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Shakti 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Lameet falling for Harman

Shakti 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Harman was angry at Lameet for not knowing to dance, he wonders how he could even love her. Mrs. Kaushal tells Suomya and Harman to dance with each other, Lameet has a foot strain and its about the reputation of their hospital now. Suomya agrees to dance with Harman for the sake of hospital only. She turns the music on. Harman forces Suomya’s hand into his hand, the other hand on his shoulder and begins the stepping. Lameet stares at both. Harman gets flashes of dances with Suomya in the past. He leaves her at once. They hold each other’s hands again, Harman looks stressed.
Later, Mrs. Kaushal asks Lameet what’s her progress of her research. Lameet was lost in some thoughts, she considers Harman the best subject and she wish he never regains his memory. Mr. Kaushal takes it as a joke, but Mrs. Kaushal was worried and thinks she knows Lameet isn’t joking.
Harman and Suomya do the pooja at hospital celebration. Harak Singh and Preeto do the aarti at their home. Harman comes looking for Suomya who was applying mehndi. Harman suggests about putting it on, and decides to ruin it instead. Suomya didn’t trust him but he insists he can do it. Suomya screams and says she would do it herself, but Harman promises to make the bestest design of her life. As he turns to leave, Suomya runs behind Harman to ruin his face with the same design now. She gets a chance and runs her hand over his face. Harman holds both of her hands behind her, and rubs his face with hers applying the mehndi over her face as well. They back up at once with a strange feeling. Lameet finds them together and take both inside for preparations.
The doctor meet kinners. Agni promises that Jolly’s story would end in tonight’s Ganesh Utsav, and Khushi would be here with them.
At night, the stage secretary welcomes their guests performer, Ankita Laukhantay. Agni comes in the function. Lameet stand beside Suomya recengously. Everyone enjoy the celebrity performance. Agni thinks soon Jolly will leave this world forever, and Khushi must go with them.

PRECAP: Ganesh Utsav celebration performances

Update Credit to: Sona

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