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Shubharambh 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani become business owners

Shubharambh 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja tells Rani that we will try to find the other shoe in 5 minutes and if we find it then we are doing this business. They start looking for it. They find the storeroom locked. Rani takes the toolbox and breaks the door. They search there but don’t find it. Asha comes there and says I have put some items in mandir too. They come to the mandir and don’t find it. Rani says it’s useless. They are about to leave when Raja’s foot gets stuck and he finds the shoes on the floor at last minute. Rani is shocked and thanks, God. Raja says we will talk to Mukesh tomorrow.

Utsav sits in his office room and smiles. He gets a call from his boss and is tensed. He practices how to talk to him. He goes in his room and greets. The manager says you know the work? Utsav says I will be honest in my work. The manager gives him a gift and bouquet and asks him to deliver it at the address. Utsav thinks I am not a delivery boy. He doesn’t say anything and takes things.
Utsav says that was a weird meeting but I will do my work. He finds a note which is addressed to Kesha Reshamiya. He says this is Raja’s sister.

Scene 2
Mukesh and Gunvant see the rack they have put in the shop for selling. Mukesh says I want to sell these. Gunvant says it’s on the front so don’t you worry.
Raja and Rani come outside the shop. Rani gives some money to Mukesh’s driver and asks him to go have tea. Raja and Rani see Mukesh coming out of the shop. His manager tells him about the meetings. Raja and Rani come there. Rani says I want to talk about your shoe franchise, can you give it to us? We are starting a new business. Raja says we just need your 5 minutes. Gunvant doesn’t want to do this business. We will put everything in this business. Mukesh says I can’t keep giving businesses to people on the road. Rani says just give us 5 minutes for your daughter’s business. Mukesh says okay. Rani leaves from there.

In the shop, Rani enters disguised as an old woman. Gunvant asks what she wants to see? He shows her some saree. Mukesh and Raja hide to see it. Rani asks Gunvant to show a new design for my daughter. Gunvant shows her some more sarees. Rani sees Mukesh’s shoes and says they are nice. What’s the price? Gunvant says leave those, they are useless. Just look at the sarees. These shoes are not for sale. Mukesh sees that and gets angry. Rani says but I want these shoes. Gunvant says we are not selling these shoes, I can give you saree on a discount. Rani says I don’t want it and leaves. Gunvant is angry and asks his worker to throw these shoes away. Mukesh leaves from there.
Raja and Rani run behind Mukesh. Mukesh asks if they have done some work? Raja says but we know how to deal with the customers. Mukesh says why should I give you this franchise and not someone else? Rani says others have work in the market but we will focus on this only. Mukesh says we don’t deal with new-comers. Raja says you tried to fool my mom with Gunvant but it didn’t work out so give us a chance too. Mukesh takes off his shoes and says these are my used 5K shoes. If you sell them for Rs. 1K in 10 minutes then you get that franchise. He leaves from there.

Scene 2
Rani tells Raja and someone who doesn’t have money will buy these shoes. She gets an idea and says we have to sell the appearance of the person who wants to become like a Mukesh. Raja says but where will we find him? He sees Mukesh’s manager on the tea seller. The manager says on call that I want to become like Mukesh but I am not rich. Raja comes to him and shows him the shoes. Raja says they are nice shoes and of a rich man Mukesh. The manager asks if you stole it from him? Rani says no, he gave it to us but we want to sell it to someone who wants to become like Mukesh. Raja says if you wear his shoes then you might become big like Mukesh. The manager says but how can I wear his shoes? Rani says no worries, we will sell it to someone who is ambitious. He says no, let me try. He wears his shoes. Rani says this is your luck knocking on your door. The manager says they are fit and very nice. Raja says they are priceless but you can pay 1.1K for it. Mukesh sees it from his car and thinks I was right to trust them, they are talented. Raja tells Rani that we sold it to the person who deserves it.

Scene 3
Raja and Rani come and give the money of the sold shoes to Mukesh. Mukesh says I am impressed, you both are clever and good sellers. I am giving this franchise to you both, you have to sell 200 shoes in 7 days. Raja thanks him and says but we have a condition.

Rani and Raja come home. They show money in their jar. Rani says this is 34K which is our monthly expense, you can count it. Kritida thinks how did they get the money? Raja and Rani leave from there.

Asha asks Raja how did they get this money? Rani tells her about the shoe franchise they got. Asha is elated and says keep working hard like this. Asha goes to pray. Rani says we don’t have to tell her that we have to sell 200 shoes in 7 days as I know you can do it, you are a great salesman. Raja says you are with me so I can do anything.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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