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Will you still prefer me? Part 6

Episode starts with Riddhima waking up and switching off the alarm clock which showed 4 am.
She then yawned and stretched her hands and turned towards Vansh,coming closer to him she smiled and carrased his hair,making him cover in blanket,she sat besides him and kissed his hand.
She then went outside,
making sure that he doesn’t wake up,they used to live near a local forest,she went there with torch and her bag,
then she started collecting,some fallen twigs ,some leaves,some berries,and a lot of forest stuff.
She returned back ,and then , one or two hours later,when sun had started rising,and sunshine was falling over her face ,glowing face,Vansh came in the backyard and saw her.
Vansh: Riddhima,what are you up to so early?
She smiled.
Riddhima went to him and made him sit on a chair,and then brought the drawing board she had built,
She signed towards it,
Riddhima: Collected a lot of waste forest stuff,and utilised them,to make this drawing board,and organic paints for you.
He became impressed seeing all.
Then she brought a white chart sheet,and fixing it on the board,
Riddhima: My flight to mumbai is at 12,it means I have to leave for that via train by 10,time is already six,one hour for breakfast and one hour for biding farewell from you,one hour for ,,you know ,getting ready…
(Coming closer to him and sharing an eyelock),
Riddhima: You have just one hour then.Utaar do mujhe is paper par…(Imprint me down on this paper).
She winked at him and then sat in front of him ,in a very stylish pose,taking her face between her hands.
He felt blessed,and started painting.
Then after fifteen or twenty minutes,
Riddhima was staring in Vansh’s eyes,
Riddhima to herself,: This painting is just an excuse Vansh.I myself want to ,imprint your every gesture in my eyes.
Vansh to himself: I am blessed,that I am ,getting this opportunity ,to imprint you ,in my eyes.
Then Riddhima laid back on grass.
Vansh: This is not fair Riddhima,get up,you said one hour,its just fifteen minutes,comeon ,I have to finish my painting.
But she didnt get up so he moved to her.
Bowing down ,asking her from signs that what,she cupped his face,and slowly got up,sharing an eyelock with him,
Riddhima: You have not slept for whole night na.
He looked down,
She smiled painfully.
Riddhima: Vansh please.
Vansh nodded and breathed deeply,got up ,she also sat back,and he finished the painting.She was just amazed to see,that how he had drawn her every feature ,so deeply,in her acting course,she had gone ,through a lot of photoshoots of hers,still never found ,so much emotions ,in any photo.
She didn’t realise that Vansh had gone inside the house when she was lost in that painting.She also moved behind,and as soon as she entered,
Music started,
Vansh danced ,
Hum milenge fir kisi din
Tab talak khuda hafiz
Yeh judaiyaan aakhiri h…
With every lyric he was dancing so swiftly,
Din yeh net jayega
dil se tu na jayega
Waqt bhì karle yeh koshish
Waqt haar jayega …
His moves, swift moonwalk,resting his body on his one hand,swirls,rotations ,everything was perfect.
She rested herself on wall,hands folded and enjoying his dance,her heart was smiling,but she was showing,attitude’s expressions to him,and when he finished his dance,exhausting enough and took her,between his arm and wall,and asked her ,
Vansh: Will you take me?
She soaked his sweat on towel,and signed no.
She started moving,
He sang,
Aisa na milya sheesha
Hun tak meinu
Peeche khadiya paya hansda na tainu

She turned with teary eyes.
And kept her hand on his lips.
Riddhima: Don’t break me by this song..I will fail.
Vansh: Why …
Riddhima: Vansh,you are my ,first trust and last hope of life.But please,don’t break my dreams vansh.I was with you when you went out for business tours,be with me this time.Give me a chance,I will ,prove myself.
He gave her a painful look.

Precap: She left.

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