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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update – Arjun achieves Nagastra

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with dooryodhan coming out of the ashram & throwing water on his brothers & as they wake they find themselves out of ashram sleeping on the ground so they wonder how they came out & dooryodhan asks them were they drunk so dushyasan says no & dooryodhan says leave it but remember to act as planned yesterday so yes say all but dushyasan asks him what plan so dooryodhan gets angry shouting him that I feel you are still in sleep & tries to hit him. But they all go by dooryodhan reminding about the plan.

Yudhishtir comes asking where are gauravas so bhim says may be sleeping & they come from other side yudhishtir asks why they are so slow then bhim says must be drunk while sahadev & nakul stop bhim to say anything further or secret

will get open.

Yudhishtir & his brothers are wondering where Arjun is as he did not come to taker water for filling his pot. Dushyasan is also telling Arjun is not anywhere so where can he be? Dooryodhan is shouting them that they kept sleeping that’s why this has happened.

Arjun is concentrating reminding of his weapon & target to make his part of body as told to him by guru & bhim so he says that everything is very crystal clear for me now as there is no hurdle for me as my weapon & my target are my parts of body which is very clear for me. Arjun shoots his arrow with complete dedication which goes straight in the sea water & flows back all the water towards arjun’s pot by filling in full. All gauravas & guru drone are surprised & Arjun tells them that my pot is filled with water so guru tells him to go out & declare yourself winner. Arjun prays guru & goes to declare all of them very professionally saying myself Arjun without any cheating & with permission of guru I have filled my pot with water first. Guru drone awards Arjun nagastra telling to take this by praying lord Krishna & he takes it on his bow.

Krishna is explaining about real guru teaching who brings his student out from the darkness which Arjun learns & he dedicates himself to his guru’s teaching deeply which makes him a great warrior to never stop by achieving everything he wishes.

Karna is thanking gurudev for accepting him as his student but gurudev tells him that I have still not made you my student so why karna asks so gurudev says that I teach only that person who won’t misuse my knowledge so karna replies that I don’t misuse such knowledge but gurudev tells him I do not teach Kshatriya so karna says I am not Kshatriya & gurudev accepts him as his student saying then you are a brahman.

Krishna explains that due to truth being hidden like gurudev was glad knowing who is karna but karna himself did not knew that he is Kshatriya but due to karna telling his guru half the truth so he is accepted & karna was getting teaching from guru parshuram while pandavas & gauravas were getting from guru drone.

Guru drone is awarding yudhishtir fire weapon telling him to accept chanting its mantra while he is awarding mohak astra to Arjun also Moon’s weapon is awarded to dooryodhan by guru drone & thereby various weapons being awarded to all of them separately. Finally guru drone is awarding Arjun indra weapon telling him this weapon has indra’s powers.

Krishna says guru drone opened his store of all divyastra’s for his students while Arjun was very much capable of this. Where now all of them were on completion of their studies while karna had just found his guru.

Karna is telling gurudev that I know bow & arrow so guru tells him to prove & karna shoots an arrow. Guru sees & tells him to keep the bow now & till you do not study completely you won’t need to lift this bow & karna keeps. Guru tells him you need to strongly abide with the rules of my ashram so he accepts saying I am ready to accept all your rules so guru asks him can you see that mountain so karna sees & guru tells him every early morning you have to go there & create steps to go to the end of the mountain but to remember that all steps must be in equal shape & also to learn how to make bow & arrow. Karna asks bow & arrow making? So guru tells him this study is important for you to use bow & arrow so he accepts this too but again guru tells him that every day you have to sit with me for meditation so karna accepts saying this is my honor & guru tells him that your time has started of studying & not to waste your time. Karna starts his work with pure dedication. Karna fails several times in making bow but works & meditates with pure dedication.

Krishna is saying every human is attached with his character of truth & karna was leading his life with his guru which was not his life this way by hiding his truth. But when a human leads his life by hiding his truth then it also affects later as karna is achieving knowledge from his guru by hiding his real truth. Karna is working very hard completing all steps & feels guru will be impressed by this. He sees sunset is going to happen so thinks to have to go down fast & complete all other work but while walking down he is feeling tired & sits down on the step while guru comes to him telling steps are completed but still you need to make bow & arrow so karna says I have already made bow & arrow so guru tells him only doing this much work if you are feeling to rest then you cannot become a great warrior so go & bring your bow & arrow & if I do not find any problems in that then I will teach you  how to operate it so he accepts & brings bow & arrow to show gurudev & as guru checks & tells him to get ready to learn now & he thanks gurudev saying as you wish gurudev.


Precap: Guru drone is having bath in pond as a crocodile catches him & he shouts his son’s name calling ashyothama for help while all pandavs & gauravas hear his voice & come running. Arjun is running fast towards his guru drone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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