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Mere Sai 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Villagers Fail Kulkarni’s Plan

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Mere Sai 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai’s disciple Rehana with her relative/nanad Saba meets Sai who greets her and asks if she is fine. Rehana says she came with her nanad Saba’s problem. Saba describes her story that she was cooking food and serving it to her husband Junaid when Junaid saw a hair strand in daal and scolding her pushed her away. She falls on lamp and injures her forehead. Junaid walks away shouting she deserves it for her mistake. Rehana angrily says Junaid shouldn’t have done this and she she will complain her husband and devar/BIL against Jundaid. Saba says she doesn’t want to stretch this issue unnecessarily and make matters worse. Sai says he will give her herbal paste which she or Rehana will not apply on her injury but Janaid will. Saba says Junaid will punish her if he finds out she

complained against him. Sai says Janaid will not scold her.

Panta informs Kulkarni that Rehana is having epidemic and has gone to Dwarkamayi for treatment instead of coming here. Kulkarni order to drag and throw her in epidemic rehabilitation camp. Junaid reaches Dwarkamayi on Sai’s invitation and asks reason for calling him. He gets tensed seeing Saba there and thinking she complained against him. He acts that he always warns Saba to be alert and not careless, but she injured herself today. Sai gives him herbal paste and asks him to apply it on Saba’s injury. Junaid asks if he called him for this. Sai asks then what else. Dust falls into herbal paste. Sai scolds Janaid that he spoilt his hard work. Junaid realizes Sai’s intention and says he knows why Sai called him, his boss scolds him when he does mistakes and so he scolded Saba to correct her. Sai says he did a sin by injuring his wife, he should treat and behave with his wife well. Junaid apologizes Sai and promises to take care of Saba properly from hereon. He leaves with Saba.

Sai asks Rehana to rest in Dwarkamayi if she is not feeling well. Rehana says she is fine and has to go and finish her work. She walks on street and feels weak. Her friend sees her and asks if she is fine. She says she will go to Dwarkamayi and rest and will take oodhi from Sai. Kulkarni stops her and describes her symptoms. She asks how does he know about her symptoms. Kulkarni says she is suffering from epidemic and should be sent to epidemic rehabilitation camp. Rehana says Sai will treat her and she doesn’t need Kulkarni’s help. Kulkarni shouts that she is disobeying British government by disobeying his order and orders his goons to drag Rehana with them. Villagers create a protective barrier around Rehana. Sai walks in and says Kulkarni is doing wrong. Kulkarni says trickster Sai doesn’t have any cure for epidemic, else why Govinda is still ill. Ranoji says Kulkarni told there is no treatment for leprosy, but Sai treat him over time, similarly epidemic also needs time.

Precap: Rano gets ill and asks Sai if he also got Govinda and Rehana’s illness and requests Sai to treat him. Sai says his illness is much serious than that and he cannot treat him.

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