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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 38

Arora house 

Elina and Suraj comes to meet Preeta but are not surprised to see Karan

Elina : whats that delicious smell

Preeta : Karan cooked noodles and soup for me do you want to try

Elina : no thanks we are good, by the way Karan Luthra you are already doing service

Preeta giggles

Karan : now that madam have broken leg in excitement and we need her on field

Preeta : oh thats why you need me? I am offended now

Karan ; come on yaar I am just joking

Elina : even Suraj cooks well but only for Kabir dare he even sliced tomato for his wife

Suraj : today I will give you five star treatment come honey

Elina : don’t batter me, anyway Preeta how are you feeling now

Preeta : much better, you guys were planning for your reception what happened

Suraj : actually our work is too much right now so maybe little later

In rain Roo drives her car back to Luthra house when somebody is behind the seat. She does not notice presence in dark.

Phone rings

Roo : hello ?

Kabir : whats up buddy?

“Bestie, call me that, why did you call Roo asks him

Kabir ; its my right I can call you anytime, where are you

Roo ; I am on bandra side

Kabir ; what a coincidence I am around there

Roo sees the shadow behind holding knife and turns over the car hitting the tree.

Kabir : hello Roo are you there? (hears beeping noise) damn it

Kabir reaches the place Roo was driving and sees police surrounded

Kabir ; officer what is going on here?

Constable : a car was crashed, luckily the driver survived

Kabir (panics) : where is she?

Constable : over there

Roo is sitting with some people and sees him

Kabir (goes to her) ; you are okay? how did this all happened

Roo hugs him terrified

Kabir : come lets go

Roo remains scared whole journey thinking about the stalker in car.

Kabir : calm down I am with you

On road due to heavy traffic Kabir and Roo get stuck for their home.

Kabir : our apartment is nearby nobody usually comes there

Roo nods slightly. The duo reaches the apartment which was closed from years.

Roo ; nobody lives here

Kabir : we used to give for rent but then after mom dad’s accident we closed it, you are quite wet why don’t you change

Roo ; but what will I wear

Kabir : I don’t know if bhabhi’s clothes will fit on you but there are some in closet

Roo goes inside to change and ends up wearing his white shirt

Kabir : thats my favorite shirt

Roo : I won’t be sorry since you said I can wear anything

Kabir : damn your attitude, have some coffee you will better

Roo : thanks, when will this rain stop

Kabir ; now rain does not follow your orders it comes on it own time and leaves

Both stands at the window watching the rain.

Roo : you know when we were kids, di and I always made those paper boats

Kabir : this weather is of enjoying, only rain brings those happiness (gets tensed)

Roo ; whats wrong

“When I see your mother, I always see my mom, she was very innocent and funny Kabir shares his inner turmoil

Roo ; but you have your brother and bhabhi

Kabir : they are only one in my life, whoever close to my heart always leaves me

Roo : did you ever loved anybody?

Kabir ; not really but she was close to my heart god took her away also, her name was Naintara, you remember that bomb blast in that Oberoi hotel we were supposed to meet each other

Roo : you loved her

Kabir ; our love story ended before it start, after that I never let any girl come close to me

Roo wipes his tears slowly leaning towards him but stops in midway.

Roo ; I am sorry (starts leaving)

Kabir holds her closer pulling into passionate kiss leaning to the wall. Roo breaks the kiss holding his face feeling awkward

Roo : rain have stopped, we should leave

Kabir drops her back home safely

Arora house

Shrishti helps her sister sit comfortably on bed after dinner.

Phone rings

Shrishti : pick it up, your romeo might be desperate

Preeta : shut up (throws pillow) this guy have no peace (picks his call) hello

Karan : baby doll seriously you only found this time to get injured such romantic weather me and you in rain

Preeta : did you call to taunt me then I am not interested bye

Karan ; wait wait whats so hurry

Preeta : I am tired, don’t you have other work to do in life

Karan : what should I do? ever since you came I don’t have anything

Preeta nods her head hearing his talks

Khurana house

Sherlyn’s is getting continuous symptoms making her stress out.

Sanjana : are you okay? I am seeing from few days your health is not good, today I will come at doctor’s clinic with you

Sherlyn ; no mom I am fine don’t worry

“Just look at yourself in mirror, your face is getting pale Sanjana gets worried

Sherlyn : mom I am very tired can I sleep

Sanjana : okay but have something to eat and take medicine you will feel better

Luthra house

Akshay and his parents (Sakshi and Vikram) visits them along with Arjun

Rakhi : you all suddenly is everything okay

Sakshi ; of course we came here to give you all a surprise

Kareena : really? what is that

Vikram ; Panditji have got a date for marriage next week

Everybody gets happy

Akshay ; by the way uncle, this is my cousin Arjun just came few days ago from US and she is his mom (Nandini)

Sakshi ; my sister and nephew were craving so much to meet you all

Arjun : bhai praised Kritika bhabhi so much

Karan ; mom he is the one who brought Preeta to hospital

Mahesh : thank you so much dear

Arjun : its my pleasure uncle

Nandini : where is your daughter, I have only seen her in picture

Kareena : sure, Kritika come down

Roo brings Kritika down and meets everybody.

Rakhi ; thats my daughter Ruchika, but for us both girls are equal

Arjun : hi Ruchika, bhai said everybody calls you Roo here

“Only people who are close to me call Roo she says with attitude

Nandini is mesmerized with Ruchika personality

Nandini ; your daughters are just too decent and beautiful

Kareena : we are also lucky our Kritika is going to part of your family, Nandini ji your husband is not here

Nandini ; he is always busy in work but told me he will be here soon

Kareena : okay, Robin get snacks for everybody

Nandini : don’t bother we are only here to give you this good news

Rakhi : you are here first time how can we let you go without eating

Nandini : I believe both families should be equal and no partiality

Unaware to all Akshay’s family have hidden motive of joining relation with Luthras. Akshay goes to call outside.

What is it? “Piyali asks angrily

Akshay : I hope you remember our deal baby, remember you said if I marry take revenge on this Luthra family then you will come to me

Piyali : listen I don’t remember anything, just leave me alone

Akshay : fine then I will tell whole world that you are not what you look, there is black heart behind this innocent face, imagine this Luthra family who is having sympathy for you, what will happen if they come to know your real face

Piyali couldn’t imagine Rishab’s reaction on knowing bitter truth of her life.

Akshay : you don’t have time to waste, just catch the next flight and come here

Piyali throws phone in anger

“No Akshay Mehta, this time I won’t let you take advantage of my helplessness, you have seen not seen my enmity yet, get ready I am coming Piyali decides to go india again

Sanjana feels suspicious about Sherlyn’s health and shares with Kareena

Kareena : why are you worrying? she might be stressed with work

Sanjana : I could have understand that but seeing her it does not look like that

Kareena : ask her when she is feeling good or else she won’t be able to

Rishab hears them when passing from room. Later everybody gathers at Luthra house again after Akshay’s family leaves.

Elina : aunty you must be sad na, Kritika is leaving soon

Kareena ; of course, every mom will be, you know she is very naive

Elina and Preeta sees Kritika lost in thoughts and not much happy about marriage

Preeta : where are you lost? ah I see your would be husband

Elina : don’t tease her, she is would be bride

The servant drops juice on Sherlyn’s dress. Rakhi tells her to clean the stain in washroom.

Sherlyn locks herself in room later feeling dizzy. Everybody gets worried when she does not come out for long time

Rishab : Sherlyn are you okay? (knocks on door)

He opens the door slowly but is shocked to see everything on floor.

Sanjana : did you see how she is behaving? I don’t know whats wrong with her

Kareena ; calm down Rishab has went to talk

Rishab : Sherlyn whats wrong? is everything okay your mom is getting worried

“Rishab she sobs in his arms

Kareena : Sherlyn please tell us what’s wrong

Rishab ; see nobody will tell you anything tell me you are my friend

Sherlyn ; I am three months pregnant

Everybody is blown with the news specially Sanjana who is about to lose balance. She makes Sherlyn stand up and slaps hard on face

Elina : I don’t believe this

Sanjana : do you know what you are saying? pregnant whose child is this

Sherlyn : mom (cries)

Rakhi : please hold yourself, ask her politely see her condition

Sanjana ; Its not small thing to forget about, this girl have sold her dignity everything, tell me

“Pr, Prithvi Sherlyn stammers

Kareena : how could do this Sherlyn? for once you didn’t think about your reputation, being educated girl you took such big step

Elina : aunty but she is not alone responsible


“Aunty everybody makes mistake, life does not get over with a challenge Preeta and Elina makes Sanjana and everybody understand Sherlyn’s pain

Akshay kidnaps Preeta and brings to Prithvi. Anu smartly traces the location

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