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Tu Aashiqui 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anita sells Pankti again

Tu Aashiqui 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahaan calling Pankti. She says I m too tired, we shall talk later. He asks her to take care. Its morning, he calls her and says I m coming home. She says I m at salon with mum, I have work. Ahaan stays sad and calls her. He asks her why is she giving him excuses. She says no, I have to take mom to doctor, I will call you later. They both feel sad. Aparna says I will prepare for puja, everything should go fine. Anita says yes, I have talked to pandit, I will do all preparations. Pankti asks what preparations.

Anita says I was talking to Aparna for puja preparations. Pankti says you are lying. She takes Anita’s phone and sees the call. She comes to meet Rangoli. Rangoli asks her why isn’t she going anywhere. Pankti says I will go. Rangoli reminds step 2, Pankti has

to make Ahaan hate her. Pankti says don’t worry, he is angry with me. Rangoli says you have to give him reasons to hate you, give him problems and I will charm him. Pankti cries. Ahaan says how long will you avoid me Pankti and why. He calls her. He sees her there and smiles. They hug. She says I was busy in tomorrow’s arrangements. He says finally, we will become Ahankti in real life.

She recalls Rangoli’s words. He kisses her hand. She gets away. He says I can’t wait more. She says yes, our lives will have a new start tomorrow. She goes. Aparna and everyone see marriage arrangements. Aparna says I will go and check Vikram. Richa says no, he came home late, maybe he is sleeping. She goes to Vikram and asks him to come fast. Vikram asks how will I face everyone. She says JD has spent lots of money on Pankti. She gets angry. Anita welcomes the guests home. She arranges a Mehfil again and thanks Lord.

She asks a man where is his boss. He says he will come on time, he is a rich man. She asks Pankti to come fast. Pankti comes, all decked up. She recalls agreeing to Anita for becoming a mistress again. Pankti recalls JD. She sits in the balance scale. The man puts money to equal her weight. Anita smiles. Ahaan waits for Pankti at home. The rich man comes there. Everyone looks on. Ahaan says I will go and get Pankti home. The man introduces himself. He taunts Anita for cheating him. He sees Pankti and calls her beauty. He removes the magnet from the weighing scale and exposes Anita’s clever tricks.

He asks Anita not to try these things with him. His aide says we have paid 23 crores for her. The rich man says she is costly for me, she can have even my costly watch. Pankti breaks his watch and asks him to cut money. He says wow, swag, attitude, amazing, I like her attitude. He throws ghungroos towards Pankti. He asks her to dance.

Ahaan threatens the man. Anita says that man is Pankti’s new buyer. Pankti asks what did I get by falling in love. Ahaan says you don’t deserve my love. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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