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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi And Gunjan’s Cute Romance Over Video Chat

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Yogi catches Rani’s chacha peeping into rooms and holds his collar. Chacha says he was searching Rani. Yogi warns to stay away from Rani. Vivek sees that and asks Surjith and Bablu to take Yogi from there. Chacha asks what was Yogi telling. Vivek says Yogi told to stay away from Rani, else it will not be good for his health, it is even his warning and this time Rani’s husband and whole family are with her and they respect Rani’s words than anyone else; so he can enjoy the wedding and leave. Downstairs, Kusum asks Prakash who went to bring Kamla bua from railway station. Whole family panics hearing about Kamla bua and remember her tantrums. Daadi says he called her many and yelled that she is in auto and nobody came to pick her. Kamla enters and starts her tantrums.

Dadaji and Prakash hide behind pillar. Bablu asks what are they doing behind pillar. Kamla scolds them. Yogi tries to escape seeing her, but she catches him and says she will give him shagun. Everyone eagerly watch while she counts 500 rs notes and she finally gives 20 rs note disappointing everyone. Bablu clicks their pics. Kabir walks to her and says she has not changed at all. Kamla taunts that he has not gone from this house yet. Kusum asks where will he go. Kamla says he should go to his father Kailash’s house as Kailash calls her often and complains that Yogi doesn’t take care of him. Dadaji warns Kamla to keep her mouth shut, else she can leave. Kamla yells why did he invite her if he had to insult her. Kusum requests Kamila to get into her room and vent out her anger there. Prakash asks Kabir where he had gone. Vivek says he had taken Kabir to hospital as Kailash is injured. Prakash says though Kailash is very bad, Kabir should follow his duty as a son.

Yogi and Gunjan video chat and show their haldi on their faces. Khushi notices that and informs other youngters. Rani, Nisha, Kabir, and Vivek get excited seeing their video romance and think how cute they are. After sometime, Gunjan signals Yogi that she will disconnect call now.

Khushi opens her cupboard and sees Pari’s clothes in and her clothes falling out. She angrily scolds Pari that its her room and she cannot use her cupboard. She sees Yogi passing by and calling him complains. Pari tries to emotionally blackmail Yogi that Gunjan will feel bad hearing she is not living in Khushi’s room comfortably. Khushi warns to stop blackmailing bhai and deal with her. Yogi signals Pari to share room with love. Pari asks Yogi to go and keeps Khushi’s clothes back into cupboard. Khushi says she can fix her bed on floor as Yogi used to sleep on floor. Pari agrees, but fumes in anger inside.

Precap: Yogi and Shiv’s families dance during sangeet ceremony. Shiv gets Chauhan’s call. Rani’s chacha tries to molest Khushi when Rani panics noticing that.

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