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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa removes the kaal dand.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with pondrik in kansa lok. Pondrik is attacked by red masked demons and the demons hold pondrik captive to take near kansa. Kansa sits and laughs and says kill him now. pondrik gets angry and he fights the demon one by one, punching and kicking them. Pondrik removes the masks of the demons and they vaporize in the air and get killed. Then all rocks come in line creating a bridge for pondrik to come to kansa. Kansa gets scared and says stop him someone. Kansa says the day has come when this paramavatar kills me, what do I do? What do I do?! Pondrik climbs each rock as he comes near kansa and then finally steps on kansa’s rock and stands in front of him. kansa stands scared and says don’t do anything to me. Pondrik removes his gadha and says I will kill you for your

sins kansa. Kansa then looks at the sun which is about to set and says set down quickly! Kansa sees again and then thinks that cheater Vishnu has stopped the sun from setting.
Narad muni says prabhu today you allowed the sun to stay on the earth? Lord Vishnu says I want pondrik to complete his wish and do what he came to Mathura to do.
There kansa stands as pondrik aims to attack kansa. Kansa the changes the surrounding and teleports himself, pondrik and bhadraksh back outside his palace. Kansa says you cannot kill me so easily pondrik bhagwan, I am kansa and I cannot die! I am bhagwan and you have come to your god, how can you kill your own god? Kansa then removes his weapon, the kaal dand and says now even mahadev cannot stop me as I can kill anyone with this kaal dand.
Narad muni says how does kansa have the kaal dand? Lord Vishnu says kansa di the bhakti of kaal and impressed kaal. Kaal then gave kansa the kaal dand with which kansa could kill anyone in this universe but it could be used only once, if kansa uses the kaal dand on pondrik, kanha would be free and there would be no danger to kanha from kaal dand after this, kanha can then easily kill kansa. There kansa gets his weapon kaal dand but suddenly lightning strikes and kaal appears on the blade of the kaal dand. Kansa says what are you doing here kaal? Kaal says kansa, I gave you the kaal dand after I was impressed by your bhakti but you can use it only once on your greatest threat, but is pondrik truly your greatest threat? Think again and only then use it. kaal goes. Kansa thinks kaal is right, pondrik is not my greatest threat even though he is a threat. Kansa gives back the kaal dand and then thinks for something else. Pondrik says I will kill you kansa. Bhadraksh comes in between and says bhagwan do something, be quick. As kansa thinks, bhadraksh says fight me pondrik, let you get a taste of my powers too. Bhadraksh and pondrik fight and pondrik beats bhadraksh with his gadha. Bhadraksh gets scared and disappears and comes to kansa and says what are you thinking bhagwan? Do something quickly.
There kanha, sudhama and balram are going towards rishi sandeepani’s ashram. Balram looks at his last laddoo and kanha says what happened brother? Balram says kanha, when will we reach? The way is too far now, I cannot wait more as this is my last laddoo, if I eat it as well then what will I eat in the rest of our journey? Kanha says brother we will reach soon though we have to walk some more time. Sudhama says friend govinda, what if we go there and even rishi sandeepani doesn’t accept me as his student? Kanha says he will. Balram says how are you so sure? Kanha says because I know rishi sandeepani, he is waiting for me. Kanha smiles. Balram says how do you know him? you have never met him. kanha smiles and sudhama understands and says we should take something for the rishi’s. kanha says you are right. Sudhama says we should take pears as all rishi’s love pear fruit. Balram says even I shall come and pluck some fruits with you sudhama, I am very hungry.
There rishi sandeepani meditates and he hears the sound of peacock birds and flute sounds. He opens his eyes and says he is coming, my prabhu is coming after so many years. Rishi is very happy and has tears.
There kansa falls at pondrik’s legs and says please make me your disciple prabhu, please. Kansa then gets up and calls some soldiers and says take me to jail now, take me to prison and hold me you all. The soldiers hold kansa and then kansa says see I am a prisoner without a weapon in my hand, according to dharma you cannot attack me pondrik as attacking an unarmed person would be adharma. kansa laughs. pondrik thinks he is right, I cannot attack and kill kansa as he is unarmed and it would be against dharma.

Precap: Rishi sandeepani turns to stone as he sees kanha. Kanha feeds a pear fruit to rishi sandeepani and frees him from the curse.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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