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Shakti 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham shouts at Heer in rage

Shakti 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Soham crying and venting out his pain knowing Heer is a kinnar. Rohan and Heer continue to dance inside the house. Mahi looks upset. Heer takes Preeto to dance. Virat and Jharna dance. Shanno smirks seeing Soham crying. Soham hits his hands on the ground recalling Mahi’s words, He recalls Heer tying rakhi on his hand, hugging him etc. He recalls how he begged infront of Virat to accept Heer. Parmeet comes to Gurwinder and signs her. Gurwinder tells that today is the most auspicious moment and says we shall get Virat and Jharna engaged. Virat asks what are you saying Bhabhi? Parmeet says Gurwinder got excited hearing that you agreed for her proposal and that’s why suggested this. Sant Baksh also tries to convince Virat and tells that they shall seal the relationship with engagement and tells that marriage will happen when he wants. He tells that marriage will not happen without his consent. Gurwinder asks Virat to make Jharna wear the ring and gives him ring. He takes the ring and is about to make Jharna wear it, just then he imagines Heer behind her and calling him. He imagines Heer asking her to accept that he loves her even now and asks him to make her wear the ring. Virat says never, this will never happen. Parmeet asks what happened? Jharna gets tensed. Virat holds Jharna’s hand and makes her wear ring. Jharna smiles. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Heer senses something unpleasant thing happening and tells Preeto that she got tired suddenly. Preeto asks if she is fine.

Soham gets up and is coming inside, when Shanno stops him and asks where is he going? Soham says to kick that kinnar out. Shanno says no, first come with me to my room. She takes him inside and asks what do you think that they will let you kick Heer out.

Soham says they have hidden this biggest truth from me, he breaks the things in the room and tells that Heer is a kinnar. He says he will tell in all Gurdaspur that she is a kinnar then everyone will kick her out. Shanno asks what do you think that you will kick her out. She says just Harman was with Soumya then also Gurdaspur people couldn’t kick her out. She says all family members is with Heer, do you think that you can kick her out. Soham says I am feeling like a fool. He tells that Rohan was sitting as a lawyer and Inspector was bribed by Harak Singh to say that. He says I am betrayed big and will not leave them. Shanno asks him to calm down and tells that they have involved me in their lie. She says your Papa had done the same mistake, don’t do that. Soham says this family’s destruction is my motive now, I don’t care about myself. Shanno says we have to plan to ruin this family. Soham says he don’t plan, just give the verdict. Shanno smirks.

Heer asks Mahi to come and dance. Mahi refuses. Soham comes there, takes gun in his hand and shoots in air. Heer gets shocked to see him shooting in air. Everyone turns towards Soham. Rohan says Soham. Harak Singh asks what happened to you? Have you gone mad? Soham pushes Harak Singh and comes to Heer. Preeto tries to go to Heer, but Shanno holds her. Soham says you don’t have the right to live…Heer Singh. Preeto shouts Soham. Heer laughs and says you always think something unique and asks him to move his gun. Soham says this is not a joke, you and people like you don’t have the right to live in this world. Heer asks what are you saying? Soham says I learnt your truth. Preeto asks him to keep the gun down. Soham asks her not to interfere. Heer asks will you shoot at your Heer. Soham says yes, I will shoot at my sister, there is no difference between Soumya and you. Rohan holds his head shockingly. Heer asks him to say clearly. Soham says you want to hear clearly and tells that you…..Heer Singh is a kinnar like Soumya. Heer gets shocked. All family members look shocked. Shanno smiles. Soham fumes with anger. Heer looks at Preeto shockingly and is taken aback.

Virat aims the target and shoots holding the gun. He reminisces Heer and their moments. He says I can’t shoot you, but can wipe your memories by shooting in air. He says my life was going on well, you have ruined everything. I have become emotionless and incomplete, all because of you. Gurwinder hears him and feels bad.

Soham says kinnar like you, don’t deserve to be alive. Rohan tries to stop Soham, but in vain. Soham shoots at Heer on her chest twice. Heer falls down.

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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