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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky comes up with an unique idea

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Imarti feeling bad seeing Arjun’s mother crying. Amma calls her Chamcham and asks her to switch on AC and says it is hot. Imarti says her name is Imarti. Amma asks her to apply the cream. Imarti says in the evening. She comes to room and sits on the bed. She wishes him happy birthday 9 times and says I have completed 9 years wishes. Arjun laughs. Pinky says my father had forgotten my birthday for 8 years, when I used to stay in Kanpur. He asks Kanpur. She says my father used to stay here in delhi, that’s why he couldn’t wish me. Arjun asks what did you do then? Imarti says I asked myself standing in the mirror to keep smiling always to enhance my beauty else I will have my pic with chandan mala on it. She says we learn crying since birth, but we have to learn laughing by ourself. Arjun says it is so meaningful. She asks what was your issue with your mother and asks about the kamar band. Arjun tells that it was of his Dadi and he had promised her that he will make his lover wear it, protect and take care of her always. He tells that his Dada and Dadi’s love story was unique and cute. Imarti says ok.

Ram tells Vikas that this relation is very important for him and asks if he don’t have objection then he will get him engaged to Pinky. Asha gets upset and thinks Shraddha’s marriage is not happening and Pinky is getting remarried. Shraddha sweeps the floor and tells that she has no value. Sunny asks from where to call her father? Imarti tells that if her Babu ji comes here then will kill everyone. Arjun says we will make him understand. Imarti says he will kill us. Sunny says we shall get the fake papa, but from where we will get him. Imarti and Arjun think and sign at Sunny. Sunny says no. Sunny takes broom from Shraddha and tells that he will sweep the floor. Asha taunts him saying that his wife has left him. Pinky comes and asks why you are sweeping the floor and takes broom from his hand. Asha asks where was she? Pinky says she had gone to market. Asha gets Seema’s call who asks her to do her work.

Amma asks Imarti to make the dishes. Arjun says she is not the Servant. Amma tells that she is asking her as Seema ji is coming, everything shall be perfect for Nandu. Sunny asks if Rasgulla is not in the list. Imarti says she will make samosa first. Arjun tells that he will make the food. Sunny says imarti will cook the food, it is written in the contract. Arjun says when two people share their life with each other then they shall distribute their work. Imarti recalls Gagan’s words and looks at Arjun. She burns her finger. Arjun gets concerned and brings glass of water and dips her finger in it. He then applies ointment on her finger. Music plays…..Imarti goes to side and cries..

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