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Papa By Chance 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela and Mohini get arrested

Papa By Chance 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saying Harman has kidnapped the kids. Aashvi asks how can you be so sure. He reminds Harman’s words. They go to police station and complaint about Harman for child kidnapping. Inspector says you got rid of children, be happy. Aashvi asks him to help them. Inspector asks when did you see them for the last time. Aashgi gives details. Bela argues with someone. Police comes there to find about children. The man says yes, I have seen these kids, Amrit took them in auto. Inspector asks Bela about kids. Bela says I don’t know about them. Inspector takes her to police station. Yuvaan says I will ruin Harman’s image in media. Mohini asks where are you taking Bela. Inspector takes her too. Yuvaan says I want to tell you Harman’s truth. He tells the media that he will

expose Harman.

Bela and Mohini get interrogated for child kidnapping. Bela says why will we kidnap kids. Mohini threatens inspector about women power. He allows her to make a call. Mohini thinks Amrit can’t save us, I will call someone else. She calls Harman to take help. Harman says why did you call me. She says please help me. He says I will never marry you, don’t call me again. He disconnects. She gets angry. Yuvaan says Harman married my mom just for the money, he kidnapped the kids, whose responsibility I took. Amrit’s phone gets off. She says Harman Sir won’t leave me if I m not at office soon. Dhoni gets fine. Amrit meets them.

Bela says Amrit has nothing to do with kids. She gets slapped by inspector. Amrit asks kids for mum’s phone number to inform. They get quiet. Amrit asks them how did Dhoni fall sick. Gungun stops Ullu from naming Yuvaan. She makes excuse and says we were playing. Dhoni says we stay at your house. Gungun covers up. Amrit says we shall leave now. She gets a call. She gets shocked and asks what, why are mum and Mohini in jail. Amrit comes to police station. Bela says thank God you have come here. She asks inspector why did you keep Bela and Mohini here.

Inspector says you kidnap children, arrest her. Amrit scolds him. He says shut up, do you talk to elders this way, you kidnapped the innocent kids. Amrit says you ask the kids, they are here. Inspector sees the kids and recalls what they did last time. Inspector jokes on their kidnapping. Amrit says I found this kid unconscious, I took him to hospital for treatment. She says their mumma was not at home, ask them. Inspector asks who is their mumma. Amrit says Yuvaan’s lawyer, Aashvi is their mum. Inspector laughs and says maybe the kids told this new story, ask them. Amrit asks the kids is Aashvi their mum. They sign no.

Amrit asks who is your mum. She recalls Yuvaan’s words. Ullu says we are living with Yuvaan, we are helpless, just he knows who killed our parents. Gungun stops him and says Dhoni is here, don’t say anything. Inspector says they are Chatwal’s children, do you understand why is Yuvaan raising them, he filed kidnapping report. Yuvaan asks media to help him expose Harman. Aashvi gets a call from police station. She goes. Amrit comes there. The man says kids are with Amrit. Aashvi signs Yuvaan to stop. Amrit comes there and slaps Yuvaan.

Amrit throws out Yuvaan and kids. Yuvaan enters the house and says this is my house, I m not leaving my house, do anything you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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