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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 37


Karan asks in reception about Preeta who shows him the room

Karan ; baby doll (pulls her into tight hug pouring all emotions)

Preeta is overwhelmed with his reaction

“You are okay na? how many times I tell same thing learn to take care of yourself, I know you are doctor but that doesn’t mean to forget your health, do you even realize how much I got worried” Karan keeps venting out with tears

“Karan I am fine see I am in front of you safe” Preeta puts hands on his mouth

Karan ; I know how much you take care of yourself, see I have decide until you don’t recover I will stay with you whole time and you will not go to work

Preeta : no way, Karan your international match is coming soon, we have to win this

Karan : no succes is more than  my baby doll’s health understand (holds her face)

Preeta (in tears) ; you love me so much?

Karan ; I won’t repeat this again you and bhai are my everything, and I don’t have to prove that to anybody alright

Preeta hugs him tearfully running hands on his hair.

Karan ; how did this all happen?

Preeta : I was talking with you on phone and then truck came from back

Karan (curses himself) : you should have put the phone back na. you know I am crazy

“Okay calm down, everything is fine don’t worry” Preeta smiles seeing him concerned like a child

Doctor : nothing to worry, she just have fracture in her leg so she needs complete bed rest

Karan : thank you doctor but who brought her

“I did” a young guy wearing white jacket and jeans comes inside

Karan and Preeta looks at him

Guy : sorry I am Arjun Sinha

(Sumit Bharadwaj)

Karan ; I can’t thank you enough for bringing her here safely

Arjun : absolutely no problem it was mu duty after all one does not need to be know each other to help anybody, see you later, take care

Karan ; why do I always get such people? did you understand what he said

Preeta : you let it be, your big empty brain won’t be able to handle

Karan ; don’t chew my brain I came here leaving my practice and you are busy cracking jokes dumbo

Later doctor gives discharge to Preeta from hospital. Everybody gives her a small piece of mind for being careless

Karan : i think thats enough dose for doctor madam (winks at her)

Preeta stares at him with revengeful eyes

“Mom save me see how she is killing me with her those small eyes” Karan goes near Preeta

Rakhi ; everytime joke, you are getting married but still not serious

Rishab : he won’t even if his kids are born

Everybody laughs

Karan ; I am going home bye kareli

Preeta smiles at this antics

Elina : whatever you say but he loves you a lot

“You know if anything happens to me or Rishabji he just panics like his whole world is broken” Preeta talks with her and Shrishti alone in room

Shrishti : but di nobody can love you like him, I saw how much he was worried seeing you in that condition

Elina : okay I have to go its quite late let me know if you need anything

Preeta ; sure don’t worry, good night

Elina : good night bye tall pole (leaves)

Karan paces in the room restless due to practice and Preeta’s injury.

Rishab ; oh hello Mr Romeo what are you thinking

Sameer : bhai what question you asked? of course he might thinking of his juliet

“You fool” Karan throws pillow at him

Rishab ; hey cool down what wrong he said? just look at your face it looks like you haven’t sleep from decades

Karan ; you all are cracking jokes, that Preeta broke her leg in excitement now what will we do on field without her

Rishab : she will be fine in few days why are you stressing out

Karan ; bhai please do something I want to see her right now

Sameer and Rishab giggles seeing his desperation

Rishab : look at the time

Karan : who am I even asking? you are not in that category of romance you get married then see how I settle scores

Rishab (taps on his head) : duffer right now you both are going to be married not me, I don’t even know if there is anybody made for me (gets into thinking)

Sameer : bhai don’t say that you will get best bride from millions, ours are kareli types I am sure your one will be amazing

Karan and Rishab sees Shrishti standing behind crossing arms

Karan : what were you saying? my Preeta is not kareli mind your tongue

Sameer : of course when did I say that? bhabhi is very sweet but that tall pole, duplicate of kutub minar, her non stop chatter it looks like some broken radio

Shrishti widens her mouth while Karan keeps adding fuel but are stopped by Rishab

Rishab : Sameer can’t you see back

“Why bhai, what is there, you are saying as if that tall pole is here” Sameer turns around but does not realize her presence for a minute

He again turns around getting scared

Sameer : hello kutub minar, sorry chatter box no Shrishti (keeps blabbering)

“You were praising about me, why did you stop my cute shorty” Shrishti batters him

Rishab Karan hide their laugh

Sameer : you are getting it all wrong

“You know what you are most stupid guy I will never talk to you bye’ Shrishti starts leaving

Sameer : lambu listen to me

Karan (shouts) : best of luck

Rishab : why do you always bother them

Karan : relax yaar Sammy will also learn

Sameer : Shrishti listen to me (holds her hand)

“I don’t want to hear anything, leave me today I got to know what you think for me, I don’t mater to you na” Shrishti gets emotional

Sameer (cups her face) : which idiot said that? nobody matters more than you

Shrishti : promise (gets in tears) you will always love like this

“God promise, why are you asking that” he asks worriedly

Shrishti : I don’t know why my heart is feeling very restless something bad is going to happen Sameer : just calm down, I am with you, okay lets me cheer you up what can I do?

Shrishti (wraps around him) : anything you do will make me happy shorty

Sameer : lets go for a drive

The duo goes out in car for ride on roadside.

Sameer : this is my favorite place (stops car on the bridge)

Shrishti : what do you find here?

“Peace something I don’t get every time” Sameer stands up at edge forwarding his hands she holds. Both sits together for a while

Shrishti ; can I ask you something? how old were you when your parents

Sameer : like 5 years, when they died in an accident I miss mom yaar

Shrishti : and I miss dad, on this important part of our life

Sameer : look at those starts, I can see my parents hey mom this is my lambu Shirshti, she is very cranky, chatter box, gives me big headache but you know best quality she is very innocent at heart, and she loves me a lot (looks up at sky while taking)

“Papa this is Sameer, he is little pea brained, lack of brains sometimes but he loves me a lot, you always wanted somebody who will take my tantrums he always does that, he is nice na” Shrishti too gets in tears

Both sees a shooting star

Shrishti : hey look shooting star, our parents heard our words

Sameer : I know my mom would have loved my choice

Shrishti : and my papa too, he would be so happy we both sister got such great fiance

Sameer : I got something for you (brings the box from car)

“Gift for me” Shrishti asks

Sameer ties anklet on her feet

“This is so beautiful thank you for coming in my life but I don’t have anything to give you” Shrishti says emotionally

“Only you can give me what I want”  he says

Shrishti puts small peck on his cheeks blushing first time in front of him

Sameer ; wow you are blushing not bad

Shrishti : stop don’t make me sentimental, lets go now its late

Luthra house

Karan asks Rishab to convince Rakhi to take Arora family at temple. She gets confused with their behavior.

Rishab : because of you I had to lie to mom first time duffer

Karan : can’t you do this much for your brother? is this your love

Rishab : don’t do that emotional blackmail with me okay now go

Rakhi offers to Sarla and Dadi to join them for prayer in temple. Karan takes the chance and sneaks to meet Preeta at house. She is busy reading book and does not know his presence

Karan : hi baby doll (Scares her with shouting)

Preeta : oh my god you gave me heart attack what are you doing here

Karan : yaar why are you so unromantic, I took so much risk to meet my baby doll but you dont’ care for me

Preeta : oh god nobody can beat you in melodrama

Karan : right, so what can I do for you?

Preeta : I don’t need anything, sit here by the way how did you know mom went to temple

Karan (looks around) : I sent mom with aunty to distract them

Preeta (widens her eys) : I don’t believe this you are such big drama king, like to meet me so much effort

Karan : I also need chance to spend time with my baby doll

Preeta : actually its my dressing time and this Shrishti don’t know where she went

Karan : your handsome fianc is here why do you need somebody else

Preeta stares

Karan : I mean I will help you, I promise I won’t do any mischief

Preeta admires him changing her dressing on leg carefully without hurting her.

Karan : all done

Preeta ; thank you, Karan I am very hungry let me get something

Karan ; wait wait, today I will cook

Preeta : no way are you serious, please you already helped me a lot

Karan : please give me one chance, you sit next to me and guide I will make it

Preeta ; just simple, noodles and soup

Karan :perfect come (carries her in arms)

Preeta : what are you doing? put me down

Karan puts her down while going to kitchen. She helps him find indigents for making food. Karan sheds tears while cutting onions which she blows slowly.

Vaadaa Rahaa Sanam,

Honge Judaa Na Ham

Chaahe Na Chaahe Zamaanaa

Hamaarii Chaahaton Kaa

Mit Naa Sakegaa Fasaanaa

Vaadaa Rahaa Sanam,

Honge Judaa Na Ham

Chaahe Na Chaahe Zamaanaa

Hamaarii Chaahaton Kaa

Mit Naa Sakegaa Fasaanaa

Karan : your food is ready madam, soup and noodles now try it and tell me

Preeta gets in tears with the taste

Karan : why did you got emotional?

Preeta feeds him lovingly and make him taste

“By the way who taught you to cook” Preeta asks him

Karan ; when we were kids, mom dad had to go out a lot, Rishab took care of me, he used to make such good food and I also learnt

Preeta : you love him so much

Karan : is that something to ask? he is my jaan, I can’t imagine him going through something like that yaar

Precap : Kabir and Roo confession. Preeta and Karan romantic moments

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