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Dilli Darlings 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari taunts Manya for betraying her

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Dilli Darlings 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In the morning Pankaj takes Pari to unveil the final birthday surprise which will be the best gift till now, he blindfolds her and taking her for the surprise, she is really amazed to see that it is a car and is left stunned seeing that it is a red Mercedes, she gets in a car and they start the race, she explains that her husband has always taken care of her wises and has done the best for her.

Rahsmi party is themed with poetry, Manya reaches with full excitement for the party, they all reach the party one by one and Bhavna reaches the function, everyone is shocked to see how well dressed she is, Bhavna however feels that Deepshika has not dressed properly, they all greet each other and are left stunned by Shaloo hat, they greet but Pooja feels that Manya and Deepshika are really close

which is not usually the case.

Rashmi starts the function explaining that she has also invited one of her close friends who knows poetry really well, they greet her making them feel comfortable, Rashmi then says that Shaloo has written poetry for them all, she request her to come on the stage and say the words which she has written for them all, she says for Pooja which makes her emotional, then she also says words which prove to be really true for Sona as she is always taking care for each family member, then finally she says for Reena that she never considered her to be an outsider as she will and was always her friend, this makes her really happy as she found her lost friend.

They then ask if someone else has something to say, Shaloo says that she wants Manya to say something which she does for Deepshika which is a bit shocking as she was not her close friend up till now.
Rashmi asks how they all felt and if they liked the fundraising function, she also admires Pooja for her innovative idea, she is however guilty of not raising enough money with especial emphasis on her dilli darlings as they did not pay her even a single dime, she points out to her friends saying that they came and took the photos but did not pay, they all laugh it out which is embarrassing.

Guneet arrives really late to the function Rashmi immediately greets her, Deepshika starts to make fun of her saying that she doesn’t care for what they want, they all ask her to explain the reason she mentions that’s he is a working women and cannot come to each and every party on time because she is not that much free, Seema responds that they also took out the time to attend the party and eat the food. Seema picks to say poetry for pooja, she starts to say that if she is not feeling calm and wants to cry then she should come to her house and clean it, and Pooja feels that they all are saying this because she is a straight forward person.

Deepshika is really angry with Seema for saying this mentioning that she never cares for what that person might feel saying it out straight to the face of that person.

They then plan to find out who will host the next party, when the name is taken out it is Shaloo is really confident in planning to do something different that will make her party really successful.
Rashmi in the end informs that she has bought a cake for Pari as it was her birthday the previous day they all get up to cut the cake where Pari hints that someone has tried to stab her in the back, everyone is left worrying who might have done anything of this sort, Bhavna does not understand what Pari meant by her words. Manya feels that she said it for her to which she responds that they were always true to her but it was her who changed her friends.

Precap: Deepshika explains that she has trusted Bhavna with her dressing for her birthday party, she is confident that she will look nice, when she enters the party the entire dilli darlings feel she is under dressed except for Guneet and Bhavna who say that they have the same backward thinking.

Update Credit to: Sona

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