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Mere Sai 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Renu Walks Out of Kashinath’s House?

Mere Sai 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Inebriated Kashinath returns home. Bhola asks if he will buy him a cycle. Renu asks him to go inside. Kashinath says he cannot. Bhola asks why. Kashinath angrily warns him to dare not act as his father. Bhola insists. Kashinath says cycle is very costly. Bhola asks costlier than his daily liquor. Kashinath angrily raises hand, but Renu holds his hand. Sai notices the whole incident in fire pit. Heavy rain starts. Bua thinks what Sai sees in fire pit. Renu confronts Kashinath to dare not hit her son and says he could have explained calmly and if he cannot afford to take care of his family, why did he marry her. Kashinath tries to speak. Renu warns him that she tolerated his injustice till now, but she cannot anymore as he tried to hit her innocent son.

Bua asks Sai baba what he sees in fire pit. Sai asks what he sees in it. Bua says fire. Sai says he can see fire from other pit. Bua asks what means. Sai asks him to go and sleep. Bua thinks he knows only puzzled speech. Next morning, Sai fixes a plant in pot while Bua reads holy scriptures. A butterfly sits on holy book. Bua gets irritated and shouts to stop disturbing and go and sit somewhere else. Butterfly then sits on plant. Sai asks it not to disturb Bua. Bua thinks Sai is insane, so he acts weird. Sai hears his mind and acts as getting severe stomach ache. Tatya, Shyama, and Merikar rush to him worried. Shyama asks Tatya to bring holy ash from fire pit. Sai says he needs Sonmukhi flower. Tatya asks what is it, he never heard about it. Sai says it is a rare herbal flower and only scholars know about it. Bua smirks hearing that. Sai asks Bua if he knows about Sonmukhi flower, can he bring it for him. Bua says he would have, but his scripture is incomplete. Merikar says even in scriptures, it is written to help needy. Bua leaves. Sai walks to Bua’s holy scriptures and picks one. Tatya asks if he is fine. Shyama says it must be Sai’s leela/magic. Sai picks one scripture and saying Shyama that it has lord Vishnu’s 10000 names, he should sit and read them. Shyama says Bua will get angry. Sai assures nothing will happen and walks away saying its time to meet Baizamaa. Merikar says maybe it is Sai’s leela, but Bua will get angry once he returns. Shyama starts reading scripture saying its Sai’s order.

Kashinath wakes up in the morning and sees Renu packing her clothes. He asks where is she going and holds her. Renu asks Bhola to wait outside and tells Kashinath that she is leaving his house forever as she cannot tolerate his alcoholism. He says he will die without them. She says they are dying each day because of his alcoholism and he loves his alcohol more than his family; her life is ruined, but she cannot let her son’s life ruined. Kashinath pleads Bhola not to go, he will get him cycle. Bhola says he doesn’t need anything and just wants to be with his mother. Kashinath says she is his wife and cannot go anywhere without his permission and holds Bhola tightly. Renu pulls Bhola pleading to leave him. Bhola says baba is bad and he wants to be with aayi/mother. Renu warns to let Bhola go, else he will see her dead face. He asks if she hates him so much that she wants to go away from him. She says not him, but his alcoholism and its impossible now to separate him from his alcohol. Kashinath says she knows he tries to become sober, but somehow he gets dragged towards alcohol every evening and cannot fight against it alone. Sai with Baizamaa walks in and asks why don’t he take help then.

Precap: Bua insults Sai that if he knew Sai is illiterate, he wouldn’t have stayed in Dwarkamayi. Tatya warns to dare not speak ill about Sai. Bua warns if Sai is knowledged, let him prove it.

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