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Shakti 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham learn Heer’s Kinnar truth

Shakti 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jharna and Heer dancing along side Virat for the Janmasthami festival in Harak Singh’s house. Heer gets the peacock feather and dances holding it. Virat sits, while Heer and Jharna continue to dance. Jharna falls down, while Heer continues to dance. She sits down. Jharna gets up and dances. Heer shows the peacock feather. Virat smiles looking at Heer. Heer thinks I am your Radha, Virat. It turns out to be her imagination. She tells that she is his Radha. Preeto asks everyone to come and do puja. Shanno, Harak Singh, Mahi, Soham and others come there. Virat and Jharna stand in the puja in Sant Baksh’s house. Preeto starts the puja with Harak Singh, while Gurwinder and Daljeet begin doing the aarti. Heer prays to Kanha ji and thinks she was wrong to compare Virat with him, and thinks they can’t unite now. She makes the Kanha ji’s swing move holding the chain, with her brothers. While Virat and Jharna make the swing move holding the chain. Soham says they shall dance. Shanno thinks she shall do something. Jharna also asks Virat to dance. Simran plays the song. Everyone dances.

Mahi looks at Heer dancing and recalls her kinnar truth. Everyone dances at Harak Singh’s house. Heer asks Mahi to come and dance. Mahi refuses to dance. Heer asks why? Mahi says you be happy, I will go to my room. Heer says sometimes you get happy and sometimes sad. She asks her to come and celebrate the day. Preeto asks Mahi what is her problem and tells that we are celebrating Kanha’s birth which was celebrated by Yashoda. Mahi recalls and thinks she has given birth to Kinnar daughter. She thinks how to celebrate. Raavi asks Mahi to dance with everyone. Mahi asks them to dance and call her after dance ends. Heer is about to go behind her, but Preeto stops her and tells that Mahi will be fine after she scolds her like a saas. Heer asks her to scold her a bit. Shanno thinks her game begins now. She comes to Soham and takes him from there. Preeto come sto Mahi and asks what is this tamasha, come down. Mahi says you are doing tamasha. Shanno tells Soham that Mahi got upset and asks him to go and convince her to dance. Soham says I will call her. Shanno asks him to go from behind door as Preeto must have locked the door. Soham asks why Dadi has locked the door. Shanno tells that she doesn’t know, tells that their misunderstanding is cleared now, but be careful while going. Soham says ok.

Mahi tells Preeto that this is a cheat. Preeto asks her to close her eyes and mouth. She says you are seeing that Heer got happiness and smile back on her face, I will let anybody ruin it. Mahi tells that she don’t want to go and tells that I asked you to send Heer to her real world, but you kept her here. She says you can fool Soham, but not me. Preeto asks him to come down. Mahi asks until when you will do this. Soham comes there. Mahi tells that she will not come down. Preeto says if you don’t come with me, then I will beat you and will take you with me forcibly. Mahi shouts and says that she will not come to dance with her kinnar grand daughter. Soham gets shocked hearing Heer’s kinnar truth. Preeto says wah…tells that one mother was Nimmi who died for her kinnar daughter and tells that she had heard that a mother’s motherly love doesn’t end even if she gives birth to a stone. She says Heer loved you so much since her childhood and you hate her throughtout. Mahi tells that Heer doesn’t look like her daughter, but the fruit of their sins. She says this can’t be co-incidence that where kinnar bahu came, kinnar daughter is born too.

Preeto asks her to shut up. Mahi says I have kept my mouth closed since 20 years and tells that you have kept Heer’s truth hidden in this house. She says Heer is not my daughter, I will not dance and asks them not to dance. She says why shall I be happy, to have given birth to a kinnar. Preeto asks didn’t you feel shame to say this? Mahi says she is ashamed to call her daughter, tells that Heer can’t be your grand daughter and nobody’s sister. She says you have done all the tricks to fool Soham and used Inspector to keep Soham’s questions to rest. She says this truth will not be hidden that Heer is a kinnar. Preeto slaps her hard and says I told you that if you take this thing on your mouth then you will lose your life. Mahi goes from here. Soham is shell shocked and recalls Mahi’s words. Soham is standing outside the room, but Mahi and Preeto don’t see him. Soham comes out of the house, looks at his hand, recalls his childhood with Heer. He cries and vents out his pain. Shanno smirks happily. Soham couldn’t bear the harsh truth of Heer and cries.

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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