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Mere Sai 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Reaches Liquor Shop To Save Keshav

Mere Sai 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ranoji returns to Dwarkamayi and sees his wife Kaveri standing. Wife complains that he is not working at all in lieu of serving Sai. Sai asks Ranoji that he cured him so that he can get back to work and family. Ranoji says he is working and got 5 blanket order from his customer. Kaveri says he is lying, customer had come home complaining that Ranoji did not deliver blankets yet. Sai says he told Ranoji to serve him only after finishing his work and family commitment and asks him to finish those commitments first and then return to him. Ranoji leaves with Kaveri fuming and thinking he would not let Abdul win. Abdul sits smirking.

Keshav leaves house. Rukmini runs behind him, but Kulkarni stops her. She prays god crying that she wants to get her son back on track and till then she will

not consume anything. Govinda walks to her and consoles her that he will bring his elder brother back home.

Ratanlal meets Kulkarni with sweets and says his son got an admission in reputed college. Kulkarni taunts everyone cannot afford sending their children to London. Ratanlal says money is not a problem, but seeing Keshav becoming alcohol and working in liquor shop for liquor, he doe snot want his son to become like Keshav. Kulkarni angrily asks him to get out. He walks out saying he can shut his mouth, but not others’ and leaves Kulkarni asks Rukmini not to disturb him and walks into his room. Rukmini gets worried for Keshav again. Govinda holds her hand and takes her with him.

In Dwarkamayi, Tatya informs Sai that Keshav is working and staying in liquor shop. Govinda brings Rukmini to Sai. Rukmini pleads Sai to Save Keshav and gets worried what Kulkarni will do to Govinda if he finds out about it. Govinda asks her not to worry about him, he will get his brother back any any cost. Rukmini emotionally hugs him. Sai asks Tatya to take him to liquor shop. He walks to liquor shop with Govinda and Tatya. Liquor shop owner wakes up Keshav and orders him to go and serve customers. Keshav comes out and is shocked to see them, he asks what are they doing here. Sai orders 3 glasses of liquor and asks if Govinda also will drink. Govinda nods yes. Keshav says he will not serve liquor to them. Shop owner pins him to pole and scolds not to spoil his business. Sai touches liquor pot and it turns into milk. Shop owner is shocked to see Sai’s magic. Keshav sees it as liquor itself and pleads Sai not to drink liquor…

Precap: Sai orders more liquor. Keshav pleads to think of his reputation if not about Govinda. Sai says he is a wanderer and does not care about all that.

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