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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer exposes Swati

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naina’s friends are angry and want to destroy all Sunaina’s posters, but Naina says that’s wrong. Her friends say what she did is wrong too. Naina says they can answer her back by winning election instead doing all this.

Chachaji and Chachiji give Puja’s son news to Tauji. Tauji is very happy. He then asks why did Rakesh sell his car? Chachaji says he asked, but Rakesh didn’t tell. Rakesh and Arjun are leaving for cricket trial. Rakesh is confident Arjun will be selected today.

Naina’s gang wonders how did Sunaina find out about Naina’s speech. Sameer says someone must have told her. Swati is tensed. Sameer and Pandit notice it. Kamya says maybe she got same idea. Swati right away says, yes that’s possible. Munna asks them

to forget all that and get back to work.

Sameer and Pandit can’t believe them choosing same topic can be a coincidence. Sameer says someone definitely told Sunaina and his doubt is on Swati. Pandit asks why she would do that. Sameer says she was asking Naina about her agenda topics. They think of a way to find out whether it was really Swati. They go to Swati and tell her that they have a plan by which Naina will definitely will win. Swati asks them to share with her. Sameer says JBR and Mamaji are friends. JBR is visiting his house for dinner, so Mamaji will talk to him.

Mamiji asks her daughter in law whether milk that she gave had any effect (in regards to her daughter in law getting pregnant) last night. Her daughter in law says they got such a good sleep after having that milk.

Sunaina and her gang is angry. Sunaina says, it doesn’t matter , in end she will be the one who will win. Swati comes and says Naina will win and tells them about Sameer’s plan.

Rakesh and Arjun come to cricket office. Guards stop them. A selector comes out and says Arjun can’t play cricket. There is place for players who bribe selectors. Rakesh says he didn’t give any money. The selector asks them to see him in office.

Sunaina and her friends come to JBR. Sunaina invites him to her house for dinner. JBR says he doesn’t go to students’ houses. Sunaina insists him. He says he’s busy. Sunaina says he is going to Sameer’s house right? and help Naina winning election. JBR gets mad at them for accusing him. Sameer and Pandit listen everything.

Later, they come to Swati and confront her. Naina hears everything and ask Sameer, Pandit how they can even think that. Her and Swati are childhood friends and they trust each other more than anything. Swati cries and says it’s possible Sunaina and Kartik heard about it. Sameer asks Swati why Sunaina gave her gift then? Swati asks what gift. Sameer asks her not to lie and tells her to keep her fake tears to herself. Naina tells Sameer enough. What if she had told him that Munna gave her speech to Sunaina? Sameer says, Munna can never do such thing. Naina says just like he can’t hear anything against Munna, she won’t hear anything against Swati either. She asks Sameer to say sorry to Swati. Sameer says no way. They argue further. Naina asks him to shut up. He replies back “you shut up”. Both walk in opposite direction.

Precap: Principal tells Naina and Sunaina that they can choose one of their friends who will stand near their ballot box. Naina chooses Swati. Sunaina and her gang is happy while Sameer and Pandit are worried.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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