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Anika and Shivaay are the leads not related to the serial story please do read and comment too
One day Anika and her friends were sitting in football court of the colony it the place of the youngsters we can say mostly all the teens of that area come there for time pass .They were eating something the place where they generally eat and chit chat
Other side Shivaays team was playing football
It was Shivaay turns to kick the ball he kicked so hardly it reached anikas face ??
Anika was numb all her friends couldn’t just control laughing seeing the scenario ??? and they realised anikas state
She got the ball
The boys gang they came there Shivaay felt so sorry for her as well as embarassing to hurt a girl with ball that to on her face ??
He said I’m sorry
She thought to shout at him but by seeing his face she couldn’t react those eyes it distracted her so without saying anything she handed over the ball to him she didn’t understand why
They parted away they turned and saw eachother Shivaay gave an embarassing look Anika gave a confused look
The night both remembered the incident

Anika pov
His eyes omg ?? y I’m getting so affected to it hey Anika control dear it’s just an attraction ??how did I forgave him do easily he hurted me in my face ? yeah but he didn’t do intentionally so ehhhh I should not think about him ok good night Anika sleep tomorrow we need to go out
Shivaay pov
Oh god it was really very embarassing moment for me today what you did Shivaay you Kicked ball upon some ones face that too a girl ??? leave it Shivaay u need to sleep now tomorrow I have a work I hope tomorrow goes well
Next day anika was going in bus even Shivaay was in the same bus ( I know he is SSO ?? but in this part he is used for middle class life with his friends he is not that rude and he is not yet started his career he is a college Student still)
They were sitting in parallel this side Shivaay that side Anika
Both didn’t see eachother anikas stop comes she stands up sudden break uffff she falls on some one’s lap ..
…….. Yeah ofcourse in Shivaays lap
She closed her eyes in embarassment immediately she stood up she couldn’t face the person when she opened her eyes it was even more surprising to see him
Both together : YOU ?! With a embarassing and michmichi feeling
Her stop came she just rushed as fast as she could she got down
He saw her through the window
I’m sorry she shouted, he smiled at once seeing her childishness ?
The same evening both Shivaay and Anika came to know about each other through their friends after all which happened with them they were so curious to know each other ??

In the park
Anika s in the swing she is swinging very fast don’t know y suddenly her friend came in between both she and her friend screamed and the next moment she fell down from the swing ??
Shivaay was there too
All ran to them nothing much happens
Anika cries Shivaay asks. Are u fine ms .Mehra
Yes mr. Oberoi I’m fine but ..
Wat but ?! He asked
She pointed to her dress it got torn a brand new dress she just bought today ????
Shivaay just couldn’t stop laughing after hearing the reason for her to cry
Anika: stop laughing mr.oberoi ??
Shivaay :?? ohh ?? im sorry
Her friend says im sorry sweetie ??
Anika : ??? leave it
She was going from there
They both thought something
She came back forwarded her hands
Anika; I’m Anika Mehra ?? will u be my friend ?! ?
Shivaay gives his hand I’m Shivaay Singh Oberoi nice to meet you again and again and I’m very happy to become Ur new friend he bid bye with a side hug
She was like ???he side hugged me she comes to her senses thinking he considers her as just a friend
Days passed shivika became close friends Anika developed a deep feelings for Shivaay
Shivaay too had feelings for her
Shivaay now finished his studies he is accompanying his dad with buisness Anika is a fashion designer
The Mehra ‘s and Oberoi’s family were friends even before shivika were friends so they want it tolast long so they thought to get their kids married ??
Anika after hearing about her Shadhi she was like no I won’t do any Shadhi no way because she developed feelings for him so was not even ready to hear the name of the groom
Anika thought to say no for the marriage but the preparation started already
Oberoi’s reached the Mehra mansion here Shivaay knew he is going to get married to her so he was so happy he was more eager to see her not as a friend but as a to be wife
Anika came down stairs
Shivaay was mesmerized by seeing her beauty she didn’t even looked at his face
She said I want to speak with u alone
He went back of her .
Anika : mr .?! Ahh leave it I don’t want to do this marriage because I love someone else please say no for this marriage pls
Shivaay realised she didn’t knew it was he
He playfully asked ohh who is that lucky guy ms . Mehra ??
Anika wohh I live Shivaay my close friend that’s none of Ur buisness u please say no for this marriage she said all this looking into the wall
Shivaay in a teasing tone : that’s so sad Anika u love me but u won’t marry me ahh ?????
.Anika ;; Shivaay ????? u ?!
Shivaay ; yeah me so u love me ahh ?!
Anika hugs him blushes very much ??? yes I love you i love you Shivaay
Shivaay ;I love you tooo Anika he reciprocated the hug then he kissed her forehead
Then wat next their marriage
Happy ending

So guys how was that ??  hehe
U know what i added few elements of my life into this !!!!!!!!!! yeah really
The recent one was the bus incident i fell on some one that was the most embarrassing moment for me in my life i didn’t say even to my friends now don’t laugh
The ball incident it actually happened with me the previous year i went out for park with my family and they all were playing i sat alone with my sis that ball came forcefully it reached my face my specs thank god it was safe i didn’t react like anika i was so angry on that fellow ii just throwed it on his face he threw ball on me itna tho banta hai eheh
The swing incident too i was swinging with my cousin my sis fought with other cousins and she came towards me i thought not to hurt her with my leg so i tried to balance the control but i fell down indeed   and it didn’t hurt me much my cousins asked am i ok and same like anika i cried for my new dress hehe now don’t tease me it was during my 8 th grade i was a kid ehhe
Totally funny cum embarassing moment of my life and i couldn’t tell it to my family or friends so i thought to share here i hope i didn’t bore u sorry if it was boring and one more thing it all didn’t happen with same person every one’s life is not fairy tale or ishqbaaz or any other serial to be like that haha i guess everyone have their own thrilling moments in their life
Pls do share ur comments and within 2 days my exams r going to finish soon im coming with an intresting ff till then see you soon take care

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