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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajesh gets excited hearing Happu’s transfer news

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Resham Pal telling Happu that he is transferred and have to go to Babrala. Happu pleads infront of Resham pal to stop his transfer and tells that he can’t leave this PS and home. Manohar says there you will not get much income. Happu says he will get, but he don’t want to leave from here. He pleads infront of Resham Pal. Resham Pal says I am helpless. Kamlesh tells Kat that he was sleeping on the sofa in the library. Kat says what if Library manager see you, then? Kamlesh says I had kept book on my face and that’s why nobody knows he was sleeping. He asks why you didn’t come for first period. Kat says she was not in mood to attend the class. Kamlesh tells that he is studying for her and tells that he can’t live without her being her best friend. Kat says I am very moody. Kamlesh asks her to come for him daily for him. Kat says ok. Kamlesh asks him to promise. Kat says I will try as I am very moody.

Happu comes to Beni. Beni tells that he was waiting for him. Happu asks him to get habitual to drink alone and says our relation was till here. Beni asks if he will stop drinking. Happu tells that he is transferred from Kanpur and cries. He says just as I heard about it, I recalled all these things and came home to see you. He says I thought I will not drink today and my Beni will drink today. He asks him to drink. Beni couldn’t bear his transfer and tells that he is feeling the darkness infront of his eyes. Happu asks are you already drunk? Beni says I never drank without you, was felt darkness hearing this news. He says it is such a bad news. Happu says I can’t do anything, I tried to stop it, but I am helpless. Beni asks him to go and gives his best wishes. Happu goes. Beni gets sad. Happu comes back to Beni and falls on his lap. They both cry. Happu comes home devastated and falls on Amma’s feet. Amma asks what happened? Happu tells that he is transferred from Kanpur and has to leave from here. Rajjo gets excited and asks if that dream came true. Amma asks where? Happu tells that Babrala. Rajjo gets happy and tells that her relatives stay there. She says Badayu is near Babrala. Happu asks her to bring water. Malaika and other kids tell that they can’t leave Kanpur due to their schools. Kat asks Happu to do something. Hritik says he will go to Babrala. Happu says I don’t like him. Rajjo gives water to Happu and asks everyone to be happy, as they will go to Babrala. Happu says this woman is stone hearted. He says I will get far from my childhood friend Beni and this neighborhood. Rajjo asks if going to other place is wrong. Hritik says no. Happu asks Rajjo to leave with Hritik. He thinks he got kids like rakshas. Amma tells that Dada ji doesn’t like Babrala. Rajjo says she likes it. Hritik says even me.

Happu tells Rajjo that it seems she is very happy with his transfer. Rajjo says since their marriage, she is staying at the same place. Happu says our house and our neighborhood is ours and asks her to think about its importance. Rajjo tells that Sharma’s wife refused to give Acchar yesterday. She tells that she will fail all his attempts to stop the transfer. Happu asks don’t you worry for me? Rajjo says no. Happu is shocked and asks if you don’t care for Beni and this neighborhood. Rajjo says if you care for me then would have come home happily. She insists to go. Hritik and Ranbir think to go to Babrala. Hritik tells that he will become a big man one day. Ranbir teases him. Hritik says shall I say that you got 5 marks in maths and says what if mummy goes from here. Ranbir tells that Kat learnt cooking and that’s why there is nothing to worry. Hritik says everyone had stomach pain eating that. Ranbir runs behind him.

Amma couldn’t sleep and thinks where is Happu’s father. Dada ji calls Amma from the photo frame. Amma thinks where is he? Dada ji asks her to look infront at the photo frame. Amma looks at the photo frame. Amma asks him to tell why he didn’t come to meet her? Dada ji tells that his incharge refused to let any soul comes in contact with human due to Corona, that’s why he is in photo frame. He asks about Happu, rajjo and kids. Amma tells that they are fine, but Happu is transferred. Dada ji asks how? Amma says I don’t understand. Dada ji asks which place? Amma says Babrala. He says how I will come there after Corona ends. Amma asks him to hang behind the truck and come there. He says he has issue with incharge there and asks her to stop the transfer. Amma asks what to do? Dadaji asks her to do something. Amma says she will sleep now and asks him to go.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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