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Haven’t Found Anyone Like You-Avneil FF (Episode 5)

Hey,remember me???i know you all have forgotten me..anyway im back with my episode..i will not tell to like,comment and share..bcoz u dont care about me bcoz its heart breaking..i am getting so many response in wattpad but here..its not in the list..if i tell you you will not vote,so its better not to say itAnd as I told you,I will add more characters if needed. I will add neela’s character so in my ff neela will be avni’s aunt(not ashish but asha’s younger sister as we know Sali adha ghar wali) and neela will be a tomboy..She is not married.she respects ashish as her elder brother and ashish also adores her as her younger sister(don’t throw chappals I will accept tomatoes as it is good for health) so enough bakbaks let’s get to the episode
Episode 6
Avni’s pov:
So you’re gonna be secret agent of mumma..wait and watch Mr.neil khanna..I will punish you,come day after tomorrow…
Pov ends
Neil:Ok bye aunt ..soon I will meet you..
Asha:haan beta..phir milenga and tell shewta to call me..
Neil:Did you say something??
Meanwhile neela came there riding her bike.
Avni:Neela ma….
Neil was amazed seeing the bonding between avni and neela.
Neil’s pov:
I saw a bike coming towards me.i thought it may be avni’s uncle. But when the person removed helmet,I was surprised it was a woman. And I saw avni running towards her as she was lost in fair and found her mom.Later I got to know that it was avni’s aunt asha mumma’s sis.And the bonding between avni and neela’s is awesome.
Asha mumma introduced me to her
I said hi
She raised an eyebrow to avni
Avni gave her a angry glare and she returned to me..
She said that she has listened a lot from asha about me and she handshook with me I said that mom told me a lot about you…Really mom told me that she is all rounder.she was the captain of national team cricket and also the captain of national team football ..She is also good at badminton and basketball.In a word she is all rounder.She works for n.g.o and also a businesswoman.She also hates man and marriage.Avni is after her fully.Avni took her to her room forcefully though she wanted to talk with me I bid goodbye to asha mumma
Pov ends
On the other hand
Neela:He was handsome. And I think he is well-mannered.I like him..My side is yes..
Avni:What yes???What the Hell!!! I hate him …Do you know him???He’s a flirt..
Neela:Whatever…By the way want to go out???
Avni:Appeliono..(this my favourite cafe I’m throwing a party tomorrow come there…😉😉😉 )
Neela:let’s go…
At night 10 pm
Avni finished her work and went to read books She loves to read books and when reading books,she doesn’t give attention if anyone is dying ..Then her phone rang.It was an unknown number. Avni didn’t gave attention to that..it rang many time.now avni was disturbed..She grabbed her phone and answered it.
Avni:Hello…Who is this???
Person:Forgot me???so soon…
Avni recognized the voice and answered it angry voice
Avni:is this time of calling,Neil???Mumma may have been slept…though I’m going to check…
Neil:1min…1min…I wanted to talk with you..
Avni:me..but I’m not interested..I’m busy..
Neil:it’s urgent..Plz listen to me once…
Avni:What???tell me quick..
Neil:Sir told me to collect notes from u last week..remember???
Avni:yeah,I remember…
Neil:so can you give me…
Avni:now…how???meet me tomorrow
Neil:but how??Tomorrow is Sunday…
Avni:meet me at home..
Neil:I need that now because Monday is exam…
Avni:where the hell you was in this week???
Neil:actually I forgot…
Avni:You always forget..you can nothing but forget…
Neil:plz plz give me….
Avni:how can you give me now???
Neil:by phn…
Avni:it’s a long note you can’t write down it now by phn..
Neil:I can
Avni:if u fail???
Neil:then I have plan b..
Avni: What’s plan b???
Neil:there is no need of plan b when there is a…
Avni:Whatever..now write..(avni began to blabber the note which I am not at all interested to write I just hate to study)
Neil:If u talk like the train speed I can’t note..Talk slowly..
Avni:you have to write fast in exam so practice from now..
Neil:I write faster than u ..understand u write like a tortoise..
Avni:I know I write slowly but what I write can be understandable but you…
Neil:Ok it’s my mistake..can u send me a pic of note..
Avni:that’s great idea…why didn’t the idea strike in my mind???
Neil:Bcoz u are a donkey…
Avni: I’m not going to give u the note..
Neil:sorry…sorry …Plz
Avni:I’m sending u the pic..
Neil:that’s like a good girl..
Neil:No nothing…
After avni send the pic she called Neil..
Avni:it’s done..found it???
Neil:yeah I found it …it’s so long..
Avni:yeah..I have told u..
Neil:anyway why did u call me??
Avni:I have called to say that have u found it??
Neil:you can give me message..
Avni:I prefer calling than texting…Ok bye..
Avni hang up the call..after some time Neil called her..avni was going to sleep as it was 11 pm.avni answered it Bcoz she knew Neil will call her continuously until she answers it…
Avni:what’s now???
Neil:I’m not understanding it with a crying tone..
Avni laughed at his childishness
Neil:why are u laughing now???
Avni:Bcoz I told u that it’s not that easy come home tomorrow…
Neil:now in a sad tone
Avni:come home..
Avni:What now???
Neil:I meant now at the moment???
Avni:not now tomorrow…Are u crazy or something else??? I will call u at midnight???
Neil:Ok bye..I’m sleepy…
Avni:What the hell u disturbed my sleep and u are telling me that u are sleepy…I know u sleep at 12 as it is the routine of all bad boys like u…
Neil:No I always sleep at 12:15am.
Avni:same just 15 min here and there..
Neil:15 min is a huge time..u can drink a cold coffee and come back..try to value time..
Avni:Ok enough of your preaching…get back to your work or sleep
Neil:I’m not sle…avni cuts the call
Neil’s pov:
As you wish…I’m going to sleep see u tomorrow…
Neil’s pov ends
Precap:Neil went to avni’s house and the journey of friendship starts….
Ok guys here’s the long update….

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