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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti reaches Pret Lok in search of Anjani’s soul

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Yamraj coming to Maruti and says I didn’t know how you reach here alive, but knew that you have hindered in my Sabha. He says I can give you death and asks him to go back. He says it is the time to rest for me. Maruti says I am obeying your rules and lets the pillar stand on the tip of his mace shocking yamraj. He says he came to yamlok to know about his dead mother. Yamraj says if she is dead then her time must be over. He asks him to go. Maruti says if you don’t return my mother right now then I will destroy the yam lok and make it fall on earth. Yamraj says you are challenging me, to death devta yamraj. He says I will make you burn in hell fire and attacks him with fire rope. Maruti tries to free himself. Shani Dev says one small mistake and it will be proved that you don’t deserve these divine powers. Maruti says Jai shri ram and frees himself from the fire rope. He folds his hand and tells that he came to meet his mother. Yamraj says I will send you to your mother and attacks him. Maruti gets his Mace back and the pillar falls down on its place. Yamraj and Chitragupt are shaken up. Maruti says I will not go alone from this Yamlok and hits Yamraj with his mace. Yamraj hits him back. Maruti asks why did you give akaal mrityu to my mother? Yamraj asks him to ask his mother after meeting him. Chitragupt says you mother must be feeling bad seeing your condition. Maruti says Jai shri ram and becomes giant. Yamraj and Chitragupt get shocked seeing Mahadev behind him and Maruti to be his Avatar. Maruti hits Yamraj and is about to step his feet on him. Yamraj folds his hands and says Mahadev…I couldn’t identify you…please forgive me. Shani Dev thinks no human can have such powers, it is inpossible. Yamraj tells Maruti that his mother is not in yam lok and they didn’t take her soul. Maruti apologizes and asks where is his Mata then? yamraj says she is in Pret lok.

Nandi tells Devi Parvati that Anjani had taken Samadhi, and asks why she is in prêt lok. Devi Parvati says Anjani has sacrificed her body, but she couldn’t sacrifice son’s love. She says neither she is of earth nor the swarg lok.

Everyone mourn for Anjani’s death and gets ready to cremate her. Tara cries while Bali looks on. Rishi Matang tells that they shall take Anjani for last rites and asks where is Maruti? Kesari asks Surili to call Maruti.

Maruti reaches prêt lok and enter inside. He thinks it is different, he has to open his eyes and ears open. He flies and falls on the tree branch. A giant snake is about to swallow him, but Maruti apologizes to the snake and tells that they can’t eat him today. He hears two voices talking about him and think who are they? Shani Dev says he didn’t hope Maruti will do this. Kagvahan asks if he will move his shani sight from him. Shani Dev says it is not easy to get rescued from me. Maruti sees the wall and thinks it seems to be the secret door. Just then he sees two ghosts appearing infront of him. He asks them to take him to prêt lok raja. They tell that they can’t take him to their Raja. Maruti says I will go by myself. They say that they will kill him and then it will be easy for him to go inside. Maruti asks them to try. They become birds and attack him. Maruti thinks how to protect himself and uses his mace to shoo them. Shani Dev tells that Maruti can’t return from Arima’s den. He tells that he is the King of Pret lok and tells about him. He says he is heartless, no pity, no forgiveness, clever etc. He says he don’t compromise on justice. Arima is standing in the Pret lok and tells that nobody can go from here and can’t get Moksh. He says all souls have to bear the pain of burning till Anant Kaal. He says welcome to Pret lok. The ghosts/prets come inside and tells that a vanar boy managed to enter prêt lok in alive condition. Arima asks them to present that boy infront of him in alive condition. The prets go from there. Maruti comes to the place where souls are standing, but are not visible to him. Arima appears infront of him and asks who are you? Maruti looks at him fearlessly.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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