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Jiji Maa 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jayant celebrates birthday

Jiji Maa 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Uttara saying you are Falguni’s sister, so you don’t want to harm her. Piyali scolds her and says I m not like you, I play tricks by thinking well, Falguni will get punished for her deeds. Uttara gets angry. Piyali asks her to keep this fire and hatred burning in heart. They both want to make Falguni suffer a lot. Its morning, everyone surprises Jayant and sing birthday song. Jayant cuts the cake with them. Uttara comes and gifts Jayant. She asks him to open the gift. He opens the gift and sees songs DVD. He recalls Uttara and cries. She asks what happened. He says this has revived my memories, which I was trying to forget. She says sorry, can I ask you who is she. He says my wife Uttara, who isn’t alive now. He goes.

Niyati makes halwa for Jayant. Falguni tells

her about Jayant’s likes. Niyati says Sheikh has made Jayant upset. Falguni asks her not to worry for Jayant’s mood. She says just wish that we sign the contract. Niyati makes her taste dish. Falguni praises her. They laugh. Piyali comes there and asks Niyati to come and play with her. Niyati refuses to her. Piyali says let Niyati understand me on own. She goes. Falguni gets sad. Piyali throws things and tries to calm her anger. Uttara comes and says Niyati has told you such bad things, I m hurt seeing this, I know you are also hurt. Piyali says I don’t care if anyone doubts on us, we will celebrate Jayant’s happiness in a grand way. Uttara agrees. Suyash romances Falguni.

She says let me do work now. He asks for kheer. She says have it in evening. He says fine, I will have it by your hands. He goes. Vidhaan says two deals will be signed today, I have become responsible, this will be gift to dad, I had to prove myself to them. Suyash says I have belief in you, check the changes in the documents. Vidhaan says you had made this perfect. Suyash says this is your first step, it had to be perfect. Everyone celebrates Jayant’s birthday. Jayant cuts the cake. Uttara also feeds cake to Jayant. Falguni gets kheer for Jayant. She goes to Suyash and feeds him kheer by her hands. They smile.

Vidhaan says I want to show you all a short film, which Falguni and I made for dad, we have spent special moments with dad. They all smile. They see Uttara and Jayant’s moments, and get shocked. Jayant asks what’s all this Vidhaan. Vidhaan says I didn’t add this. The people object that they are Uttara’s family. Uttara defends the family. The man apologizes to Suyash. He says we shall sign deal now. Vidhaan thanks Uttara. Uttara says you are like my son, don’t thank me. Falguni also thanks Uttara. Uttara says if Jayant hates Uttara, why did he keep her video. Niyati says yes, Vidhaan had edited, there was no pics of Uttara. Falguni says don’t know how did this happen. Jayant asks them to forget it. He says I m going out for some time, I may feel nice outside. Falguni sees Piyali. Piyali smiles. Falguni thinks Piyali did this.

Piyali threatens Falguni about Jayant. Jayant gets shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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