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Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 24

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Episode 24


Karthik’s eyes expelled sparks of ire. He walked decisively with holding Shivaani’s hands. Then pushed and stuffed her inside the car. He turned around and rudely stared at Shravan.


The glare asked, “How could you 😡😡😡.”


He began to drive, the journey seemed like to the widely opened mouth of death.


By god’s grace, he has knotted in the traffic lights. That interval compelled him to rethink. He justified his sisoo. She is immature, she just fell for his stardom, she is a Sanskari girl.”


“Do you love him??”


Shi: I don’t know  but I don’t want Ahaan to come back and marry me. I just wants to be with Shravan. It is what you are expecting then there is something in between us.


Kar: And Mama??


Shi: I donno


Kar: Is this your loyalty Chiku ?? And Ahaan!!  He is in love with you.


Shiv: Hmm rubbishness; In fact he is avoiding me. I don’t think he’ll marry me. Saal ek ho gayi aur abhi tak mujhe ek call nahi kiya. Just hi or how are you. Whatsapp messages. I think he’s in love with somebody and did A-Z with her.


Kar: Shut up Chiku. I know him 😡😡.


Shiv: Whatever I am in a fix. I can’t marry him. And about Shravan! I don’t know.



Vivaanika were awaiting for the doctor outside of his cabin and he came out with Shivaay and Anika. Anika’s swollen eyes sent an arrow in Vaani’s heart.


“I have confessed Anika everything.”, Shivaay expressed. Vaani was about to fall but held by Vivi…


“Vivi I’m Okay.”, She alerted him to discard holding. Vaani moved forward and cupped Anika’s cheeks.


“Mumma please don’t cry. I can’t see your tears.”


Anika disdainfully smiled,


“Bitto I’m your mother. If you are suffering from a diesease, I will cry. If it is a cough or cancer, no matter. It is a theory between mother and children. My 24 years took that wheelchair. Therefore you don’t know me. My parents are divorced in my childhood. Paapa passed away in a blast and me and Gauri got separated. My childhood and teenage had snatched by an orphanage. Then Saahil’s parents adopted me… Waqt ke saath saath voh donon bhi chale gaye…


She wept her tears,


“Your Paapa forcefully married me. Then our love and hate relationship and something something. It all were not easy Bitto. And I won’t downcast in front of this silly disease.


Vivi: One minute. Are you both patched up??

Anika:Maybe ☺️😉




“Look I have invited everyone for the party. Are you happy now??”,

Rudy asked to Shivika.


Om: what’s going on?


Ru: Nothing she wants to invite everybody who were present in her marriage day.


Om: For what Kittu??


Shi: Wait and watch…

Shivika clapped,


“So ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please”


She kneeled in front of Adi.


“I don’t remember the previous incidents. But I know maybe I have humiliated you in front of everybody and left you. Please pardon me. I am incomplete without you. Marry me please.”


She reached a bouquet of red roses towards him. And everybody clapped.


“Yaar this is called heroism. Once she left you arrogantly and now she is proposing you!! Na keh de,”


Somebody commented… She gazed at him scared. Her head moved negatively. An unknown fear started raising up.


“No”, he said.


To be continued…….

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