks they are burden on her. Babita asks how can she love them when they yell at her and insult her repeatedly; Lovely always used to insult her, but she kept quiet and served Ashok’s family waiting for her endlessly, Biji always took Lovely’s side and Papaji always kept quiet seeing her bahu being insulted, she tolerated them hoping Ashok would return; Lovely never asked how is she feeling without Ashok for many years and instead herself was enjoying marital bliss with Sukhi in front of her; she used to feel jealous when Lovely used to celebrate karvachauth in front of her while she used to break fast looking at Ashok’s pic. Dadaji also is shocked to hear Babita’s confession and asks if she was tolerating them. Babita says she was indeed tolerating all the relationship which she was bound to because of Ashok and now she wants to free herself from her past for god sake. HS consoles her.

Lovely tells Sukhi lets go when Bhabhi has broken all ties with them. Minnie looks at Babita and then Dadaji and Biji. Babita extends her hands to hug her. Minnie hugs her while Dadaji and Biji walk away. Babita asks Minnie if she thinks she doesn’t want her to marry HS, she can speak as she is most important in her life. HS also insists to speak. Minnie smiles and says they are too much, she is a kid and they are acting as kid, what is wrong if HS cleared his mind, lets look at the positive side; HS always teaches her anger management, what happened to him now, have water and reverse count; she reverse counts and asks if his anger is gone. HS smilingly nods yes.

Precap: Minnie sadly watches Babita’s bidayi ritual.

Update Credit to: MA

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