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Will you still prefer me? Part 7

Episode starts with Riddhima standing in front of mirror,and wearing earrings,she was pretending to smile,continously,but her heart,was still ,aching.
She turned and saw vansh,
Riddhima: Oh my my…Vansh ,what have you packed in this huge bag?
Vansh: I am still packing.
Riddhima stopped him and signed what.
Vansh: See,I have packed water bottles,6 water bottles,because you don’t like water outside,here are two milk cans,till you not manage with milk ,here is a tiffin,just pack it now ,here are ,your pillow ,amattresses,and yes,here,your …
Riddhima: Wait wait wait..Vansh,I am not going there for colie job,Sweetheart…
Making him sit and kissing his forehead,
Riddhima: Thanks Vansh ,thanks.But you know ,I will be fine.
Vansh: Take me with you.
Riddhima: No.
Vansh: Hmm..you will get everything ready in the hotel.
Riddhima : Vansh ..I will be in the acting camp by my college.Not in any hotel.
Vansh : Stop.Atleast understand one ..
Riddhima: Okay okay okay.Don’t get angry.Sit ,sit na.Sit besides me.Have a man to man talk for sometime.I will manage everything over there.
Vansh: Man to man?
Riddhima nodded,
RIddhima: Ofcourse ,I am your best buddy.
Vansh became silent and then took her hand between his palms.
Vansh: Don’t get in …dn’t fall in anyone’s trap there.You are beautiful,dogs wil get behind you.
Riddhima laughed.
Riddhima: You really find me beautiful?
And saying so she got up on bed and then hanged on his back ,resting on his shoulders,and kissed his cheek.
Vansh nodded and shied.
She laughed.
Vansh: But I am serious.you are …childish .Please.
Riddhima: You are stubborn.Don’t you remember ..Aahanaaaaaaa
And then she raised her eyebrows,both laughed…
Flashback shows,
” Vansh and Riddhima having dinner.Vansh recieved a call.
Vansh: Hello…
And then when callended ,his face seemed pale.
Riddhima: Vansh..kya hua.
Vansh: Riddhima,Aahana…she …it was call from police officer Vikrant.He said…Aahana is standing ,on bridge’s railing ,she can commit suicide anytime.
They remembered,that from two months,Aahana is following Vansh everytime,everytime behind him.But he never paid any attention to her,so she was going to..
And Vansh and Riddhima reached there.
Riddhima was all calm,Vansh was panicking.
Vansh shouted ,
Aahana ,get down,please…we will have a talk.
Riddhima sat over their car’s bonnet,and started having chocolate,seeing the all drama.
Aahana: No Vansh,first accept me in your life.
Vansh: Aahana get down,please you will fall..
And in the chaos ,Vansh’s eyes stucked on Riddhima,who was just eating chocolates calmly,he went to her and puled her,
Vansh: Help me get her down.
She smiled and patted him.
Finally she got down ,on Vansh’s assurance,that tomorrow morning,he will tell her something,which if she will accept ,then he too ,will accept her.
Listening to his commitment ,Riddhima stood a bit serious.
Then while they were returning home,she was serious,
Vansh: Now why are you getting serious now? You were not at that time.
Riddhima: Vansh ,you cannot spoil your life over that sort of girl,you know she ,is just behind money.
Vansh: Still Riddhima,why were you not serious at that time,she would have died.
She smirked.
Riddhima: ” Kisi ki jaan ,lene ke liye beintihaan nafrat,aur kisi par jaan dene ke liye,beintihaan mohabbat,jaruri hai.”( To take someone’s life,boundless hatred,and to give your life,boundless love is needed,)And she ,
Both together said,
Doesn’t do any.
Both shared an hi-fi.
Next morning,when Aahana reached their home,Riddhima was sitting,on her bed,chatting in mobile,she didn’t pay any attention to her.
Vansh made her sit,but she was staring Riddhima.
Aahana: You stay with her?
Riddhma jumped out of bed,because she was trying best o sty calm,but she couldn’t let that girl in vansh’s life.
Riddhima: Yes I stay with him.He is my love,and I am his,even after ,his accepting you,I will be here,and ,I have all the property of his ,onn my name.I am his wife,but if you want,you can be his too.
Vansh’s eyes widened.
Vansh: Actually aahana…

Out of the flashback ,back to reality,both were laughing,remembering Aahana’s expression on hearing about property.
Then time came,she lifted the handle of her suitcase,took her hand back,and one bag pack,dressed up in white top and blue jeans,she was leaving,for the first time,out of the city ,out of her house,out of ,Vansh’s eyes.
Vansh was quiet ,his eyes were showing,that take me with you.,but she ,managed it hard,to control her tears ,and pretended to smile,didn’t met her eyes with him,she knew,she would have fallen weak by that,didn’t share a hug,just started leaving,sat in the auto,even he was quiet,as auto driver ,started auto,,Vansh held Riddhima’s hand from window,tightly,which she tried to take away,leaving a scratch on vansh’s wrist,she left.
Vansh stood,air blowing,his hand ,had the cut ,,but that was not aching,just ,his heart was bursting.
He tried to went inside house,
But couldn’t.Riddhima was standing over gate,and then he sat ,on th main iron gate,holding its spike ,tightly,leading to bood,all over ,its iron bar ,from his hand.

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