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Porus 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Kills Ambhi Raj Like Krishna Kills Kans

Porus 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru creates a sword circle around Ambhi Raj and says Ambhi Raj created similar barrier around Anusuya and killed her by trick, but Puru will give him equal chance to defend himself. He walks to Bamni and says Bamni came into Anusuya’s life first, so he is in much pain and asks Bamni to take his revenge first. Ambhi Raj takes his sword and boasts he is always ready to take revenge from Pouravs, he will kill them like he killed Anusuya. Bamni says he will give him fair chance. Ambhi Raj attacks Bamni. Bamni in 1 swift attack breaks Ambhi Raj’s sword. He then says he will fair chance and gives him sword. Ambhi Raj attacks Bamni, but Bamni easily overpowers him and throws him away.

Puru attacks Ambhi Raj raj next. Ambhi Raj with great confidence attacks Puru, but Puru easily overpowers him and trashes him royally. Ambhi Raj falls into dirt and pleads Puru to spare him as he is his mama/uncle. Puru says mistakes are forgiven, but not purposeful sins. He trashes Ambhi Raj again. Ambhi Raj runs from there. Puru follows him.

Ambhi raj gets into drama venue and sees a drama artist sleeping. He kills drama artist wears his dress. Someone says it is kans’s turn and its time for his end. Ambhi Raj gets tensed. Man says it is a drama. Ambhi Raj walks on stage as Kans maama. Puru walks towards him angrily. People discuss lord Krishna had same anger on his face while killing Kans, this actor is acting superb. Puru walks on stage and punches Ambhi raj shouting he will not spare him doe his sins. Ambhi falls down. Puru hits his chest repeating shouting he will kill for murdering his mother… Ambhi dies. Laachi stops Puru saying Ambhi has died. Puru continues repeating he will not spare Ambhi..

Precap Bamini tells Puru that he fulfilled his oath. Puru says 1 task is incomplete, Barsine with Farsi army must have reached Hindu Kush valley, he has to reach there and with her help kick out Alexander from Bharat.

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