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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 90 – Shivaay reveals Anjali true identity

Shivaay” stop misbehaving with Maa. Anjali Suryavanshi

Anjali taunt ” you wife slave finally you caught me”.  Anjali hides behind Aarohi and smirks ”  Opps i got scared please Maa save me from these devil”

Aarohi shouts” Anjali  stop misbehaving with them.

“Anjali bows infront of Aarohi” Yes, Maa!!”

Aarohi angrily” i’m not your Maa”She pull out bluetooth from Anjali ear and crush it under feet.

Anjali” i got you that you are not my Maa  (she smirks evilly) but  you are my Maasi ma. And what you did now how Maa will listen your radio

Dev” Aarohi!!  why you hide from me that she’s Vanhi daughter and they are blackmailing you? It’s good Shivaay and Mrs Oberoi told be everything


Shivaay” Dev uncle !!”

Dev” what happened?”

Shivaay” Anjali is not your and Maa daughter she’s Anjali sur

Dev” What?”

Shivaay” Yes !! I told you that something is fishy and it’s all because of Vanhi and Anjali Maa is….( Dev cuts)

Dev” Now i got it !! ” That’s what Mrs Oberoi your Mother was telling me that Vanhi threatens Aarohi about Anu. And i’m sure Vanhi met Anu and told her that someone is more important for Aarohi then her.

Shivaay” Exactly !! Uncle that’s why Anika was questioning Maa that tell her who’s the person more important for Maa then Anu”

Dev” Everything was re-planned Shivaay by Vanhi “

Shivaay” Dev uncle we have to stop all this”



Shivaay” Just throw her out Maa!!

Anjali” when Maa has to throw me out then why would she brought me in…

Aarohi” when i don’t have any relation with your Mother than you too are non to Aarohi”

Anjali” But you have relation with ANU!! “

Aarohi” don’t take her name from your mouth. I didn’t knew that you too will be like Vanhi”

Anjali smile” Maasi ji !! Didn’t you heard the famous phrase..  like mother like daughter… now don’t say you didn’t heard it chalo (if) you didn’t heard that might have see in you and in your Anu

She’s exactly like you but only difference is that Anu can’t see you in tears but you have to tear her by yourself and it’s beginning has been done.

Aarohi” it won’t happened”

Anjali” it had happened i think with age your memory is getting weak. So let me remind you just go in flashback and recall what you did with Anu.

Shivaay” let me call police they know how to treat people like you and when your mother will see you behind bars na she herself will come out of den”

Anjali ” jiji ji !! Do you think you can do this? She royally settle herself on couch and threats all….

Is your lovely wife knew that her dear husband also lied to her that he don’t know anything about Maa and secondly  is your lovely wife and your dearest Anu knew what she did with her MAA?. Definitely she knows but poor Anu didn’t remember.

And what about you Anu’s mum did you remember what you did with your Anu ?” 


“Aarohi eyes get watery”  not me but your mother forced me 

Shivaay” just shut your mouth”

Anjali” No , jiju time has come to open my mouth. I thought to play hide and see with you all but the great SSO caught me and now i’ve to play in the first line but it’s also good. I like it”

Dev” then you are mistaken your game is over. You are forgotten where you are standing and it’s good you are here now when your mother will come to know about her daughter she will come out of her den and then……( Anjali cuts)

Anjali laughs ” Really !! Baba opps sorry sorry i forgot only Anu can call you Baba but what should i call you murder ” do you think game is over… she stands back and with red eyes gazes all.

Phele apni jaan pyaari Anu aur Anika ko to ghar aaney do kya pata rastey main he ram ram…….

Devohi and Shivaay roar ” Aaeeeeee!!

Anjali cover her ears” Beeeeeeeeee”

Dev” let me call police…..( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi snatch fone from Dev nodding negatively “

Dev” Aarohi !!

“Shivaay cup Aarohi face ” Maa !! Why you are so scared? We all are with you

Aarohi cries with hiccups” Anu is not at home , Vanhi men are following Anu like shadow ……( Anjali cuts)

Anjali smirks ” that’s why i’m saying act upon our saying otherwise Anu ko sub pata chal jaye ga aur yaad be”

Shivaay” Maa tell me the truth i know it’s relate to Anika i promise i’ll handle Anika and these two evil too”

Dev” Aarohi tell him “

Aarohi ” Anu was having…..( Gauri interruptes)

Gauri screams ” Maa ,Doll got attack  !!”

Devohi and Shivaay faces gets black and white

Anika from entrance ” what !”

Anjali grins evilly

@ Vanhi place

Anjali” Maa what we’ll do know?

Vanhi” not we but Anu will do the rest. You give pain to her doll but she will blame Aarohi for this and now you just go and watch what Anika do.

Anjali” you are right Maa when dr was checking Bhavya. Anika was deadly glaring Maasi “

Vanhi smirks ” Anika is quite just because of Bhavya health but soon her silence will bring storm in RM.

Now you go and take this toxic either inject it her body or make her have it but only one third should be given not more than that.

Anu baby sorry but what can i do Anni loves you alot that i can’t see you hungry.


Scene shifts to RM 


@ Bhavya room

Aarohi with baby foot step inside the room her eyes gets watery to see her princesses resting like this. Bhavya is sleeping in Anika lap and Anika is sleeping keeping her head on head board.

She saliently approaches to them and caresses their faces.

Bhavya  slowly open her eyes and gazes Aarohi ” Maa…..( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi whispers” sshhhh Anika di is sleeping”

“Bhavya turns her face and give a quick glance to Anika and quickly pull her head up from Anika lap”

“Aarohi about to adjust Anika posture but Anika wake up with jerk”

“Anika give deadly glare to Aarohi and comes out of bed. Without saying anything she holds Bhavya arm march out”

After few hours 

@ dinning table

Aarohi” Anju wait let me make Doll eat. See she’s not well na today you , yourself i’ve your dinner and let me make doll eat”

Shivaay” Anjali !! Have it yourself and you are not only child of Maa. She have other kids too”

Gauri” excuse herself and leaves the dinning area

Anika ” silently having her dinner”

Anjali whispers in Aarohi ear” Make me eat princess otherwise i’ll tell everything to Anu”

“Aarohi gazes Shivaay and then Anika”

Anjali  ” Anika di i want to tell you some truth…….Anjali give final smirks to Shivaay and Aarohi both gets shocked

Anika ” which truth?”

Shivomru  Aarohi  and Chanda gets shocked

Aarohi immediately place spoon in Anjali mouth”   Anju baby have you dinner . See how tasty these Chinese rice are looking taste them i specially cooked for my baby.

Anjali smiles” i just love them Maa now i’ll have whole tray. Shivaay jiju do you want to have them”

Shivaay controlling his anger” No, you have them “

Rudra” And die while eating “

Aarohi and Anjali contionusly talking and feeding  with eachother

This all is not getting unnoticeable by Anika who’s blood is boiling seeing Aarohi feeding Anjali and ignoring her doll. Somewhere she’s too getting jealous of seeing them.

“She tightly holds the glass and crush it in her left  hand”

All gets shocked to hear the breaking sound

Aarohi shouts ” Anuuuu!!!!”

Anika” glaring Aarohi with red eyes”

Shivaay holds Anika hand” Anika yeh kya kiya?”

Anika jerk him and runs to her room

@ shivika room


Anika throws herself on bed and cries vigorously

Song plays 

Ho ho ho..

Khel hai baaki abhi
Main bhi haari nahi
Himmat roothi magar
Thodi hai yaari nahi..

Shivaay enters the room and gets shocked to see Anika crying like this. He runs to her and with lot of courage place calls her out….. Anika

“Anika hugs him tightly and cries” Shivaay

Shivaay hugs her more tightly” Anika why you did this? After much difficult your hand got moveable and you again…. come let me do bandage and see it’s fine or not

Anika crying with hiccups” kyun kar rahe hai woh yeh sab kyun? ( why she’s doing all this?)

Aaj un k hote hue meri doll ki yeh halat ho gayi aur woh to sirf Anju baby aur Anju karti rahe. Kyun?

Kyun bahane se o rabba
Yun satata hai mujhe

Shivaay breaks the hug and gazes Anika with pain” Maa loves you alot Anika”

Anika getting unconscious because of pain

” Anu ki Maa to kho gayi”

( Anu’s mother is losted)

Bol dena seedhe seedhe
Main tujhe pyari nahi

Shivaay hugs her tightly” Anu ki Maa yehi hai woh kahi nahe kho sakti”

Khel hai baaki abhi
Main bhi haari nahi..

@ Anjali room

Congratulations Maa toxic had start working in Anu’s body. Now soon i’ll blow your words in Anika ears , just few shots more and Anika will destory herself and her destruction Rajput’s destruction and SSO. Just three days are left Maa then Aarohi touch won’t be able to calm Anu….


Screen freezes on Anjali face


Precape Anika dangerously step forward and squeezes her face” muh mein zubhan nahe hai? Wase to bohat chalti hai kanchee ki tarah. Now say it again and this time it should be audibly to my ears not mine but to wall ears. (Anika in warning tone ) And if your voice didn’t get audibly than your tongue will be cut and i mean that you know me. 


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