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Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Purab and Disha’s conversation. Purab says if Pragya di have hidden her past from King then there might be a reason, but if Abhi tells him everything then King will blame Pragya. Disha says let the truth come out and says until this truth comes out, they will not be separated, if Di wants to return to jiju then let this happen. John is on the way in the auto and tells driver that two witches are behind him. Nikhil is following him in car and thinks his honesty is a disease and will take his life for taking panga from Tanu. He stops the car before the auto. He tells that you want to go to hospital. John asks how did you know? Nikhil says Robin told me. Nikhil takes john in car. John says I have to tell something to abhi. Nikhil asks do you want to unveil someone’s secret.

Dadi, Tai ji and Dasi pray for Pragya’s life. Abhi stands in the hospital temple and looks at the goddess idol. King notices and recalls Purab’s words.

Nikhil asks are you scared of me. John says I don’t know you. Nikhil asks did Robin know? John says no and says I will call him once. Nikhil puts breaks on the car to make his phone falls down. He says Robin told that you saw Aaliya and Tanu cutting the rope. John says I didn’t tell him. Nikhil threatens him and says Tanu gave you a chance, I am also giving you a chance. If you don’t tell anyone then your life will be saved, else curse. John gets down from the car and runs. Nikhil says lets play with him.

Doctor comes and tells that Patient is out of danger. She tells King that his wife is fine. King thanks her. He tells Abhi that he is a frank person and asks what is his relation with Pragya. What is his family’s relation with Pragya. Abhi asks what do you mean? King says you tell that you don’t believe on God, but silently prays for her hiding from everyone. He says my concern seems to be less than you. He asks if he and his family behave same with everyone. He says I saw you crying for the first time, you ran to nurse and gives instructions to her. He says there is something which I don’t know. Abhi recalls Pragya’s words. King asks if answer is difficult or you don’t have. Abhi thinks when Pragya have hidden the truth then why shall I tell him, and upset Pragya. He tells that Pragya’s nature is good and that’s why everyone liked her. He says a big accident happened with her in my hospital so it was my duty. King thanks him and says I thought you are Mumbai guy. Abhi asks who? King says the one who left her, because of his stupidity, she is with me. Abhi thinks King doesn’t know about him and goes to inform family members about Pragya. Naina song plays…..He recalls the happy moments with Pragya.

John is running on the road. Nikhil says the more you make me run, your death will be more dangerous. John sees a parked bike and takes it. Nikhil thinks good, now his death will look like an accident and it is not a crime. He hits John’s bike. John gets severely injured and falls down on the road.

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  1. I have missed this one, right now I am in office so don’t have time to watch but was desperate to know what happened in this episode. Thank for this transcript

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