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Santoshi Maa 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati releases indresh & his father from jail.

Santoshi Maa 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with swati comes to police station to release indresh & his father informing inspector to release them but indresh’s father tells inspector that we do not need any help from such a woman so do not release us but swati tells inspector that complain was given by me so I am taking back this complain hence to release them but again indresh’s father refuses but inspector says I have to release you as there is not case now or inquiry will take place & they both accept release. Indresh’s father tells indresh that help & donation has vast difference so he too says that she was doing her duty towards her sindoor which she has completed now & swati is depressed hearing him.
Santoshi mata watches the place of polomi created & understands that this is where from polomi was using her evil powers towards swati & indresh so need to destroy this but polomi comes to tell santoshi that you may destroy this but I have already created my powers in indresh against swati so they won’t ever reunite but santoshi tells her you are feeling happy because now mahadev’s security band is not there on indresh but when time comes this too will happen & polomi says you are talking about past but present is this while santoshi tells her you may think whatever but presently this is getting destroyed & santoshi mata destroys all her statue & surrounding materials created by polomi while polomi is shocked to see her evil creations destroyed.
Indresh’s uncle is wondering saying about swati’s hold towards top level with indresh’s brother & indresh’s sister says might be she must have some old boyfriend who has helped her & yes says sister in law as college life is this way only while indresh’s mother says I am concerned about indresh & his father while they arrive as indresh’s father informs his mother we are released & she is happy while swati comes telling them I have helped them to get released but indresh’s mother runs stopping swati to not to talk useless & indresh as well as his father are cursing swati. Indresh tells swati to wait & he brings papers to sign of divorce & also informs all his family members to henceforth not to perform any Pooja in this house so swati gets depressed saying was this the day for which we got married as you were devotee of mahadev too but he replies yes i was but what mahadev gave me a woman like you who insults her husband slapping in front of all the people so I do not need you any more in my life so to sign these papers now.
Dev rishi is telling santoshi that what indresh is doing this & why then santoshi explains him time comes when he too will come out of his foolish behavior as he is in that evil power yet.
Mahadev too understands what indresh said & thinks about him.
Indresh is forcing swati to sign papers but she refuses saying I won’t do this as you are not in your senses now but he shouts her saying if at all anybody comes to convince me then too I cannot reunite with you again & curses her as swati keeps crying & gives him ultimatum that I will never ever sign these papers till my death.
Dev rishi is talking with mata santoshi saying how come indresh forgets her ethics towards a woman & also talking against mahadev then she explains him all this is happening due to powers of polomi which she has created in him through his anger which he got of slapping by swati but once it gets cleared he will understand which time will show us this change. Polomi comes to tell santoshi saying see how your devotee is facing trouble due to her husband as I told you they won’t ever reunite.

Precap: Swati’s mother tries to explain nidhi why she is doing this towards a woman who can destroy another woman’s life but she replies saying I love to destroy swati’s life & her mother shouts nidhi while nidhi slaps her. Swati tells indresh to have water while sleeping but he refuses saying I’ll only take from my bride & she says you are already married with me. Indresh tells swati to go away from this bed & sleep somewhere else & she does accordingly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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